He was certain there had never before been such a waste of paper.

It was drivel. Scrawls of misshapen letters interspersed with disproportionate pictograms. Fairy princesses and an orphan girl locked in prison, only to be rescued by a blonde angel and a man that looked far too much like the father she could not possibly remember. It was the poor quality of the writing that turned his stomach, he was sure. Drivel and blatant ingratitude.

Stifling a snort of derision, the judge drained the last of his wine and threw the manuscript into the fire, turning back to the overdue paperwork on his desk.

When eight-year old Johanna walked in the room to bid him goodnight and found his birthday present curling, blackening, disintegrating, she knew exactly how much her father loved her.


She was certain there had never before been such a waste of time. She might as well try to cross the Alps on a pack mule. Wearing nothing but a nightgown. And the pack mule would be blind. And deaf. And have no legs. And it would be winter. Because she was more likely to wind up in Switzerland with a big 'ol grin on her face than ever, ever compete with Lucy in Mr. Todd's mind.

But that didn't mean she wasn't going to try.


He was certain there had never before been such a waste of beauty.

Watching her bustle around the kitchen, slathered in honey, soot, and flour, was like seeing a string of pearls lying in the muddy banks of the Thames. When she would push her hair out of her face and smear jam across her forehead and into her fiery locks, he would see a wine stain on a wedding dress. She would sing a sailor's drinking song with a voice like an angel, and he would hear Mozart on an out of tune violin.

He longed to peel back the layers of mud and indifference, to comb her hair and clean her dress and wash her skin until it shone. He wished to find the beauty she held close to her more-than-ample chest like a court secret.

But in the end, he chose the polished gem, the flawless, transparent diamond, and there were no surprises.

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