LadyDragonsblood, the only way I could write het is if the girl was dom enough to use a strap-on on the guy. Lita would fuck Edge's ass in my world, lol. Het's not my thing to write tho, I tread very lightly w/ it. RKOCMJHGIRL, thank you. redsandman99, exactly :P BellaHickenbottom, poor Adam, he prolly should have. takers dark lover, very bad. JoMoFan-spot, chp 3, I love writing emotional sex scenes when they come off so easily like that one did. It always felt to me like Adam would be the type to need to be touched & held. Chp 4, honestly, just like Randy & Jeff (or Randy & Christian) I'd rather have Randy & Lita fight over Edge than be together. It all revolves around the baby :P Thank you always, precious. (snuggles) ToruKun1, they very well might have been...

RatedRKO Affair: Redge Shots;
Chapter five/ 'Bitch's Bitch'
Rated; M/ L, S (bondage, teasing, bottom in control, cattiness, oral, fingering, anal, cockring usage)
Set-up; Adam has Randy so sweetly at his mercy...

(Adam's POV)

I run my fingers down his chest, circling his nipples before ghosting them down his stomach, watching it sink in. I love my hands on this hard body. His abs so tight. All eight of them. Tight and hard for me. He arches up, licking those lips. That damn tongue. I know what it can do. I had previously straddled him, locking the cuffs around his wrists, hearing him groan as the metal scraped his skin. I linked the cuffs with the iron bed rails. I loved to hear the metal scrape against the iron as he pulled on them. I loved that sound whether I had someone cuffed to my bed or if I was cuffed to my bed myself. Such a precious sound.

His icy blue eyes searched me as I ran my hands back up his chest and neck, up to run over that short dark hair. I loved when he watched me. He loved when I had him like this. Just us. Just me paying attention to him and his needs. Taking care of him like he always took care of me.

"C'mon, baby.. let me taste you already.. wanna feel every single bit of you.." He purred, his voice thick and lusty and I shuddered.

I shook my head and stepped back, slowly unbuttoning my silk shirt one precious button at a time, pulling it apart and letting it slide off my shoulders and flutter to the floor. I put a finger to his lips and he kissed it, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"Just be patient, bitch." I smirked myself as he pretended to gasp.

"Such a naughty thing." He chuckled.

I put my hand on my hip. "I'm not the one in bondage." I winked, reaching down to take hold of his semi-hard cock, stroking him slowly and feeling him thrust up into my hand.

"Please, baby.. ohm, the things I want you to do to me.."

I shook my head again. "I'm not sure you're worthy of any part of me.." And he pouted. So adorable. It was awful. He could be so domineering. So deadly and sexy and yet he could turn that shit around and be all adorable. It was frustrating.

I flipped my long hair back and leaned down, licking up the underside of his dick and lapping at the head. I reveled in that groan I got as I swirled my tongue around the head, nibbling at it with my lips before tonguing the slit thoughtfully. I let my fingers move up and down the shaft lightly as I teased, the other hand's fingers ghosting over his balls. I watched that chest heaving, he was panting, tugging on the cuffs to get free. He probably wanted to push my head down on this dick and choke me on it. That would have been alright too. In fact, the thoughts of him doing that made my toes curl. He'd get me back later for this and that thought made my cock twitch. I reached down to stroke myself through my leather pants, sliding my lips down his shaft and sucking him with greed.

"Uhm.. fuck.. baby... Ad-God.." He swallowed. "Adam Copeland, you had better stop your whore teasing now." He commanded and I laughed around the cock in my mouth, gazing up at him before slowly dragging my lips off his dick and licking them.

"I'm not the one in handcuffs tonight, Randy Orton." I got something out of my pocket. "You'll do what I say. You're playing my bitch." I slipped the cockring on him and he hissed. "And you will cum when I say so." I smirked, folding my arms and swaying my hips.

"You little hussy. Why do I bother with you?" He grinned.

"Cuz I'm just fucking lovable." I said, leaning down next to his lips.

"Hm.. I suppose so." He raised up and kissed me and damn him, I just wanted to melt in his mouth. Bastard. I'm not sure which of us is more conniving.

I pulled away and tapped my finger to his nose. "Wait." I said and walked around to the end of the bed. I unbuckled my belt and took my time pulling it from its loops and letting it fall to the ground.

