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"So what's wrong?" The voice made Ventus jump at first. He hadn't even heard the door open while he was allowing himself to wallow in his thoughts. Looking up at his older brother who somehow seemed to have the best timing in the world the younger sighed and sat up on his bed crossing his legs and getting ready to spill his guts. Who else was he supposed to confide in when he wasn't sure who he could trust, and it wasn't like Cloud wouldn't understand.

Cloud noticed that this might take awhile and took a seat on the edge of Ven's bed.

"It's just…okay there's this guy and he used to bully me all the time. And Namine told me to just ignore him, so I did for a long time but he never stopped. So instead I started kinda talking back but that only seemed to encourage him even more. And y'know everything was okay and all until he started going to my high school." He admitted.

"Are you being bullied?" Cloud demanded with a frown. "If you are I can kick their asses."

Ventus let out a laugh and shook his head. "It's not like that. I mean he was kinda mean at first, but we have the same friends and we ended up hanging out a lot and he's…I always thought he was being mean because he didn't like me, but in reality it was because he wanted my attention."

"He likes you?"

The younger blonde nodded. "Actually he told me he loves me. And the night I got kicked out was because Vanitas' parents caught us kissing."

"They told Mom and Dad?" Cloud asked.

"Yea, but I…I couldn't tell him!" Ven answered eyes getting slightly teary now that he was voicing his thoughts out. "When I thought about it I didn't want Vanitas to think it was his fault that I got kicked out, or that Roxas is being sent to a different school. I wanted to protect him and I don't even know why because I don't love him back…I don't even like him! I…I've hated him for years and now…I don't know if it's because I can consider him a friend, or if he's somehow manipulated me with every single time he's told me he likes me or he loves me and I…"

"Well that's exactly it isn't it? Aren't you just stressed out because you don't know how you feel about him?" Cloud offered.

"Maybe." He answered messing with the bed sheets under his fingers. "But…I also feel bad because of Roxas. It's my fault he's getting sent away, I just-"

"It's a prep school, not a boarding school. Roxas will be fine. He's a smart kid." Cloud finished rubbing his back. "Is that it?"

"You're really not good at the comforting thing." Ven laughed.

"I'm trying." He defended with a frown before shoving Ven over and ruffling his hair.


"This is the uniform?" Axel asked lifting up the long sleeve white shirt, navy blue tie, and navy blue slacks.

"And this is the blazer." Roxas added holding up said offending object with the school's crest on the pocket.

"I like the girl's uniform better." He pouted. "Skirts were hotter."

"Sadly, I'd have to agree. And no I'm not going to wear the girl's uniform." He added shooting down his friend's dream before it could fully process. Roxas sighed picking up his school bag and stuffing his class books that had been sent to him today inside so that it was all ready for Monday. "Y'know what sucks?"

"You're not able to make Sora realize how blatantly obviously you're in love with him before you have to leave?" Axel asked still flipping through the prep school's brochure.

"That too. But I'm talking about how it's halfway through the school year and I'm transferring. Do you realize how much attention falls on transfer students? I don't want that. Plus I'm only a first year. That makes it so much worse! And the school system is even different! Like I don't have different classes, I have the same class all day everyday in the same room! The only thing that changes is the teachers and the subjects. Did you know they make you take P.E. all three years?"

"Seriously? We only have to take one year of P.E." Axel replied finally looking at his friend. "Then again that's probably for the best considering who our teacher is."

They both shuddered.

"Look at the bright side." Axel offered.

"What bright side?" Roxas asked. "Going to a prep school with no friends? Sounds like fun where do I sign up?"

"No more Xigbar." The redhead added.

He thought about it for a moment before nodding. "Okay that definitely makes me feel better."

"And hey, so what if you don't make any friends there. You don't need friends to study. You still got us. And we can hang out anytime."

"You okay? I'm not used to you being nice without it ending with you trying to get in my pants?"

"Maybe I'm being nice so you'll let me in your pants?"

"That's what I thought."


Vanitas fiddled with his phone staring blankly at the wall across from him. Yesterday's scene replayed itself in his mind and all he could think about was seeing Ventus cry. Once again because of him. Obviously something had happened for their parents to just suddenly decide to send Roxas off to another school, and to leave Ven? It was almost like they were trying to separate the brothers. He wasn't stupid. He'd overheard Roxas and Sora talking about this before. Roxas and Ventus' parents were very conservative types and their older brother had already been kicked out for being gay. So then…the only thing he could think of was that they found out about Ven and him…

Although it wasn't like there was anything going on. Ventus already turned him down. Hadn't he?

"Hey, you're gunna be late for school if you don't get up now." Sora commented coming into the room to grab his school bag.

"Not going." Vanitas replied flipping over to look at the ceiling of their shared bedroom.

"Seriously? You're not sick are you? I've like, never seen you sick before." Sora commented walking over to check on his older cousin who pulled the blanket up to cover most of his face, only leaving enough for him to glare over the covers.

"No, I just don't wanna go." He answered.

"Did something happen?" The younger added glaring back bravely. "C'mon man, I know you wouldn't willingly miss out on teasing Ven."

"Tease him for me." The black haired male shot back sitting up and causing Sora to back off to avoid getting head butted. "I've got shit to do today. Besides, I don't need to see him everyday. It's not like I can't live without him."

Sora whistled. "So something did happen."

"Piss off." He answered standing up and shoving the younger down on the bed. "I'm not coming to school today." He added heading towards the bathroom.

"Dude, don't forget about Roxas' going away party tonight!" He called after him.

