It was late on a Friday evening, and Dr. Temperance Brennen was in her office completing some paperwork, before leaving on a well-deserved vacation. She knew that she needed to get away from those brown eyes that haunted her days and nights. She thought he would realize after her confession how much she needed him. She thought he would come back to her, and try to correct the inept way he handled her admission that she loved him and how much she regretted that things that happened that evening, over a year ago. But, he never came back. Yes, he still worked cases with her, and yes, their solve rate was still the best on the whole east coast, but he was still with Hannah, and she was still alone. So very alone.

Therefore, she was going to take some time away to try to forget all the pain that she felt in her heart. She knew that you couldn't really feel pain in your heart from love, but her heart still ached every time he walked into a room, with Hannah. God, she hated that name.

It was 10:00 in the evening, D.C. time, when she put the last of her paperwork into Cam's office and closed her door. She wouldn't be back for three weeks, three weeks to help heal the pain, and forget those wonderfully, perfect, brown eyes. Three weeks to help her compartmentalize all the feelings she had for him. Three weeks to heal. Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't, but she had to do something, she had to try.

Her plane left at 4 a.m. She had enough time to go home, pack and take care of the last minute details before leaving.

The only one who knew she was leaving was Cam. She made her promise not to tell the rest of her team, and to never tell him where she was. She wrote each of them a letter explaining her need to go away. Angela would take the news the hardest, but she promised to be back before the baby was born. She knew she couldn't do that to her, Angela was too important in her life. She helped her daily to survive and understand the confusing world around her.

On her way to the airport, she dropped the letters at the post office, sending them by snail mail for a reason. This way they wouldn't get them until she was at her destination. This way no one could try to talk her out of her decision.

She arrived at the airport with an hour to spare and wandered around buying various things to amuse her on the flight. She rented a house on the shore in Silverdale, Washington. The view was breathtaking. Her back yard ended in the Puget Sound, and in the distance were the Cascade Mountains. Maybe she would start her new novel here. She could picture herself sitting in the yard looking over the Sound and writing. She hadn't been able to write since that night, three months ago. It was so illogical that one man could affect her life this bad, destroy all her walls, and leave her so vulnerable to the feelings that she kept hidden for so long.

She heard her flight being called, and decided that as soon as the plane took off, she would NOT think of him anymore. She felt the plane begin to leave the runway, and she decided she would leave him and her feelings behind, as the plane ascended into the sky.

The flight was uneventful, it usually was at 4 a.m. No one recognized her. That was one reason she took the early morning flights, to keep her privacy. She landed right on time, picked up her rental car and drove out to the house; it was just the way she pictured it. The real estate agent did a perfect job in helping her to find it. The house was an old style Victorian, but with all the amenities, she could ever want. She stepped into the foyer and placed her luggage on the floor. The foyer was decorated with beautiful earthy tones. Rich greens and browns, reminding her of home.

She brought her suitcases upstairs to the bedroom, unpacked, and called Russ to tell him she was there, then decided to go shopping at the local market. The real estate agent told her there was a farmer's market not far from where she lived. She went to find some fresh organic fruits and vegetables to stock her pantry. She wanted to try some new recipes during the next few weeks. She purchased a new vegetarian cookbook before leaving. The people were very pleasant and kind toward her, and she didn't think she was recognized. She met a handsome man who owned the local organic farm, and they talked about the methods that he used in farming. His name was James Kerby, he knew a lot about farming and said he was there almost every day. On her way home, she thought it would be nice to see him again.

By the time she got back to the house, she was tired. She made a quick dinner, sat outside enjoying the view and fell asleep in the backyard. She woke about an hour later and decided to go to bed.