How to Begin a Story

Now there were a million different ways to begin this story. We could begin with the end and go back to recount what happened to bring them to that point. We could begin where the relationship started and recount anything else in a small blurb if we have to. We could even begin by asking where we should begin the story. But I think we should begin when they first met. It'd make much more sense if I did that don't you think?

Kindergarten. Age: 5-6

The sound of ripping paper filled his ears and Ventus looked over to find one of the kids from his class tearing up the blank piece of paper that Aerith had provided them with to draw on. Even if all anyone drew were scribbles and stick figures.

"What?" The boy asked looking up at the blonde haired blue eyed kid.

Ventus stared at him for a moment. The kid had black hair in spikes all over his head and golden eyes that seemed to shine brightly in an almost creepy way. Like a demon really, which was something he would end up acknowledging him as one in the future. "Why'd you tear up the paper?" Ven asked.

"Cause I got bored." He answered before smiling mischievously at him. "Hey, what's your name?"

"Huh? Um…I'm Ventus…" He replied slightly nervous. This kid was weird, and he kinda scared him too.

"Ventus huh? I'm Vanitas." The black haired boy announced leaning over to look at the paper Ven had finding that he hadn't drawn anything yet. "What are you going to draw?"

"I don't know yet." Ven answered returning his attention to the paper before him.

Just then Vanitas reached over and took the paper from Ven holding it up.

"H-hey! I need that!"

"So?" Vanitas asked beginning to slowly rip the page in half while the blonde boy stared at him in utter disbelief. He continued to rip the page until it was just a mess of tiny squares, smiling evilly as all Ven could do was stare. "Sorry bout that Ventus, I told you I was bored." He added lifting them over the blonde's head and suddenly tossing them up in the air so that they would fall slowly down on and around the boy.

The black haired boy got up from his seat then walking straight out of the classroom with a smirk on his face all while he was sure Ventus sat there in shock not even caring that his homework was now shredded and scattered around his person. Some scraps even landing in his hair.

But that of course would not be the end of it. The two spent years together. Having to go to a private school, you didn't switch classes; you stayed with the same people in your class all the way until you went to high school. And this school went from Kindergarten all the way to Eighth grade. So of course, they remained in the same class for a long time.

Third Grade. Age: 8-9

"Oi, Ven." The familiar voice called making Ventus jump a little. He hadn't expected to be called like that, nor had he expected to be called by him. Seriously every time Vanitas spoke Ven got nervous, and it magnified whenever he spoke to Ven personally. This kid was seriously bad news.

"Um…h-hi Vanitas…" He greeted shyly taking a step back and hitting his back on the wall where he was previously hanging up his book bag in peace.

"You know what you should do?" He asked suddenly stopping merely a foot from him.


"You should buy me lunch today." Vanitas finished.

Ventus made a face at that. "I don't have any money." He replied quietly looking down.

The black haired boy smiled at that before putting his hand on the smaller kids shoulder. "Really now?" He asked holding the blonde still while he reached into the kids pocket pulling out a five. He of course didn't have to hold the poor kid still Ven had frozen in fear anyway, but oh well. "I thought you said you didn't have any money."

"That's for my lunch…I'm supposed to give back the change…" He replied quietly.

Vanitas shrugged then releasing him. "Guess you better come up with $4.50 before you go home then huh? I'll be keeping the change as compensation for you lying to me." He walked away then leaving him still slightly frozen in fear. He borrowed that money from Cloud too…and he had a feeling Cloud wouldn't be too happy that his money got stolen by some bully. But there was nothing he could do about it.

He did explain what had happened to Cloud the moment he got home and his older brother had made a face about it. "You're being bullied at school?"

Ven nodded about ready to cry over it. Vanitas really did scare him sometimes.

"Why didn't you tell the teacher?" Naminé (his older sister) asked bending down to his level.

"I can't do that…he just gets worse if I get him in trouble." He answered.

"Just defend yourself." Roxas commented from where he was practicing his reading. Not that he needed to practice everyone was always saying how smart Roxas was, which was kinda pathetic since he was a year younger then Ven and he was the one who ended up helping Ven with his homework. "That's what I do when people pick on me."

"People pick on you too?" Naminé asked.

"Not anymore." Roxas replied.

