"They're beautiful, aren't they."

"Mmhm," I nodded.

Kair leaned her head on my shoulder and breathed a soft sigh as we watched the two, tiny infants sleep soundly in their bassinets. "They're so much more beautiful when they sleep."

It had only been a matter of weeks since the events that took place around their births, which we spent residing at the temple while I assisted with its rebuild and Kair – with the assistance of my mother - got accustomed to her new role of motherhood. Admittedly, it wasn't something that seemed to come naturally to the independent minded daughter of a mobster, but she was learning fast. The twins were healthy and grew by the day.

Giovanni and his people were long gone by now, though he did keep in contact with his daughter on a daily basis. In the meantime however, he had an organisation to run, and a Shadow Dragon Master to hunt down.

Reports on Sa'lu's whereabouts had come up far and few in between. Her castle was empty when Team Rocket stormed it only days after her attack on Mt. Silver. It was as though she'd disappeared off the face of the planet. But somehow at the back of my mind, I suspected she would show herself again somewhere down the lines. And we would have to be prepared.

"So, I'll be leaving you now."

Kair and I both turned at the utterance as N made a quiet entry into the chambers we'd since taken residency in.

"Already?" Kair questioned her cousin with the rise of an eyebrow. "But you've only been here for a few weeks. I thought you wanted to learn more about the Dragon Clan?"

"I've found what I was looking for. And I know what I need to do now," he nodded as though to affirm his statement.

The vibe I got from him was unsettling somehow, but I chose to dismiss it. He was a Dragon Seer after all. But a Dragon Seer who had seen something in that Shadow Dragon, and as a result spent the past few weeks pouring through the archives looking for information on Legendary Dragon types.

"You're heading back to Unova?"

"Yes," replied N with a faint smile. "I have important duties to attend to, but if you ever happen to be passing through the area, please feel free to come look for me."

"It was nice to meet you, N." Kair returned his smile, "Good luck."

"Likewise, my dear Cousin," he gave a bow, "and you too Lance."

Several Months Later…

The New Island lab was pristine and state of the art. Rebuilt from the ground up, it showed virtually no resemblance to its predecessor, apart from its intended use.

A new team of scientists toiled around the clock, working off a mixture of old data and new discoveries to get the project underway.

A dark, feline-shaped Pokémon floated about a giant, fluid filled cylinder that sat in the lab's central workspace. It slept soundly for the moment, but with the growth accelerants they fed into its system it grew at an alarming rate, so that what would normally take something close to ten years to mature now became only a matter of months. There was a downside to this however, as they chose to sacrifice proper mental development for the sake of saving time. But then again, Giovanni didn't need a Pokémon with super-intelligence. He needed its power, and that it had.

Its genes spliced and merged with the likes of Mew, Darkari and other dark type Pokémon, the creature resembled the abomination to which it was intended to rival, except with some obvious differences. For instance, to save on identity confusion, the scientists had made its fur black rather than the original Mewtwo's white.

Checking up on this Dark Mew clone was only one of the reasons for Kair and Giovanni's visit, however.

"You'll be pleased to know that his vitals have remained consistently steady. It seems that Sneasal's influence on Silver has dramatically stabilized him and kept his powers in check. When he is older, I have no doubt you'll have little trouble in training him in better using these abilities," Dr. Sebastian – the project's head scientist - held up a clipboard and ticked several boxes.

"That's good to hear," Kair gently ran a hand through her son's recently grown mop of shaggy, red hair.

Silver was restless, but now used to the constant prodding and poking of Giovanni's men. This had been a monthly thing for him since his birth. His companion Sneasal, who was constantly by his side, made a point of keeping him occupied most of the time.

"That is especially good news," Giovanni gave an approving nod, "If it works for him, then there is a good chance the same will apply when we manage to re-capture Mewtwo using our latest Dark type weapon."

Kair smirked as she followed his gaze to the lab's centre where the experiment drifted about in its tube. "What will you call it?"

Giovanni's hungry expression went straight. "Dark Mewtwo seems appropriate."

"Original…" Kair replied flatly though she could tell what to call the creature was among the least of Giovanni's concerns. He didn't care what it was called, just so long as it fulfilled its intended purpose.

It was only a matter of months now…

"Come Aisha, we have work to do," Giovanni summoned his daughter before picking up his grandson in a strangely, fatherly like manner.

In all honesty, Kair still wasn't used to seeing him handle children, even though he did have two of his own. Silver, on the other hand, held no reservations about it. In fact, he'd taken a shine to Giovanni and had come to enjoy his visits, even if they did involve bringing him to this strange place.

Recalling Sneasal back into its pokéball, Kair quickly fell into step with her father and attached the ball to her son's tiny jumpsuit as they made their way out to the lab's roof where a helicopter waited to fly them back to Viridian.

"So this is where you've been hiding your little experiments." Before they even had the chance to reach the chopper, Giovanni and Kair found themselves compelled to turn around at the loud shout from across the rooftop.

None other than Team Rocket's most wanted stepped from the shadows of an adjoining ventilation shaft, her hands on her hips and a smirk wide on her face.

"Sa'lu!" Giovanni instantly spat. "What is the meaning of this?"

Sa'lu seemed unfazed by the dangerous glare of her new antagonist. "I'm here for the boy, Giovanni. Just as we had agreed."

Kair's face immediately took on a look of alarm, glancing from the old Dragon Master to her father. "Agreed?"

But Giovanni's expression was unchanging. "There is no deal Sa'lu. You forfeited that right when you decided to mess with the likes of Team Rocket."

The old woman smirked, shaking her head slowly. "I had a feeling you would try to make things difficult."

"What agreement?" Kair's voice sounded louder but still fell on deaf ears as ignoring her, Giovanni handed her Silver.

"This ends here and now, Sa'lu," removing the orange jacket from his shoulders, he let it slip to the ground by his feet. "You and I both know what special ability you possess."

"Hah!" Sa'lu scoffed, "You cannot beat me!"

"There is only one way to find out, Sa'lu."

The woman's smirk remained though she seemed to hesitate before finally her expression fell. "I don't have time for this," her utterance came out as a growl and she clicked her fingers.

Giovanni and his daughter didn't even see the men dressed in ninja garb until they stepped out from hiding. Suddenly a dark green gas surrounded them, choking them and bringing them to their knees. Their senses blotting out, they were unable to even conjure a defensive attack between them as the gas seeped into their lungs and minds.

A masked figure was suddenly standing over the duo, watching them with great interest as she plucked the already unconscious child from Kair's arms.

"Don't be afraid for your son, my Granddaughter," Sa'lu whispered as she watched the girl's mind spiral into oblivion. "He will always be my favourite…"

To be continued…

Author's note: Welp, that ends Volume 6. But fear not, because I have a super fast paced and action packed 7th and final Volume in store! It's going to be EPIC! (I hope). Going back to Kair's point of view, the first chapter is going up right now, so I'll see you there ;)!

Volume 7: Black and White (Ties that bind)

Months after Silver's kidnapping, Kair still searches for her son. Sa'lu - a sworn enemy of Team Rocket has taken refuge in Team Plasma. And as the struggle for the 'Ultimate Power' spills into Unova's Capital, only one boy and his Pikachu will be able to stop them all…