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Ranma eyed the crow keeping pace with him hungrily. He would have just caught, killed, and cooked it, but he knew better than to eat city grown wild crow. Just like the wild pigeons in other parts of the world, city birds just had too much risk of disease to warrant trying when you weren't desperate.

"Stupid Tomboy," he muttered darkly as he watched the bird finally give up the pace and settle into a more stable flight pattern behind him.

Today had been going so well, too. After the whole wedding fiasco everything had gone mostly back to normal. It had gotten so normal and boring in fact that his fiancés had started rehashing some of their old arguments and plots. Most recently, they had gone back to the argument about whose personality was the most violent and offensive to me. This of course meant all three of them ganged up on Akane. Again.

Like the last time this happened, Akane managed to go most of the day without hitting him or exploding on anyone, especially not the other three fiancés, who took full advantage of the situation. She walked in on him in the furo and walked back out. She ignored the Amazon glomp from nowhere that hit him on the way to school. She ignored Uc-chan giving him free food all through lunch hour. She even ignored Kodachi arriving at the school in all her leotard-clad glory to give him cookies and knockout roses. She even let his slip-up of asking why she was acting weird pass. But like all good things in Ranma's life, it had to come to an end.

Akane had cooked. Ranma had given his honest opinion. Now he was flying at terminal velocity a record breaking distance. Just another day in the life of Ranma Saotome.

Ah. He was losing altitude. Finally. He was probably in another prefecture at this point and he'd end up camping on the road tonight. He let his muscles loosen up in preparation for the bone jarring, life threatening impact that was practically a daily occurrence for the pigtailed martial artist, and really was getting boring at this point. He really needed to find a way to make these trips more interesting or he'd just end up taking a nap midair.

Now, let it be known that Ranma has a very common, but exceedingly potent, strain of the Foot-In-Mouth disease. Ranma has it so bad that even random thoughts can trigger it, as they have now.

You see, Ranma was currently falling towards a park; he'd seen as much when he checked a minute ago. He was fully confident that he'd strike a nice empty clearing towards the west edge of the park, a location his eyes had picked out with the ease of experience and he'd shifted to aim for. Now, when he looked, it was clear and all was good to go. As he was no longer looking, the situation had changed a tad.

A little background is necessary here. The area that Ranma has soared into is the Juuban ward, made famous by the presence of the magical warriors the Sailor Senshi and their various demonic nemesis. In the time since Ranma had selected his drop zone, it had become occupied by a medium sized demon that appeared to be some cross between a bird and a turtle. Trapping the beast in the clearing on five sides are 7 young women in color coded matching outfits, consisting mostly of heels, lots of leg, micro skirts in a rainbow of colors, body suits that left nothing to the imagination, nice sloping curves, an array of fashionably placed bows, gloves, and not an unattractive face in the bunch.

Now we return back to our intrepid traveler as he hears a shout from below and tilts his head to find his clearing not so clear anymore. "Aw Crap." Looks like his flight wasn't so boring anymore. Foot, meet Mouth. Mouth, Foot.

Down below, the Senshi leader, a petite blonde with oddly shaped twin pigtails and the most elaborate outfit of them all, with the brightest bows and most eye-catching color combination, had just finished her standard rant about upholding truth, love, and justice, and was preparing her own attack to wipe out the monster facing her and her friends, when she was interrupted by the low whistle of an incoming object coming from above, followed by a panicked shout.

"Get out of the way!"


The incoming object, and shoutee, had been a red and black masculine missile. And it had just smashed into the weird demon and taken it with it on a very painful looking slide into a copse of cherry blossom trees.

"Eh?" the girls, especially their leader, were all blink-blinking in surprise at the oddness of the situation. Odd for them, anyways; their countrymen in Nerima would have called it Thursday and gone back to their dinner.

With our unfortunate human cannonball, he as just regaining his senses to find himself in a place he avoided, not because of any distaste for the location, but in fear of what the women in his life would do to him if they found him there and hadn't intended to put him there in the first place: Marshmallow Hell.

Ranma freezes as he realizes where he is and ever so slowly tracks his gaze up to meet the face of the monster woman he has just crashed into. He had to admit, the flush on her cheeks at his position was actually kinda cute. But if he had learned anything from his years getting into similar situations, it was that when a woman's eye twitched the way hers was, then a large amount of embarrassment fueled rage was about to be directed at him. As soon as he heard the growl building in her throat, he made his escape.

He jumped back as the monster woman let loose a blast of high pressure water from her mouth that he somehow managed to avoid. He was glad he did as soon as he saw the eight inch hole her attack had left in the tree directly behind where he'd been standing. When he saw the holes in the three trees behind it, he was really glad she missed.

By now the Senshi had regrouped at the edge of the clearing opposite where Ranma and the monster were fighting , and gawking at his ability to seamlessly dodge the rapid-fire attacks being launched at him.

"Do you think we should help him?" The leader, sailor Moon, asked her companions. Most of them, read: Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, were too busy staring wide eyed and open mouthed at the incredible hunk easily keeping up with the monster and moving in ways that seemed impossible and managed to pull his clothes taught in interesting ways. Even Sailor Mercury was flushing as he performed a perfect mid-air split, only to land in a crouch with his back to the Senshi.

While four pairs of eyes belonging to the inner Senshi were locked at the base of a red shirt where black silk pants were outlining interesting pieces of anatomy, Uranus and Neptune were studying the battle carefully to try and determine if this new fighter was a threat to their princess, and looking for an opening to blow away the monster.

It was Mercury who answered Moon, having pulled out her handheld computer to run a scan on the new fighter, and surreptitiously take pictures she'd never tell the others about. "My scan shows him to be completely human. He has a large amount of power, but otherwise he appears normal." As she says this, the man bends over backwards to dodge another water blast, leaving his spread legs facing the girls. She takes another picture.

Back with Ranma, he's finally gotten enough of a read on his opponent to be able to dodge her blasts without effort, and he's ready to make his move. After her next attack passes, he charges straight for her. Surprised by the sudden shift in tactics, the monster woman chokes on her next blast, and by the time she's prepared another, Ranma's on her and striking her stomach a hundred times in a second with a shout of "Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken!"

With the completion of his attack, the monster woman collapsed in a lifeless heap. Ranma nodded at having dispatched her so quickly. He really didn't like hitting girls, when he wasn't one anyways, and was on the fence about whether or not to stop the woman, but rationalized that since she was a monster, and a dangerous one judging by the Swiss-cheese like trees still standing, he chose the appropriate course of action.

He turned away from the downed monster and sees his gaping audience staring at him in star struck wonder. A few of them were even drooling.

"Uh, hello?" He said after a nervous moment. This seemed to be enough to prompt a reaction out of at least one of the girls, the tall blonde with the short hair in the navy skirt with a yellow bow on her chest.

She shook herself to regain her focus and then in a demanding tone said, "Who are you?"

Ranma glowered at her tone. He straightened his back, crossed his arms, and put on a serious face. "I'm Ranma Saotome of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts."

Oh, another thing you should know about Ranma: he could make it rain in the most remote part of the Sahara dessert just by being there, under no power of his own. So the rain shower that past over his head at that moment from the middle of a sky that was crystal clear for miles in all directions was no surprise, to her anyways. She was wondering how the universe would get back at her for dodging all those water blasts. The seven magical girls currently gaping stupidly at the short, busty redhead that was a statuesque black haired young man moments ago would disagree with her sentiments.

The now damp redhead scratches the back of hr head and sighs. "Sorry about this."

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