Long Live the Queen

By: 4eBitter

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It is a common occurrence in people that after they have committed a misdeed or an error they many times come to regret it, only after the consequences are irreversible. Human nature is strange this way. So it was only as Anne Boleyn made her last speech, when she bid farewell to the world, that people began to reconsider their feelings for her. Many, that had wanted her dead, listened to her words feeling both surprised and confused. Why did she not defend herself? Or use her witchcraft to live? Why would she say the things she was saying why not beg? But she did none of these; she stood there proudly and courageously, eloquently and elegantly saying her last words every inch the Queen. As she kneeled so did they for they felt instinctively that she deserved respect.

Anne's Point of View

When on her knees saying her last prayers she looked back. How could she not? For as brave as she was, she was still as a gentle lady, and as prepared as she had become the moment was now upon her. She hoped that the executioner's aim would be true and that he would not miss her little neck. The neck her husband once had so loved, the neck that once his majesty had grabbed in jealousy toward her brother George. Ironically enough the explanation that George was her brother had worked to soothe his fears back then had now been used against her, making her a horrid sinner in the eyes of the people. Even if many did not believe her charges they would not miss the chance to defame her or discredit her and her little Elizabeth. Elizabeth the daughter of her heart, for all her faults and doubts she knew she had done splendidly by giving birth to her child. Her greatest regret would always be that she was so scared at her weakening position that she did not spend much time with her darling Elizabeth. That she did not fight to be able to breastfeed her baby to always have her at arm's length instead of far away. But she could do none of that now she could fix nothing, scheme nothing, and hope for nothing other than a swift and painless execution. How far had she fallen that that was her only hope the only thing to leave behind as her life ended? And knowing in her heart of hearts that her true sin was not having a son she felt an overwhelming emptiness in her heart to know that all her life she had always worked so hard to become the best she could be and her only flaw was something that she could control as much as she could control the wind to blow or not, which was not at all. At that thought the last remaining piece of her heart broke.

End P.O.V.

Some people were crying others were silent. No one expected the feelings that this moment would have on them, many found it enlightening. If they thought back they could remember that the lady was their kinswoman she had been their English queen. Had they not many times criticized nobles for their arrogance and birth? But one that had risen for a role that she was not born to they had judged and abandoned. They had thought her heartless and ambitious, but would anyone them have done anything different? They liked to thinks so but no one could be sure. Many wondered that if they had given the lady a chance would things not have been different. Would here have been a need for things to go on the destructive path they had or not. However, it was too late to wonder too late to change anything. They would have to live with the doubt and go on with their lives, and give God an explanation and penance when the time came to be judged.

The lady, one of her weeping ladies, and some in the crowd who were attentively paying attention to the scaffold flinched automatically when the executioner pulled an out of place hair strand back under her cap. The movement seemed to break the lady's concentration as she nervously kept looking back at the man every time he made any noise. The executioner looked at her one more time for good measure as a tear rolled down her cheek and exclaimed.

"Boy fetch my sword"

At this the lady rapidly looked to see where the boy was, as expected, for she was nervous for her fate. The moment she looked away and to the boy the executioner drew his sword from its hidden place. He raised it ready to strike at the lady's exposed neck as her gaze was lost to his.

But something unexpected and unprecedented happened as the executioner swung his sword as she looked away. She with a great exclamation of pain doubled over groaning and clutching her stomach. At first all onlookers were frozen, even the executioner that had for the first time missed his intended target was for a moment completely paralyzed. For the sword had cut nothing but air as the lady bent over in pain. The people exclaimed over in surprise and fear as her ladies ran over to see what was happening. Nothing like this had ever happened before! Usually many fought to not be killed and they tried to run from their fate. The lady however, had shown them her readiness and a willingness to comply with order of their sovereign. So surely this was not an act there was something truly wrong with her! Had she been poisoned? Why would there have been the need for such a measure? Some were still shocked with the event that movement that the lady made could have had horrible consequences. For the executioner could have butchered her. Some people that may have never even cared before found themselves in shocking panic for the lady's welfare.

As Anne laid there groaning in pain the people around her came closer. They heard her ladies gasp as they went to her. At this the people became more concerned and agitated. And that which the lady had never had as queen was starting to be born, support from the common people. The ones who had once shunned her were now truly worried for her. This would have amused her if she was aware of anything but the pain she felt at that moment. The exclamations of her ladies were truly justified for there was blood between her legs. She was bleeding as a pregnant woman did when about to lose their baby. That is when they realized that she was about to MISCARRY. No one had even known she was pregnant not even her. When Sir Kingston asked about the lady Anne one of her maids told his with an amazed voice that she was about to miscarry. At that moment the people that had once asked for her death even demanded it, now where clamoring her to be saved along with the babe.

At that the execution was forgotten as the people unified to protect her. Charles Brandon who had been in the crowd had stealthily moved to the side while of this went on along with his son. He wanted to be able to leave in order to report to the king. When he left he sent his son in the carriage as he took a horse and rapidly rode to reach the king I order to tell him all that occurred. The kings' thoughts would have to be made know before any action could be taken.

A physician was called as Anne was carried back to the tower. People where frantic and scared but determined to protect the lady that they now believed was wronged beyond measure. For their king ordered his PREGNANT wife to be beheaded. Even if the lady had committed sins against the marriage bed, which was doubted by many, and innocent child from God was a blessing. No one had truly believed that the Queen would have had four lovers how she without anyone knowing could have had one lover let alone four. But they had let it pass because they believed she deserved it. But now things were different they thought as they saw the lady being hurriedly carried back to the tower and her rooms for the physician to save her and the babe. As they followed her now as she left a trail of blood they would follow her anywhere for now on for no annulment was valid they now knew that the lady, Mistress Anne Boleyn, was their queen, the Queen of England. With that realization they cried in unison of same spirit and mind.

"Long Live the Queen"

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