Vanitas shut and locked the bathroom door closing his eyes he leaned back against the frame.

"What the fuck is so wrong with it anyway?! You have no right to call someone disgusting! Especially your own son! If you do something like that then you're no better then those bastard parents who leave their kids to fend for themselves!"



"Hey. Vanitas not here today?" Demyx commented taking the seat that the black haired male usually took next to Ventus.

"I guess." Ven answered. "He didn't show up to History class either."

"Looking for him?" Riku asked raising an eyebrow.

"N-no…not really. It's just hard to not notice he's gone when he'd always around bothering me." He answered.

"Sure. I thought you guys were together now?" Demyx asked. "I mean, you hang out a lot and everyone saw you guys kiss yesterday. Like it's all over the school."

"I got a picture." Riku added.

Ventus groaned. Great, now the whole school thinks there is something going on between them. Was there? Wasn't it pretty obvious that Ventus liked him more then he'd care to admit?


Vanitas stood up as he noticed the car pulling up to the driveway. He waited patiently for the man to come up to the porch where he'd been waiting. He'd been here for about thirty minutes now and the person he was waiting for was finally here. The man saw him and looked a bit warily ready to call the cops in necessary. Vanitas hadn't planned on letting it get that far. He sighed and allowed the man to approach before bowing politely. "I would like to speak to you for a moment Sir."

"Shouldn't you be in school?"

"Why are you sending Roxas away?"

The man turned a pointed glare at him. "Who are you?"


"Sora's cousin?"


"You should leave before I have the police remove you from my property."

"I won't sir. Not until you tell me what you've done to Ventus."

The man scoffed at him and it took all over Vanitas willpower to not drop his manners and out right glare. "It isn't any of your business what I do with my children. And if Ventus is going to chose to waste his life on you, then he is no child of mine."

Vanitas clenched a fist biting his lip to keep from saying anything that would get him in trouble.

"Ventus no longer lives here. And if you want what's best for him, stay away from him. Now get off my property or you'll be removed forcefully."

"You kicked him out. Your own son." Vanitas ground out.

"He is not my son. My children are not gay little sluts who give themselves out to dropouts like you."

"Bullshit! Cloud's gay! Roxas is gay!"

"Cloud is as much my son as Ventus! As for Roxas, he's confused. How could he not be when his brothers make the choice to send themselves to hell! Get out now!"

Vanitas mentally held himself back from punching the man in the face. "Ventus didn't choose me. We're not together. We never will be." He stated it loud and clear before turning around and walking away. Any longer and he may have actually punched Ven's father. He got into his car which he'd parked just across the street and sped off. Driving angrily in the direction he hated the most. The place he hated the most.

God, did he hate this. This suffocating place. This place that was nothing like where he was used to now. He was so used to Aerith and Sora's warmth. This place…he couldn't stand this place.

"Vanitas! Come inside! I have something to show you!" His mother exclaimed cheerily.

He sighed turning off his car and getting out to head into the small building.

"Vani, we're very sorry about the other night. We were just kind of surprised that you were…gay." She smiled her fake smile.

He understood it. He knew that his mother was sick. She didn't have emotions. She used people to get what she wanted out of them; she held no remorse for what she's done. And she was again using Vanitas. If she treated him kindly, if she accepted him as her son, then she wouldn't have to have as much responsibility. As soon as she gave birth to the child inside of her, she could use Vanitas so she wouldn't have to take care of them. He already knew what she wanted. It was why they'd come back.

But he wasn't going to be like them. He wasn't going to be fake. He wasn't going to use or neglect people. This child didn't need that.

"We don't know what genders yet, but meet your new siblings!" She exclaimed holding up a sonogram that had been lying on the dinning table for him to look at. "They're twins, Vanitas! Aren't they cute?!"

"They look…unreal." He commented staring extra hard at the photo. Would he be able to take care of them? He was having doubts now that he was looking at them, but there was no way he was going to let them be treated the way he was treated. It didn't matter how hard it was, or how much people would look down at him. He would take care of them. He was going to protect them so that they wouldn't end up like him. "I can't wait."

"Vanitas, we want you to move back in with us. Next month, we're moving to Radiant Gardens. And we think, it would be great if we had the whole family together. Your Father, me, you and the babies. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Vanitas stared at the picture a little longer before facing his Mother. "Yea. I'd like that."


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"You're moving?" Ventus asked looking at him with a look in his eyes that hurt Vanitas more then anything else he thinks he's ever seen

"Roxas wasn't supposed to tell you." Vanitas commented stuffing the last of his clothes in his duffle bag he made a point to try not to look at the younger.

"You should have. You said you loved me, but you're leaving without even telling me goodbye?"

Vanitas swallowed the lump in his throat.

"I love you."

The words made him freeze for a long moment before he turned around to look at Ventus. Had he really just said that.

"I know I'm late, but I mean it. I love you. So the least you can do is give me a proper goodbye." There were tears in the blonde's eyes and he was pretty sure at this point there were tears of his own threatening to overflow.

"I'm really bad at that." Vanitas answered. "I couldn't say it to you, and I had no idea how I could. You're too important to me for just a simple, word."

"Then don't say it." Ventus answered walking over to him. "There are other ways to say it without using words."

"Are you okay with that?"

"Would I be here, if I wasn't?" Ventus asked shutting the door behind him and locking it.

Vanitas chuckled forcing back his tears, now was definitely not the time to cry. He smiled surprised by how genuine it felt, his actions spurred on by the others words. "Say it again."

"I love you."


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