Okay, was originally gonna do some Valentine inspired one shots. But w/ my late start, I'm not. I may write a few fluffy things here and there anyway. There's always 'BubbleGumSweetShit' & 'Hardy's Edge', etc.. I've said I wanted to do a bit more Redge. So Imma give them their own little place, like the 'Jedam Shots' one. Adam bottoms also. Some may have sex, some may not. Language, fluff, some AU & OOC, and anything else that I may think up. There really isn't enough of this pairing. & Imma give these to my girl JoMoFan-spot, me and Jeffy muse thinks she deserves some doses of Redge for being so awesome to us & our work. First up; Randy & Adam are staying over at Jay & JoMo's and watching the My Bloody Valentine remake. (Note: For those that don't know; Jensen Ackles is an incredibly hott, talented actor who plays Dean Winchester in Supernatural, and Tom Hanniger in the 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine.)

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RatedRKO Affair: Redge Shots;
Chapter one/ 'My Not-So-Bloody Valentine'
Rated; M/ L, S (fingering, fondling, sucking, cumming)
Dedicated To; JoMoFan-spot.
Set-up; Randy watches his baby drool over Jensen Ackles & is amused, later smut ensues.

"Why does it always have to be the chick that runs around naked in these movies?" Jay mused, grabbing up a handful of popcorn as Randy handed the bowl down to Adam.

"Shhh..." The other blonde scolded, picking up a couple of pieces of popcorn and cramming them in his mouth. His green eyes were glued to the screen as they watched the My Bloody Valentine remake from 2009. Currently some naked woman was running from the killer who donned the miner outfit. Randy sat on the couch, Adam seated in the floor with his back against the end of the couch, Jay was beside of him against the adjacent chair with his boyfriend John Morrison's head in his lap as the brunette lay stretched out on the floor.

"The bald dude was naked." Mor pointed out and everyone cringed as the chick met her doom.

"Yeah, but I didn't wanna see him!" Adam cried out, clutching his bowl of popcorn.

"Sex scene was hott though.." Mor added.

"Yeah, reminded me of how you acted that one time we did it with a mirror on the ceiling above the bed. You bouncing on my dick and primping while you looked up and watched yourself in the mirror." Jay giggled.

Mor blushed and raised up, slapping his lover in the chest.

Jay's giggles ceased. "Oww.. I'll 'member you.." He mumbled, rubbing the place where he was struck.

"Ass." Mor hissed. "Tell them about our love life." He pouted, folding his arms.

Jay scoffed. "Please.. they already know. They're way worse." The short-haired blonde pulled the pouty brunette into his arms, nuzzling his face in JoMo's neck. "Adam wishes it was Jensen naked anyhow." He smirked over at his long time best friend.

The blonde tore his eyes away from the screen. "Yes. I do. Instead we got the bald guy's pasty white ass." He crossed his arms and shook his head. "Baldies aren't my thing."

A small huff made him look behind him to see Randy rubbing his hand over his head, his hair recently had been shaved off and there was just a very little stubble left. Orton's bottom lip was puckered out in mock pouting as he stared at him.

"Oh, honey. I didn't mean you." Adam said, handing the bowl to Jay before twisting and raising up to Randy's lap to nuzzle his head along his leg. "I meant that bald dude in the movie. He's nowhere near as sexy as you."

Randy smiled, taking Adam's head in his hands. "Better not be." He said, fondly leaning down to kiss his blonde on the nose.

"Mhmm... Jensen.." Mor hummed and Adam turned his head back, recoiling into his cross-legged position on the floor and scooting closer to the TV.

"Uh.. what about me here?" Randy asked, his lap cold and empty.

Adam reached his hand back without looking away from the stunning dirty-blond with the hazel eyes on TV. "Just lemme see the rest of this. Love you."

Randy smirked and shook his head, watching his baby ogle the TV. It was rather amusing.

"God he's purdy." Mor purred.

"Again; Why couldn't he get naked?" Adam added.

'"Eh, he's a good enough of an actor. He doesn't need to take his clothes off." Jay shrugged, pawing at the popcorn, glaring at Adam as he took the bowl back.

"Shame too." Mor shook his head and took a sip of his drink.

"There's a Supernatural named My Bloody Valentine, y'know." Jay spoke up.

