Harry's potions lessons went by smoothly. He still worked hard in them, yet Snape still gave him detentions to not arouse the suspicions of the class. But of course they weren't ordinary detentions.
They had been secretly meeting for six weeks now, and Harry, being the hormonal teenager he was, was getting impatient.
"Yes, Harry? And I've told you, you can call me Severus."
"I know, just Professor sounds sexier."
"Fair enough. What did you want?"
"Well I know that.", Snape smirked.
Harry chuckled and kissed him.
"I thought we could play a game."
Snape looked hesitant, "What sort of game?"
"Where you play Professor and I play a student in need of punishment."
"Harry, I-"
"All you need to do is get into character. Take charge for once. Punish. Me."
Harry stood up from Snape's lap and pouted seductively.
Snape went red.
"Harry, you know I don't feel-"
"Please? For me?", Harry leaned over Snape, who was still sitting, and brushed his lips against the Potions Master's, breathing out slowly.
"But what should I do?"
"Anything you want to do with me."
Snape thought for a bit, "A strip-tease. Your thoughts?"
He got just a smile in response.
Harry shrugged off his robes and let them drop to the floor, which was followed by his sweater-vest. He kicked off his shoes and started to slowly unbutton his shirt, never breaking eye contact with his teacher. Snape sat and watched Harry intently, his breathing becoming increasingly uneven, and fiddled impatiently as Harry slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He wanted to get up and rip it off, making the buttons fly everywhere, but he waited, knowing it would pay off in the end.
Harry finally pulled his shirt off one shoulder at a time, revealing his toned torso. Snape's breathing quickened as he gazed at Harry's pale chest, noticing the perfect lines that defined his muscles.
Harry turned around so he was facing away from Snape and undid his belt, sliding it through the loops and then throwing it aside. He swayed his hips gently from side to side, making Snape focus on his arse more than he was before. Harry turned around again and unzipped his trousers, making Snape gasp quietly which didn't go unnoticed by Harry, who grinned mischeviously and pulled his trousers down. He kicked them off each ankle and left them on the floor. He then put his thumbs inside the top of his boxers, pulling them down slightly while moving his hips again.
Snape was fully hard now and was anticipating what was to come next, thoughts of this being a bad idea now forgotten.
Harry pulled his boxers down at an excruciatingly slow pace, biting his lip as he watched his Professor's eyes watching him intently. He noticed the look on Harry's face and the fact that he was biting his lip and couldn't help but think it was the most arousing thing he'd ever seen. But his mind quickly went back to Harry's crotch as his boxers finally revealed his hard penis.
Snape's breath caught in his throat. Harry walked over to Snape and straddled him on his seat, kissing him roughly yet passionately.
"What now, sir?", Harry said between sucking his neck.
Snape could only moan in response, so Harry took the lead. He removed Snape's cloak and unbuttoned his shirt. Then he got off Snape, pulling his shirt with him and admired his Professor's surprisingly slim figure which his cloak hid well. He bent over and unzipped Snape's pants. Snape stood up and pulled his trousers off himself, removing his shoes at the same time. Of course this could all be done with one flick of a wand, but it was much more fun this way.
Harry's hands explored Snape's chest as Snape's hands were buried in Harry's hair. Harry's hands got lower and lower until they were lowering his teacher's boxers.
"Harry...", Snape said, unsure.
Harry promptly knelt on the floor and started to stroke the Potion Master's penis with one finger, knowing how to tease him.
"Harry...", Snape said more urgently.
Hearing Snape's tone he enclosed his penis with his mouth and started to move up and down, holding the Professor's hips bones in place.
Snape lost control and began to thrust gently into Harry's wet mouth, both of them moaning. Harry pulled away and the loss of contact made Snape whimper.
He couldn't believe he was whimpering. For Harry Potter. How things have changed.
Harry stood up and pushed Snape onto a nearby desk, one he recognised as Draco Malfoy's. He sniggered at the thought of Malfoy working on a desk covered with his and Snape's sweat and possibly something else.
Snape was flat on the desk and Harry was kissing his way up his torso until he reached his mouth to pull the Professor into another wild but passionate kiss.
"Top or bottom, Professor?"
"I don't know. I-"
"You seem like a bottom to me", Harry smiled, sucked his finger and kissed him again.
Snape jumped as Harry's wet finger stroked down his body and entered him, not expecting the contact. Harry slipped another finger in, stretching his entrance. Then a third enter and Snape gasped in pain.
"I don't have to do this, Professor, if you don't want to..."
"No, I... I want to."
Harry nodded slightly and nibbled his neck to try and take his mind off the three fingers that probed inside of him. Less than a minute later, Snape was used to the feeling and was now getting pleasure out of Harry's fingers moving in and out of him.
Harry removed his fingers and positioned himself ready to enter, putting one of Snape's legs on his shoulder for easier access and more pleasure. His tip pushed inside and Snape hissed through his teeth. Harry slowly continued, not wanting to put his teacher in any more pain than was necessary. After Harry was fully inside him, he stayed still, letting Snape adjust to his size.
Snape was taking deep breaths, "My gosh, Harry, you're massive."
Harry chuckled, "Why thank you."
Snape nodded, signifing he was ready for Harry to continue. Harry pulled half-way out carefully and pushed back in. His pace quickened and Snape began moaning in pleasure like he had done with his fingers through hisses of pain, but as it went on and Harry got faster, the hisses disappeared, replaced completely by pants of lust.
After Harry got a fast yet steady pace, he grabbed Snape's neglected penis and began to pump it in the same rhythm as his thrusts. Snape bucked down into Harry's thrusts, sending him into ecstasy as his spot was hit over and over again. Snape gasped and grabbed onto Harry's arms as he came into Harry's hand. Harry's thrusts became harder, sensing he was about to come as well. He let out a yell as he came in Snape. He continued to thrust, completely ridding himself of his come and dropped onto his teacher's chest, panting like he had just ran a marathon.
They stayed like that for over five minutes, with Snape stroking Harry's hair, before one of them spoke.
"Yes, Harry?"
"Nothing, I just wanted to say your name."
Snape shook his head and continued to stroke his hair.
"So... I never really asked you. Did you know it was me writing the letters?"
"I had a strange feeling at first that it was. But I shook that off as me hoping it was. But when I found one on my desk in your detention after I was away for two minutes, I couldn't help but suspect you. Plus your changed attitude to Potions was a complete give-away. And that's not even metnioning your Redolence Potion or the way you ogled me in class."
"I did not ogle you!"
"You most certainly did. It made me rather uncomfortable, infact."
Harry sighed, "I'm guessing my pink Potion represented love then."
"And lust.", Snape smirked.
"No wonder you skipped mine then.", Harry laughed.
"Yes, well. I wasn't going to go announcing your lust to the class, too many questions would be asked, you see. Of course the fact that I was extremely uncomfortable at that as well stopped me from speaking."
Harry laughed again.
"I better get back to the common room. They'll be wondering what's up if I stay any longer."
"I can't wait until you're not a student, Harry."
"Me neither. Though that means I won't have Potions lessons anymore."
Harry put his clothes back on, gave Snape a goodbye kiss and walked merrily to the Gryffindor common room.