Just a little heads up, in Scars, when I said that at the end of the year they officially started dating, Will and Allie beat everyone out for cutest couple in the YearBook. Well, it was actually their junoir year. And for some reason, I just typed that. Whoops.

Anyways, welcome to my brand new Avalon High story. Once again, it shall be based on the Disney Channel Original Movie instead of the books...which I'm still to actually get and read. But in my defence, they're on the way. Before you say anything, I ordered the book and the first magna book online. They should be here soon...big emphasis on the 'should be', by the way.

Anyways, in this story, I shall be introducing my Avalon High, Leah Wagner. Yes. She's Will's little sister. She's actually one of the freshmen that are starting at Avalon High while her big brothers are in their junior year. And, yes. She's a reincarnation of someone from the King Arthur legend. Guess who. Tip: she's NOT the Lady of Shallot.

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There's people talking. They talk about me.

They know my name. They think they know everything.

But they don't know anything about me.

Yawning, Allie Pennington awoke from her deep slumber and climbed out of her comfortable bed. Today is the day she starts her junior year at Avalon High School with Jen, Lance, Miles, Mikaela (that unnamed girl Miles fell for throughout the movie) and her boyfriend, Will; along with all her friends from the varsity track team and the faculty of the school. With a sigh and a very big grin on her face, she picked out black shorts, a white tank top and her favourite pair of sneakers along with some underwear before walking into her bathroom.

Give me a dancefloor, give me a DJ.

Give me a record. Forget what they say.

Cause I need to go; need to get away tonight.

"Up and at 'em, sleepy head," Will and Marco Wagner (Will's dad adopted Marco and Marco's mum adopted Will) laughed as they both shook their younger sister with a laugh.

"I'm up! I'm up!" Leah Wagner laughed as she brushed her dark brown locks out of her crystal blue eyes, "I mean, come on. It's my first day of high school. I don't want to make a bad first impression by being late on your first day."

"That's the spirit!" Will cheered.

"Now, do me a favour and buzz off. I'd like to get dressed," Leah said.

"Whatever you say, You Highness," Marco teased before leaving.

"Brothers. What would I do without them?" Leah laughed to herself as she went to get dressed.

I put my makeup on a Saturday night.

I try to make it happen; try to make it alright.

I know I make mistakes. I'm living life day to day.

It's never really easy. But it's OK.

Jen woke up to her cell phone ringing and buzzing on her bedside table to indicate an incoming text message. Smiling, she checked the screen and saw that it was from her boyfriend, Lance. She opened her phone and pressed the view button.

R u up yet? Lance.

About to shower. Jen.

After hitting the send button, she climbed out of the bed, immediately missing the warmth and comfort as soon as she did. She picked out her clothing for the day and approached her shower.

Wake up! Wake up! On a Saturday night!

Could be New York; maybe Hollywood and Vine!

London! Paris! Maybe Tokyo!

There's something going on anywhere I go tonight!

Tonight! Yeah, tonight!

"Morning, guys," Allie greeted as she kissed both parents on the cheek before grabbing a piece of toast.

"Someone's happy," Mr Pennington mused.

"Did Will text you this morning?" Mrs Pennington asked knowingly.

"While I was in the shower. He said good morning, I love you and Leah's on her way over," Allie responded.

The city's restless. It's all around me.

People in motion; sick of all the same routines.

They need to go. Need to getaway tonight.

"Why would Leah be on her way over?" Mr Pennington asked.

"Will's driving Marco, Lance and Miles to school in his car and I'm driving Jen, Mikaela and Leah in mine," Allie explained, "We're trying to start this tradition so we can do that for college."


"That's them now. Gotta go," Allie announced as she kissed both parents on the cheeks, grabbed her keys and ran to the door.

I put my makeup on a Saturday night.

I try to make it happen; try to make it alright.

I know I make mistakes. I live life day to day.

It's never really easy. But it's OK.

"Ready to go?" Leah asked.

"Aren't I always?" Allie retorted.

"Come on. Let's go," Mikaela ushered.

"We want to beat the boys," Jen reminded them.

They raced out to Allie's 1974 Mustang Convertible. For a car that hasn't been used for her father's senior year, it still ran like a dream (after her father gave it a tune up and a makeover). Allie was behind the wheel, Leah was in the front seat next to her and Jen and Mikaela were in the back. As soon as the car pulled out of the driveway, Leah cranked up the radio and they sang along.

Wake up! Wake up! On a Saturday night!

Could be New York; maybe Hollywood and Vine!

London! Paris! Maybe Tokyo!

There's something going on anywhere I go tonight!

Tonight! Yeah, tonight!

"'Sup, guys?" Will asked as Marco and Lance showed up.

"Nothing much. How is your girlfriend?" Lance teased.

"From I heard from Leah, they're on their way now," Marco explained.

"What are we standing here for? We can't let the girls beat us to school," Miles reminded his best friends.