"Yeah, I know." Adam replied, munching on popcorn.

"It's creepy though. Two people eat each other. There's this fat dude in a diaper and that Famine dude.." JoMo gagged and shuddered. "That dude was fucking gross and creepy... Sam looked hott all bloody though.. yum.."

Randy shook his head and took a sip of his pop. He had come with his lover to stay a couple of days with Adam's friend Jay. He usually kept quiet, let them be. He could say he felt left out of place, but nah. Anywhere Adam was, Randy felt right at home. He just continued to watch his blonde watching the movie. He was so enveloped in it and fascinated. It was cute. Here lately Adam had developed a little celeb crush on Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester in Supernatural. He'd blame Jericho for getting him hooked on that. But eh, Randy wasn't jealous or worried though. His Adam loved him... And well, Adam would be worked up later...


Adam licked his lips, holding onto a pillow in his lap as they watched the end of the movie. He shifted, biting his bottom lip as Jensen's character Tom stalked through the mine tunnel, scowling and using a pick-axe to smash the tunnel lights and causing a spark, letting his image merge with the miner for a split second each time. He looked so fucking awesome and gorgeous in that moment that it wasn't even funny.

The blonde shifted again, squirming and wiggling his hips up into the pillow as undetected as he could. He didn't have to worry, Jay and Johnny were absorbed into the movie, holding onto each other and paying him no mind. Randy, however, watched as Adam fidgeted on the floor. His blonde was flushed and looked like he was just dying to whimper. Randy smirked and took another sip of pop. Yup. Adam would be nice and worked up.


Later Randy and Adam retired to the guest room. Adam was now on his hands and knees on the bed, naked and bucking back into Randy's fingers as they probed his hole. The blonde let out a moan, fisting the sheets and letting his long hair fall down into his face.

"Oh, god... please... uhmm.. Randy.." He flipped his hair back, arching his hips and giving a little wiggle.

Randy wet his lips, letting his eyes scan up Adam's thighs to that gorgeous ass as his other hand splayed Adam's cheeks to the blonde's beautifully arched back. Randy crooked his fingers, rubbing them along Adam's inner walls as he slowly pulled them out, scissoring them apart before pushing them back in and letting the tips brush Adam's prostate. The blonde whimpered sweetly, his toes curling.

"Please... rub me.. M'so hard.."

Randy chuckled, wiggling his fingers inside of Adam. He leaned forward to plant soft kisses on Adam's hip. "Sorry, baby.. you did this to yourself.."

Adam shook his head and gazed back at Randy pitifully. "No, you did.. you're the one who kissed me and started touching me. You're the one who undressed me and you're the one who started fingering me.."

"Sure it was me who turned you on, Addy?" Randy smirked. "Sure it wasn't Jensen?" He teased.

Adam let out a frustrated whimper. Randy had stopped so he started moving his hips back into Orton's fingers, fucking himself the best he could on them. His cock was so hard and leaking as it dangled between his legs, it was such sweet torture. Randy placed his free hand on Adam's hip to hold him still.

"Maybe I should get a miner costume and fuck you in it.. hmmm..? But you'd have to be the stalked naked blonde chick. You'd have to run around in only high heels and nothing else till I found you.."

"And fuck me with your pick-axe.." Adam moaned, squirming.

"Mhmm.. wouldn't that hurt..?"

Adam gave a stressed whine. "Baby.. please.. M'so hard for you.. only you.. mhm.. so sexy.. you make me so hott, Randy Orton.. please.. please.. Let you have my mouth.."

Adam let out a squeal as Randy reached around him, coiling his fingers around the blonde's aching cock and stroking him as he started to fuck his fingers in and out of Adam's tight hole as fast as he could. Adam dug his fingers into the mattress, moaning sweetly and wiggling his hips back into Randy's fingers and forward into his lover's pumping hand. His head was spinning... he was so close..

"Oh, god.. Randy.. Randy.. uhm... harder.. oh, please.. shit.. love you.. Ran.." Adam trailed off in a murmured whimper as he came hard on Randy's fingers and in his hand as it cupped over the spurting cock head. He collapsed forward onto the pillow as the last waves of orgasm washed over him. "Pl'se don't let.. get on.. Jay's sheets.. kill me.." Adam mumbled, panting.

