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They danced a few more dances and headed back to the house. She moved close to him on the seat and took his hand in hers. Her touch sent a shiver down his spine. He knew that tonight she would not be in her own bed. He was sure she would be in his. As they pulled into the driveway, he opened the door and helped her into the house. She seemed tired.

As the door shut, she turned into his arms and kissed him deeply. When they had to come up for air, he moved down to her neck, as she whispered into his ear, Booth I've way too long for this, take me to your bed and show me how to break the laws of physics. He didn't deny her; he didn't think he could ever deny her anything again. He led them upstairs to his bedroom. As the door closed, he began kissing her again; he kissed down her neck and onto her shoulder. As he met with resistance from her dress, he stopped and looked at her, as if asking permission. She pulled his mouth to hers and passionately gave him the answer he wanted.

He slowly kissed her shoulder as he slid the dress onto the floor. She removed his jacket, and tie, and then began unbuttoning his shirt. As she unbuttoned each button, she kissed his chest, that chest that she wanted to touch and kiss for years. She slid his shirt off his shoulders, as he led her to the bed. She never felt this toward any man she ever had, this overpowering feeling to do anything for him. She began to understand the difference between making love and having sex. As the evening continued, she finally understood what he had been trying to tell her for years. Love makes all the difference in a relationship. Love creates a bond between two people and changes the way they look at the world. As she saw the sun come up in the sky that morning, and watched him sleeping next to her, she knew he was right; it was possible to break the laws of physics, because they did it last night, and she knew they would do it forever. Even fifty years from now.

I ended it here because it felt right. If I get any demand to continue it into a DC story, I will, but this ending called to me and I had to stop. Thank-you for all the support, and look for my new story coming soon.