Cole vs. Richard

Written by J. Wills

Disclaimer: Unfortunately the characters of Charmed have nothing to do with me!

Part One

Dressed all in black, Cole enters the room where three other men dressed just like him are seated around a large table. "Gentlemen, glad you could make it." He tells them, taking a seat amongst his colleagues. The room was full of monitors, and each shown a different plane of reality. In the centre was the long hovering table where Cole sat to the front and his colleagues. "I appreciate you all taking time out of your busy schedules to listen to me today. What I have to say is of great importance."

"Your message sounded of great urgencies my friend, how could we not?" The man known as Alpha asked. He was a skinny, tall, Caucasian man with a grey goatee beard and thin black hair tied back in to a ponytail. "Tell us, what is on your mind?"

Cole struggled with his words; he was still rather new to this life. In the human world he had been gone for a year, but time moved much differently in the Avatar plane. He cleared his throat before addressing his concerns to his new friends, "I was practising my meditations earlier." He finally told them. "But something happened; I had a flash, a vision, of Richard Montana."

"Earth matters again Cole? They do not concern you anymore." Beta intervened. This avatar was black in ethnic origin; he was stockier than Alpha and had short black hair.

"So you keep saying, but surely if my new powers cause me to have a vision of a witch then I should concern myself with them." The most recent member of the clan countered.

"Very well Cole, we will wait for you to finish what you wanted to say before we give our views. Please, continue." The third Avatar, Gamma told him. This one was a lot younger looking than the rest, Cole had never asked him his age but he often wondered if his appearance was quite deceiving. He looked barely thirty, not a single whisker of hair on his face, jet black hair slicked back he spoke in higher pitched voice than the rest.

"Thank you..." Cole acknowledged before continuing. "The flash was over quick but I've since been able to channel my mind on that moment. Montana's magic overcomes him. A witch overcome by their own magic is too dangerous for us not to intervene. It won't shape a better future for mankind; I've called this meeting to get a majority decision on allowing me to return to earth and stopping this event come to pass."

The remaining Avatars looked to each other and then back at Cole, it was clear they need not speak because the answer was obvious. Alpha, the leader of the Avatars spoke, "You are still in the early stages of your powers Cole, and we cannot allow you to change the course of a witch's future on a moments flash during your meditation. However, I will personally study the witch and make my own judgements. If I feel he will become too much of a threat to humanity, we will look at the situation again. Until then this meeting is over my friend."

Cole, slightly disappointed by the decision simply nods and stands. Although he hadn't been an Avatar for long, he knew arguing with them was pointless and deep down he knew what they'd say before he asked the question. Arguing with the leader was unheard of, he'd been around a lot longer than the rest and commanded respect from his peers.

One by one, the three Avatars disappeared from the room, until only Cole was left. "Sorry gentleman, but I never doubt myself." He said, thinking aloud with a wry grin shortly before disappearing from the room.