Randy snorted and wiped his hand off on a dirty towel as Adam rolled over and slunk down to the floor, crawling up to his knees in front of Randy and clawing at his belt. Adam wet his lips as he unfastened his boyfriend's jeans and set the loose sides apart.

Randy sat back and swallowed. "Adam.. I.."

"Need to taste you.." Adam purred, reaching into Randy's pants and finding his cock.

Randy groaned as he felt Adam stroking him, bringing his cock out into the open and the blonde's luscious full lips pressing to the tip to retrieve that delicious dab of precum before molding them over the head. Randy's hands went to Adam's hair, carding fingers in the soft golden locks as Adam started to suck, moaning deliberately like a whiny whore before sliding his lips down further on the shaft.

"Oh, Adam.. that's it.. fuck.. fuck me with that beautiful mouth.."

Adam drug his lips off Randy's cock, wetting his lips before licking up the side and lapping at the swollen head.

Randy gave a playful tug to his lover's hair. "Tease.."

Adam pulled back, rubbing up and down Randy's length before blowing air on the head. "You love it."

Randy smiled, grunting as Adam's mouth engulfed him before he started to bob his head, sucking him hungrily and only the way Adam could. Be damned Randy deny that. He loved it alright. He fucking craved it to no ends. Adam's mouth, his lips, his eyes, his body, his mind, his soul, his ass, his hair. Adam. All of Adam. That was the basis and the answer to everything on this planet for Randy Orton. Adam was the end all be all. His whole world was the pretty blonde boy from Canada.

Randy swallowed, his fingers tightening and relaxing in Adam's hair. He was panting heatedly now, his heart racing and himself on fire. Adam's mouth was magic. Something that would make sane men crazy.

Adam deep-throated him, purposely gagging himself before relaxing his throat muscles and swallowing around Randy's width.

"Oh, fuck.. that's good, baby.. oh, yes.. hmhmm... you look so fucking hott like that.. down on your knees.." Randy groaned as Adam wiggled his ass, his hands running up Randy's legs to grab at the sides of his pants. "With my cock in your mouth.. sucking me.. you love sucking me off, don't you..?"

Adam nodded, pulling his head back and swirling his tongue around Randy's cock head before going back to bobbing his head with a slurping sound.

"Oh, yeah.. ah, fuck.. Adam.." He saw the blonde reach around himself and ghost his fingers between his cheeks, teasing his hole before pushing the middle one inside. Randy lost it, cursing as he came in Adam's mouth and feeling the blonde swallow and lick it all up.

Adam pulled back and used his finger to wipe a bit of cum that dribbled down his chin before sucking it off his finger. He gazed up at Randy as he sat panting, his lids droopy and a languid smile curled up on his lips. A look that said 'I'm going to sleep well tonight.'

"Y'know," Adam started as he sat back on his knees. "I think you should fuck me while wearing a miner's costume."

Randy laughed and pulled his baby up to his lap, hugging him close as Adam wrapped his arms around his neck. "You just wanna pretend I'm Jensen."

Adam puckered his lips and pretended to be hurt. "Do not."

Randy laughed again before kissing Adam's perfectly pouty lips. He knew that for Adam he'd do anything.

This cuz well.. I can't never seem to do a Randy/Edge fic right, can I? Something always blocks me or whatever. So here Imma just not stick to one definite plot. Just give them some sweetness & stuffs all their own. But.. all might not be sweet.. or all might not be porn.. I dunno yet. Either way, rejoice! It's Redge, my lovelies! ;D Also, I lay no claim that any of these guys watch Supernatural or drool over Jensen Ackles. I do, however, so that's where it comes from. (nods) & the horror movie fan in me is divided on My Bloody Valentine 3D (I don't watch it in 3D cuz it hurts my eyes & kills my droolage) I mean, it was okay, had its moments. But, Jensen.. gewd gawd.. In the sex scene there is a blonde girl bouncing on a bald guy's dick and a mirror is above the bed & she starts primping in the mirror & going on about how hott she thinks she is. Eh, she wasn't bad. Later we see baldie's ass, I complain that it should've been Jensen's ass & the chick runs away from the killer naked. It's never the pretty boys (sighs sadly). & also, I won't say this was my best Redge, it was just something that popped in my head one day.