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Earth...I used to consider it my home, my birthplace. However, fate and a bit of chance I found my true home, a place where I was naturally born but earth will forever remain part of my life. My old life.

I was born on December 25th when it was the first time in years when it actually snowed on earth. Snow hasn't fallen in 20 years. When my parents held me in their arms they knew I wasn't going to be a normal child. My grandmother who lived with us said I was a special child, one that should be treasured. My father had a different opinion. when he saw my eyes he said that I was blind, saying that I would need to go to a special school and such. He wanted a normal child, one with out defects. My mother and grandmother didn't have a problem with it, children these days came out with one or two side effects with Earth's changing atmosphere and oxygen levels. Most people, down in the lower city sections have to where oxygen masks to breathe.

When I turned 2 my father noticed that, what the expected to me blond hair, turned out to be white. A pure white color that matched my creamy white eyes. My mother and father started to argue for a while until I never saw my dad again, leaving me with my mom and grandmother. My grandmother seemed happy but my mother complemented that I should at least have a father figure to turn to when I get older. As I grew I didn't seem to mind that my father was gone but at times I felt like my mother was lonely at time because of that missing person. She would smile whenever I could climb into her bed at night, filling in the empty spot in her bed. Now that bed is empty.

The one thing about my mom is that she's stubborn as hell and I have it too. You see, my mom is one of the scientists who are working on the Pandora Project before I was even born. They found a planet that has unobtanium, the one resource that help's power earth's energy. However they found creatures and people living there as well, much to my mom's interest. So, my mom and other scientists were picked to go, along with the military, to see and learn more about Pandora and it's people.

"Why do you have to go?" My ten year old self said to my mom as she got packed up to leave. My mom has been studying their language and cultures for the past ten years. After dad left, she started to teach me as well. Along with English of course.

"Because I have to. Your grandmother will be taking care of you until you get out of high school." Yes, I was a ten year old in high school. My brain waves were so strong that I was able to pick up and learn faster than normal kids. And since my genes were abnormal they're the reason my hair and eyes are while and no, I'm not albino.

"How long does it take to get to Pandora?" I asked her. She took my hand and headed for my room. She pulled the covers away from my bed then tucked me in.

"It takes 6 years to get there. So I won't be able to talk to you until then but when I do get there, I'll call you and see how you are. Ok?" she asked.

"Ok." I said and kissed her cheek. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek as well.

"Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine. And if you go to school and do well, maybe you can come help me. I always need an assistant." she smiled.

"What about Max? Is he going?" Max was like a father to me, ever since my dad left us. Max was my only friend I ever had, besides my cat Jay.

"Sorry sweetheart, he is. Max has been studying with me and he has to go too." My mom said rather sadly since she knew I was close with him, "but just remember that I need you to be strong for me and take care of your grandmother. Just keep practicing and someday you'll see Pandora."

"Ok, I will. Night." I said to her and closed my eyes/

"Night sweetheart." She patted my hair down and left the room, leaving the door open a crack. I heard my mom go to her room, grabbing her bags, checking everything downstairs, then left the house with a soft click of the lock, locking behind her. I wanted to go to sleep but I couldn't. The house seemed empty without her in the next room.

"You need to sleep, little one. Tomorrow you're helping your grandmother with the plants." Went a voice that pattered its way to my bed. A soft purring noise crawled its way over my hips to sit on my tummy. My cat Jay sat in front of me with is golden eyes glowing. I sat up and looked at him.

"But mom's leaving. Just like daddy did." I said with small tears in my eyes.

"No she isn't. You'll see her. Remember what Max talked to you about?" Jay asked as he rubbed his face against my neck with a soft purr.


"Just remember what he said and you'll see her again. Now get some sleep. You have your lessons tomorrow and I need my nails clipped." Jay said with a smug voice. I smiled and gave him a scratch behind the ears.

"You're so funny Jay. I'm glad you're still here." I whispered to him.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that since I had abnormal genes and my brain waves were so strong, I was able to talk to wildlife plant life. My grandma has the same abilities as me but she's...different when it come to my gifts as she calls them. It's almost like it's her teaching me but there's something, someone, else behind it. Like an invisible force of some kind. That's why she trains me to control it because there was one time when we went to the zoo of endangered animals and I could hear what each one of them were saying that it overwhelmed me so much that I almost passed out. She quieted the voice and told me with time I would be able to pick and chose which voices I want to hear.

After that, she started to help me train. By the time I turned 12, she gave me a wooden crescent moon necklace. Said that this was my sign. My grandma was one of those few people who believed that sprits were everywhere and that you should respect them. My mom calls my grandma nuts but I beg to differ. She's always given me good advice when I need it. You could sit with her for hours and just feel comfortable around her, like, you could tell her your deepest secrete and she'll never tell.

A few years after my mom left, at the age of sixteen, my grandmother taught me everything she knew. However, it wasn't long before her health started to get worse. I tried to contact my mom but I couldn't reach her. I forgot she's been sleeping for the past six years. They must have just arrived and hadn't gotten everything up and running just yet. I had to wait even longer to see my mom.

On my 18th birthday, my grandmother passed away. I still clung to her lessons and continued to work hard on my studies on Pandora. I was the brightest and smartest student that they had, besides two of my fellow colleges, Norm Spellman and Tom Sully. I knew Tom and Norm when I was placed in my sixth year of studying. I was studying animal life this year and was grouped together with the two. Norm was a spineless man with good intentions but really needed to grow a backbone and Tom was like an over-protective brother and he loved to play jokes on people, all the time.

In the next few years, by the time I turned 23, Norm and me were to be shipped out to Pandora as Avatar drivers. Tom…..was killed a few weeks ago. His brother didn't hold a funeral but I mourned him none the less. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was able to get a hold of Max and tell him what's been going on, on earth. When I told him about my grandmother he was sad but he said that her time was coming anyway. Then he got an idea. He said that he wouldn't tell my mom that I was coming to Pandora and said to leave it a surprise. I laughed and smiled then agreed to his plan. Therefore, the next few weeks I've been getting ready to go and making sure that everything would be taken after. Next, stop Pandora!


"All those heading to Pandora, please find your name case and wait for a personal to assist you strap in." Went the loudspeaker. The cases went by last name so I was in A section. I climbed the stairs and found my case marked C.Augustine and waited for someone to come along.

"All set to go?" I turned around as one of the assistants walked my way. I nodded and he opened the case. He took my bag and I stepped inside. He started to apply sensors on my arms then strapped me in. "So this is how this is gonna work. Once your strapped in, along with everyone else, we'll start shutting the cases and putting you guys to sleep using a harmless gas. If you wake up in the middle of the trip, which has happened, there is a button on your left side that will call us. If that ever happens don't panic, we'll come and get everything situated. It's going to be six years total by the time we get there and we'll brief everyone once they wake up. Any questions?" The man asked me.

"No , I'm good." I said. He smiled and gave my shoulder a pat then left me standing in my case. I watched as other people walked by and I talked to a woman next to me when I felt my case start to close then shift so I was now laying flat. I felt movement, hearing my case lock in, then the sound of a loudspeaker turn on.

"Alright everybody, we're now heading to Pandora. Now just close your eyes and take a long nap." Went the loud speaker. "See you in six years." I felt myself start to slip away as the gas came into my case. I couldn't feel my arms or my legs anymore and my eyes started to slowly close as I was brought to a heavy sleep…


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