For all he was worth, Lovino Vargas had never been a person of a calm personality. He was always bursting with harsh attitude and a drive to always be in control of the situation at hand. Despite this personality, he has always been met with awkward situations that have left him both set a-flamed with anger on the inside of his heart, and increasingly flabbergasted at his poor luck to be such a person. Sometimes, he wished he would be left alone by his adoptive father Antonio Vargas. Other times, he has been either afraid or murderously spiteful of his neighbors in this town of Europa. He is frightened by his nearby neighbor and local voyeur Francis Bonnefoy, whom always made subtle passes at every other male and female within the block-radius of his house and job. Lovino has been known to have absolutely no liking for Ludwig, the all-wise but still relatively young man up north of the town near the streets that lead to the Scandinavian Cul-de-Sac. Ludwig is a good friend of Feliciano, them having met at the University of Axis Powers and eventually growing to be the best of friends. Lovino had grown up separated from Feliciano, himself being under the care of Antonio before he was old enough to be reunited with his brother. The moment when they had met for the first time, two long lost brothers whom had only the foggiest notions of each other yet all the ties in the world in appearance, Feliciano was brought to their reunion by Ludwig himself. Lovino had absolutely no idea who this tall, dour German was, but he knew from the moment that his eyes laid upon him that he was absolutely despicable. The man was strict, inward and practically ignored Feliciano despite having the position of being near him for so long. If Lovino had even the slightest chance to meet his brother for one moment, even if his darkest frets of his brother being a self-concerned, egotistical jerk were true, he would have been elated beyond compare. It was strange to him, really: he had never met Feliciano, and what he heard he could never have relied on by heart, but deep down he felt such a strange curiosity and loneliness that stemmed from him wishing he could have someone closer than a step-father or step-brothers and sisters from Antonio's family. However, Ludwig seemed to give little heed to Feliciano, whom was nothing but a passing phase, a singular event of sound and fury that signified nothing but a momentary annoyance. This drives Lovino, to this day, towards the brink of homicide of the first degree only to be held back by his brother whom wanted to keep the peace between him and Ludwig. Feliciano claimed that deep down his German friend really did care for not only Feliciano, but for Lovino as well. That did little to quell the Southern Italian fury, though.

It was always plain as day to Lovino that he scared Feliciano very easily with this temper, to the point that on some days where he goes so over the edge in his ravings and scares his brother that he decides that it would be best for him to sort of disappear entirely from their house on the Mediterranean Lane for a few days and go somewhere else in the town. It hurt him more on the inside as he continued to realize his own temper problem was hurting his brother more than it was protecting him, which was the entire point of him getting angry at all. One day he became so enraged from a passing comment by Roderich Edelstein, the Austrian owner of the entirety of the Adriatic Beach Front, on the local news-channel that involved a sharp criticism of the Italians' way of fighting or something along those lines that Lovino stormed out in a furious rage. He was walking down the Alpine Parkway to get back home. There, he saw what he knew was quite possibly the answer to his problem with remaining united with Feliciano: a bunk-bed. A pristine hard-wood bunk-bed carved by the strong hands of some unknown Swiss in the Alpines. The very design of it caught his eye, since it dawned upon him, as he stood in the snow-walkway that led into the store on the ridge that he and his brother had never slept like real brothers in this day and age. From what he had read from occasional story books, twin brothers were almost required by some mystical embodiment of the universe to sleep on these sort of things to bond together. It made absolutely no sense to Lovino, but if it had any shot of bringing him and his brother closer together instead of apart like before, then it was worth a shot! He quickly ran home with the idea with absolutely no memory of his anger, wanting to find his brother as soon as he could.

He was in luck; Feliciano was just waking up from a siesta he started, ironically, just before Lovino sat down to watch the local news program that just happened to showcase Roderich. He could remember practically yelling his first "What" at the top of his voice, but he did not see Feliciano even move under his bed's sheet on his side of the bed-room. Apparently, siesta's cause Feliciano to be a heavy-sleeper, because he looked as right as rain with a great big smile when Lovino hurried through the front door. Feliciano looked up with that beaming, glowing smile as he continued to re-button his blue uniform and called in greeting, "Ciao, fratello!"