"Next time, doll, I'm using that on you." He squirmed, shuddering at the thought and when I glared at him. Oh-no, he totally would and I would totally pretend to hate the ever loving shit out of it. Key word being pretend.

I got the button undone and slid the zipper down slowly, making it buzz loudly and making both our cocks hurt. I suddenly realized mine was throbbing and on fire. I was on fire. I pushed the leather pants down my hips, turning and bending over with them, shaking my ass at Randy and hearing him groan. I stood back up and grabbed the sides of my black thong, pushing them down and clinching my cheeks so it would stick between them before pulling out. I stepped out of both and walked around the bed, walking my fingers up Randy's leg and side before swinging a leg of my own over him. I hummed, taking my time to reach over to the nightstand and grab the lube.

"Oh, would you hurry up, princess.. I'm gonna die here. My dick is literally gonna explode." Randy huffed.

"Now who's the princess?" I smirked.

"I'm just mimicking what you always say.. although in a less dramatic, screeching, catty way." He grinned and he laughed when I smacked him.

I squirted the lube out on my fingers, tossing the bottle down before reaching behind myself and rubbing the lube over my pucker. I arched, wiggling some and spreading out as I shoved two fingers deep inside myself, wiggling them apart and stretching my hole before fucking them in and out, bucking back into them and moaning. I heard Randy grunt.

"Oh, would you like alone time, or are you gonna use my dick?"

I rolled my eyes. Such a smart little mouth tonight. I should fill it, but nah. I really do want that cock. I withdrew my fingers and took hold of him, directing him to my entrance before bearing down, pushing the head past and dropping all the way down, impaling myself to the hilt. Randy tossed his head back and I leaned down to lap and bite at that throat before starting to move, lifting up and sitting back down, repeating till I adjusted and set a pace.

"Oh, fuck... fuck that dick.. that's it, baby.. ride that cock.. show me how much you love having that big cock buried in your ass.." Randy growled as my teeth sunk into his neck.

I pulled back, lapping at it apologetically and raising back up to toss my long blond hair out of my face. "You love having my ass wrapped around your dick.. you love when I fuck myself on you.. you're the whore for my ass, Randy.." I grabbed his face, eyes burning into his. I wasn't playing damsel or poor little uke tonight. I was in control here. "Say it.."

Randy swallowed, shuddering. "Yes, precious." He smirked. "Such a whore for your ass.. that sweet little ass.." He jerked his head back and I dug my nails in his chest, bouncing hard on that dick that filled and stretched my walls so fucking perfectly.

"Oh, fuck.. how's that ass feel.. squeezing you.. fuck.. that dick like that ass..?" I asked, panting.. it was getting hard to keep up the ruse..

"Fucking love it.. wanna cum in that ass.."

I shook my head. "Nope. You're unworthy to cum in my ass." I took hold of my own cock, fisting myself hard and fast as I rocked my hips. "Fuck, Randy.. you're just my fucking dildo tonight.." I tossed my head back, my back arching and a shuddered whimper escaping my lips as I came, spurting out all over his chest.

Randy's eyes squeezed shut as I clamped around him. He had to be hurting. Poor thing. I panted a moment, burying my head in his neck and nuzzling before dismounting. I yanked the cockring off and he winced as I took hold of him, jerking him roughly. It only took a few flicks of my wrist for him to cum, screaming my name and something about me being a bitch. I cackled, leaning down to lick our cum off his chest.

Randy gasped, panting. "You're such a whoring tease, Adam."

I smiled, wiping my lips. "I know." And I turned to walk away.

"Hey, where the fuck are you going? Uncuff me." He demanded sternly.

I shook my head again and put on my robe. "Nah. I'll wait till you calm down or go to sleep. If I do so now, you'll get payback now.. or try to.. I'm just gonna go order a pizza and chill. Night, Randy."

I flipped off the light and closed the door, smirking as I heard him cursing and threatening to beat my ass. Oh, I looked forward to his payback. No doubt about that.

Originally a TwitterPorn fic, but I'm posting it here instead of in Twitter Tails b/c I've not got enough Redge Shots as is. I kinda like the concept of a bottom being in control. The top was in bondage & got the cockring. It really wasn't dick-rape. (shrugs) Women dominate men too, y'know. Some men really get off on it. (my point w/ this was, there was so much more a bottom could do than be raped & be helpless- there's so much more to the world of sex & the world of doms/subs) Plus, this was for JoMoFan-spot as all my Redge is.