Without another word said, they climbed into Will's car and left for Avalon High.

People all around you everywhere that you go.

People all around you. They don't really know you.

Everybody's watching like it's some kind of show.

Everybody's watching. They don't really know you now.

(They don't really know you.)

They don't really know you.)

And forever…

"Wake up! Wake up!" Allie and Leah sang.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Jen and Mikaela whispered.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Allie and Leah sang again.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Jen and Mikaela whispered again.

Soon, everyone was singing; even the boys. I randomly appear and look around before saying, "You didn't hear that from me," before disappearing once more.

Wake up! Wake up! On a Saturday night!

Could be New York; even Hollywood and Vine!

London! Paris! Maybe Tokyo!

There's something going on anywhere I go!

Wake up! Wake up! On a Saturday night!

Could be New York; maybe Hollywood and Vine!

London! Paris! Maybe Tokyo!

There's something going on anywhere I go tonight!

Tonight! Yeah, tonight!

Finally, the boys pulled up into the carpark designated for students who drive to Avalon High. But what they found next to them was Allie's car. The boys groaned in frustration and Will rested his head on the stearing wheel.

"Aw, come on!" Marco objected.

"Seriously?" Miles groaned.

"Leah's gonna rub this in my face," Will moaned.

"They're gonna relish this. I just know it," Lance murmured.

With a sigh, they grabbed their school bags and climbed out of the car ready to commence junior year. When they walked in, they saw Allie, Jen, Mikaela and Leah surrounding Allie's locker laughing about something. As they approached them, Jen finally noticed their presense and told the girls.

"Ah, look who finally decided to show up," Jen tormented.

"How'd you get here so fast?" Will and Marco asked.

"It's called leaving on time, dear brothers. You should try it sometime," Leah responded.

"Well, that and we got green lights at every stop," Mikaela added as she greeted Miles.

"Morning, beautiful," Will murmured.

"Morning, handsome," Allie murmured back as they went to kiss.

"I will get a bucket of cold water. I swear," Leah threatened.

"We haven't seen each other for a while!" Will and Allie defended.

"You saw each other yesturday and the only reason that I actually remember is because of the amount of times Mum, Dad, Leah and I have walked in on you guys during your famous make out sessions," Marco retorted.

"Well, in their defence, they haven't seen each other for most of the summer," Jen stated.

"And a day apart for these two is like 10 years apart in their time. So that would be close to 1000 years," Lance added.

"I remember. I actually travelled with Allie, remember?" Leah reminded them.

"How come you got to travel with them again?" Miles asked.

"My dance team from middle school and Allie's varsity track team decided to come together for the tour because we're gonna be at the exact same places at the exact same time for the exact amount of time. Wow. I just said 'exact' like three times," Leah explained with a laugh.

"Hey. You should go for the dance team here," Mikaela suggested.

"Planning on it. Then if I get in, I'm gonna head to the track and sneak a vote for this year's track captain," Leah announced, "And I think it is pretty obvious who I'm voting for."

"Yeah. All of us will be voting for ya, sis," Marco promised.

"Thanks, guys. But it also depends on who the team wants as their captain," Allie reminded them.

"They always choose their valuable player to be their captain. You've broken almost every record since you joined so you're a shoe-in," Jen assured her.

"I'm with that," Will and Leah agreed.


"Aw great. I have Chemistry with Mr Puckerman," Allie moaned.

"So do I," Will groaned.

"Hopefully this year, we'll be able to be lab partners," Allie prayed as she wrapped an arm around Will's waist.

"Yeah," Will agreed as he slung his arm around her shoulders and they walked off after saying goodbye to everyone.

"So, munchkin. What do you have first?" Marco asked.

"Call me munchkin one more time, I will kill you. But to answer your question, I have Geography with Mr Hummell," Leah responded after checking her schedule.

"Spanish with Mr Shuester," Jen moaned.

"Same here," Lance said as he slung an arm around her.

"On second thoughts…yay, Spanish!" Jen cheered in true cheerleading style.

"Biology with Mr Abrams," Miles groaned.

"Same," Mikaela said cheerfully.

With that, they all parted ways as they headed to their respected classes. However, they did not notice two beautiful high school seniors watching them carefully. One had blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes and was wearing black high heels, a black mini-skirt and a white singlet that showed lots of cleavage. The other one had brown hair, green eyes, fair skin and was wearing black knee-high boots with a 1 inch heel, black short shorts and a white crop top.

"Sister, when shall we strike?" the brunette asked impatiently.

"Soon, Feya. We must strike them when they least expect it," the blonde responded sinesterly.

"Oh, Morgan, once we're done, King Arthur and his court will be nothing but a distant memory," Feya giggled excitedly.

"And the dark forces shall reign once again," Morgan added just as excitedly.

They giggled amongst themselves a bit more before the final bell rang and they scurried off to the first class of the day.

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