A/N: Thought I had this in here when I posted. I'm literally SICK AS A DOG. This happened to me yesterday with my boyfriend (the whiny needy one at the beginning) and my former on again, off again flame (the one who knows all). Enjoy. Read. Review. xxoo

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"I'm fine."

The whisper echoes through the phone and she rolls her eyes. It sounds pathetic to her own ears, let alone to the man on the other end.

"Are you sure I can't bring you something? Tea? Soup? A movie?"

The sigh she begins to emit transforms into an uncontrollable coughing spell; her sides ache, her chest tightens, and her throat burns. After a few seconds of dry painful coughing she takes a sip of her hot tea and clears her throat, "Adam, I'm fine."

She massages her temple as he continues to speak. "Adam!" The whisper is soft but the tone is sharp, "I'm fine. I'll see you tomorrow."

The cellphone drops to the couch cushion next to her as her head drops over the back of the couch and rests there, her breathing labored as she closes her eyes and listens to the sound of her pained breath. The knock at her door 10 minutes later startles her and she lifts her head slightly.


Her yell is no louder than her whispered normal voice and she curses the person on the other side of the door as they continue to knock. She tucks the few errant tissues from the sofa seats into her sweater pockets and heads to the door, ripping it open, ready to kill the person on the other side.

His hand is in mid motion as he goes to knock again and he freezes seeing her like this. She looks like hell. Her normally tamed, long locks pulled into a messy bun with wild strands leaping from random places, her normally well tailored look reduced to pajama pants, a tee shirt, and a sweater 3 sizes too big.

"What are you doing here?"

Her voice pulls him from his observations and he shakes his head, holding out a large paper bag. "I brought you stuff."

She rolls her eyes and raises an eyebrow. She opens her mouth to speak and is launched into another coughing spell. He turns her and rubs his hand over her back as she guides her back inside the warmth of her home. As her breathing settles he helps her sit on her couch and moves her so she's lying down. "I can take care of myself you know."

"Yeah, I know that. But right now, you got me." She gave him a pathetic attempt at a glare and closed her eyes against her pillow, "What if I don't want you here?"


Her eyes opened, flashing a warning at him before closing again and letting him pull the covers over her body. His presence disappeared for a moment or two before she senses him come back. Her eyes opened and spy the large tray on the table full of over the counter medications and a bowl of hot soup.

He smiled and shrugged at her wide eye amazement that he did this, "We're partners, we take care of each other."

He sits down by her and hands her a pill and some water, "Take this. It'll help."

She resists and looks at him a moment more, "I told Adam I was fine. That I didn't need anything."

His hand wraps around her's and he nods, "I know."

"I like being tough enough to do this on my own. To not need someone to take care of me."

"I know."

His hand tucked a stray curl behind her ear and he nods at her, "I know you like being independent; but I also know you well enough to know that you'd do this for me. You'd be here for me whether I liked it or not. Time for a little of your own medicine."

She smiled warmly as he pulled her close and handed her glass. Her eyes closed and accepted the literal and figurative medicine he offered.

He was right, she was the strong independent one that wouldn't let anyone take care of her. She'd never admit it, but secretly she loved that he was the only one to know her well enough to come anyway.