"How am I supposed to defend myself?" Ventus asked. "He's bigger than me, and he's stronger, and he's friends with all the mean kids. What if he had then help him beat me up…"

"Ventus, you really do need to tell someone. Why not just go straight to the principal and ask him not to say anything about who told on him." His sister suggested.

"No, cause he'll figure it out." He replied.

"Okay, how about you just ignore him." Cloud suggested making him look at him. "If you don't respond or give him what he wants, then he'll eventually get bored with you and leave you alone."

"Really?" Ven asked.

"Yea, that's how I got Zack to stop teasing me." Cloud replied with a small smile.

"Is that how?" Zack asked flopping down next to Cloud on the couch giving him a half-scowl half-smile. "I'll keep that in mind next time."

Naminé rolled her eyes and stood up completely to leave the room. "Boys…" She sighed as she left.

Sixth Grade. Age: 11-12

Ventus was completely engrossed in taking the notes for his science class, not really expecting a note to be passed to him from the person in the seat next to him. Three years of ignoring Vanitas hadn't done much. Van had indeed lightened up on him, but he never left him alone completely. Like now for instance. Their science teacher had seated Vanitas right next to him and he was kind of a bitchy teacher so no one would get to complain if they wanted a change of seats.

Ven sighed a little finishing up the page of notes before even bothering to pick up the note that Vanitas had just passed him. The black haired male smirking all the while as Ven opened it. He hadn't really been expecting what he saw on the note. He figured it'd be some rude comment about how he was a dork using some slightly harsh words. Or maybe something along the lines of telling him that his younger brother was smarter than him, which he already knew thank you. Roxas still in a grade lower then him, did still help him with him homework a lot. Especially the math part, because he really sucked at it.

But no, none of the things that he had expected to see were on that piece of paper instead what was written…or rather drawn on the paper that had made him flush a deep red from complete embarrassment was a drawing of himself in the nude, bent over and crying while Vanitas was kneeling behind him also nude with his…yea…I bet you could guess the rest of it. He turned a glare straight toward Vanitas but the black haired male just continued to smile and pointed to some words that were written at the bottom of the page.

At that point Ventus could have most defiantly just crumpled up the piece of paper and thrown it away before turning his attention back to the science notes he was now missing. But again, no, Ven did read what was written at the bottom of the page.

"They never explained how two guys would have sex when we were in Sex Ed, so I looked it up for you. I figured you'd need to know, since gay runs in your family."

Ventus crumpled the paper up then and stood up throwing the piece of paper in Vanitas' face before running out of the classroom pissed. He had no right to bring his family into this. Yea, Cloud was dating Zack. And sure, Roxas had also come out even though he was younger than Ventus, but that bastard not only called him gay, but he had made an indirect stab at his brothers this time, and he didn't like that at all. It pissed him off. That bastard. He hated him.

Eighth Grade. Age: 13-14

"Hey Ventus!" Vanitas called slipping his arm around the blonde who in turn turned a glare at him. He ignored it. "It's the last day of school here, what do ya say you and me celebrate."

"I say, fuck off." Ventus replied smacking his hand away. "I have better things to do and to be honest, I think I'd rather kill myself then do anything with you."

"Man, you've gotten mean over the years." He commented. "I was offering to be nice y'know. Maybe make friends. A truce, of sorts."

"How about this." The blonde began stopping his walk and turning too fully towards him. "You take your truce, and shove it up your ass."

Vanitas smiled at that. "No, you see, I don't get things shoved up my ass. You do."

"I'm not gay, and even if I was, there is nothing wrong with being gay, so shut the fuck up."

"I never said that there was anything wrong with being gay did I? I just called you an uke is all." The black haired male replied with a smirk.

He was confussed for a moment not knowing what that had meant and Vanitas seemed to catch on.

"You don't know what an uke is?" He asked.

"Does it really matter if I do or not?" Ventus asked letting his voice sound unamused.

"Of, course it matters." Vanitas answered with another smirk. "Because in a couple years when you give up this denial that you're in, you'll have wished you had known what an uke is."

"I'm not gay, and I'm not in denial." Ventus replied glaring harshly at him and catching sight of Roxas down the hallway with some friends. "Now, fuck off and leave me alone." He added before walking off and over to his little brother using him as an excuse to get away.

"We'll see about that." Vanitas said to himself before he walked outside in search of his cousin.

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