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Chapter 19

Paul's POV

The days after the bonfire seemed rushed, all blurring together. Jake and Quil told their imprints about the pack and the Whitlocks had been hanging around almost all of the time, taking up night patrols for the pack. There was no sign of Edward or the others, but we were on alert.

Bella had been spending more time with her dad as well, showing him that even though we were serious she would not leave him. Not isolate herself from him like she had with Fuckward. He appreciated it.

It was Thursday night and Bella and I were planning on heading over to Kim's house to hang out with her and Embry when I heard the shrill howl from outside. I glanced at Bella, giving her a quick kiss, before departing into the woods, phasing to hear the whole pack thinking at once.

Fucker DID come back!


-Fucking rip his head off

-Paul's going to be pissed! Just wai-

The thoughts dwindled as they noticed my presence. What's happening? I thought.

Fuckward and the other vamps are here, right along the border line. – Jake

I growled, beyond pissed, and followed the smell of my pack to where they were assembled with the Whitlocks. I could see the light reflecting off Fuckwards 'gay-boy' haircut, and the sight of him made a vicious snarl build in my chest.

"Where is Bella?" The little black haired one said in a high, 'Lauren-like' voice that had the whole pack shuddering.

"Nowhere that concerns you." Emmett said, glaring at his former family. Alice huffed, stamping her foot like the twat she is.

"Yes it does!" She shrilled.

Rosalie moved fast enough to get by Emmett and slapped Alice across the face before grabbing her short, highly unattractive haircut and tilting her head to the side.

"Bella is none of your concern you fucking ugly, annoying as shit, bitch!" Rosalie's eyes were pitch black with rage as she growled at Alice. The leader of their coven stepped forward.

"That is enough Rosalie!" He snapped, glaring. "Let your sister go!" I could hear the pack grumbling uneasily at the term 'sister'. I almost felt bad for the fucker. Then again, no I didn't.

"My WHAT?" Rose screeched. She tossed Alice into a puddle of muddy water, aiming a kick at her nose, before turning on Carlisle. "You son of a fucking whorish bitch! I'm going to-" She was cut off my Jasper who sent waves of calm to everyone, instantly gaining control of the situation.

"Alice is no sister to any of us. None of you," He threw a hard glare at all of the Cullens, "Are of any relation to us. You threaten one of our own, but you will never touch her. Bella has the power of the Whitlocks, the pack and most importantly an imprint on her side. You could not touch her if you had the Volturi on your side. It's hopeless Edward, she will never be yours again. Let your pride dwindle down enough to think for yourself. Stop letting Alice," The name sounded vulgar, rancid, "manhandle you into doing what she wants. She only wants Bella so she can give her to the Volturi, gaining favour and power. You know this, you idiot!"

Edward snarled at Jasper. "That is not why I want MY Bella back. She is mine!" I lost it; I lunged, intent on ripping him to pieces, but was stopped by Emmett, Sam and Jake, who were having a hard time containing me.

Embry, who was phased human for the time being, laughed. "Yours? Fuck that, she's not. Bella is her own. You make her sound like property."

Edward bared his teeth, looking like a pansy ass girl, and was about to talk when Jasper spoke, sending a smug vibe out to everyone by accident.

"You have no argument. I called the Volturi," Everyone gasped, and he smirked, "And they agree with us. Bella is under their protection now as well. They are on their way, and they can deal with you. Not that I am against seeing you lot get torched, but they have better…methods for you." Edward gasped in what must have been horror, and looked like he shit himself.

"NO?" He asked, looking ready to run.

"Oh yes. Maria will just love you as her pet Edward. You as well Alice." They both, if possible paled, and looked pleadingly at anyone who would catch his eye. Everyone looked back, confused. Jasper continued in his pleasant tone. "I'm not so sure what they have up their sleeves for you two," He gestured to Carlisle and Esme, "But I'm sure it will be equally as taxing."

Jasper had told the pack about his time with Maria and the thought of Fuckward and the freakish elf being her 'pets' was pretty funny. That bitch was crazy. Edward was whimpering, his eyes darting around for an exit, but the pack had moved around them blocking all escape routes.

A little while later we heard the sound of running. Black cloaks came into view as the Volturi arrived. As much as I personally wanted to see all the Cullens torched I understood that an eternity of punishment would be better for them.

"Ah Carlisle!" Said a dark haired, red eyed man. "Such a position you put me in today! Why I myself am ashamed to once have called you a friend! No matter, no matter. We shall settle this little tiff in no time! I have Maria," He motioned to a sadistic looking women to his left, "Here to collect Edward and Alice for her new toys and as for you and Esme, well you are going to the training wards." He clapped his hands in a very exuberant way.

Esme and Carlisle looked scared, in fact Esme was shaking her head, sobs sounding in her throat. "Aro! No, please no. I didn't want this! I don't want this! I don't want to be part of this family any longer!" She was silenced by a chilling look from one of the men standing by Marcus.

"Nope, sorry deary it's already decided!" Said Aro. "You and your mate shall be in the training room to be used as test dummies for new found talents. For one hundred years. That is the length of your punishment. As for Alice and Edward, well their punishment is two hundred. Just because they are so very, very annoying."

Jasper looked smug, Emmett and Rosalie looked satisfied and the pack were thrilled to have the Cullen's out of our lives for the next hundred years and the least, though something tells me that it will be much longer than that before we see any of them again.

The Volturi took the Cullens away and the pack let out howls of excitement and content. We all phased back human, pulling on our shorts, and headed back to the rez to share this news with the elders and imprints.

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