Lovino had to keep himself from tripping over himself when he spoke; his joyous emotions flowing like a tremendous river. "Feliciano, I've found a way that we can be closer as brothers! The idea just came to me as I was walking down the road, but now I know that it can make us a real family!" He stuttered in between sentences, but only because he was checking himself to find the right words for this exemplary discovery.

His brother seemed confused at first, his face gaining a small tinge of both bewilderment and childish surprise. How he does that, Lovino would never be able to figure out. "We're not a real family?" His lip almost seemed to quiver like an upset child's, but his voice remained the same level of confused as before. "But… we're fratelli?"

Oh…I have to make sense when I speak. Lovino just remembered, calming himself down to coherently bring his idea to bear. "Do you remember back when we first met, and you wanted me to read you a fairy-tale about three brothers who wanted to stay together forever?" Feliciano regained his smile with an excited vengeance, nodding his head repeatedly before beginning to talk about how he had Ludwig force Lovino initially to read it to him. He was cut off, however, by Lovino trying to continue his train of thought. "Well, the reason you wanted me to read that story to you was because you wanted to make up for the time we did not have as kids, right? If so, I have the perfect idea to help us make up all that lost time: bunk-beds!"

A new face of curiosity overcame Feliciano. He was not upset like before, rather, he seemed eloquently like a new child whom discovered something fun and knew it in his heart that it would be a grand new thing to play with. The face he was making was the literal de facto starting line for that exact child's initial curiosity: filled with intrigue, joy and puzzling. He asked politely, "Do you think we can try the bed out tonight if we go buy it now?" Receiving a positive answer from his brother, Feliciano burst with joy and held his hands together in giddy. "How great! We get to act like kids tonight! This will be so much fun, Lovino!"

The smiles and complexly simple emotions that had raced across Feliciano's face made Lovino all the more happy that he was doing this. Every smile given from him was like a pang of unending warmth within Lovino's heart which he, quite frankly, could not place the reason for why he felt like this. He wanted to hug Feliciano close to him and never let go, no matter how close that their bodies would get. Is this what it feels like to have a brother…? He paid little attention to the thought in his mind, instead going forward with the plans. Lovino drove both of them from their home to the furniture store and met face-to-face with the frightening yet pressingly neutral Basch Zwingli. He looked very assured of his financial well-being since he did not even flinch or blink when the two Italians made their entrance. Lovino and Basch looked each other down from the first time their eyes met, both knowing that the other wanted to assert their dominance in the room. This duel of the leers went onward even as Feliciano came up with his portion of the money from his pizza-shaped wallet. Of course, he was none-the-wiser of their competing man-hoods and was instead trying to make casual small talk that was doomed to inevitably fail. The money changed hands and Switzerland helped load up the pieces of the bed onto their stereotypical Italian tomato-red sports' car. To make sure that the bed got back home safe and sound, Lovino insisted that he was the one to drive rather than Feliciano. Kiku Honda had told him of his brother's driving skills the first day they met; he says to this day the mental scars nor the fear of Italians' behind the wheel of motor vehicles have not faded. Feliciano easily capitulated and allowed his brother to drive them home.

Both of them brought the pieces of Swiss-crafted wood with stalwart hinges into their humble abode, but Lovino once again insisted on putting the bed together with Feliciano merely watching over and handing him tools. This wasn't to say that Lovino did not trust his brother; he merely thought that he was better suited to the tasks of complex workmanship like putting together a bunk-bed. There was some sort of domineering drive within him, practically pleading with his body to work his hardest in front of his brother now. He complied with his earnest, mild ecstasy and went to work while Feliciano watched from his little seat against the wall. The Northern Italian rocked joyfully in his non-existent chair with his brown eyes looking over the progress. He handed each tool with a clumsiness that was punctuated by his ditzy attitude to the world around him. Each time Lovino asked for a tool, Feliciano nearly had a fit of confusion when he broke out of his easy trance, but he always reorganized himself to aid his brother consistently. Lovino felt empowered by his brothers' commitment, although how small the care-free Italian was paying attention was up for debate, he worked harder when Feliciano was watching him. He rolled up the sleeves of his jacket to show off his muscles while he was picking up the wooden-panels to hinge the beds together piece by piece. Why am I acting so desperate to get his attention? He wondered in a small point of absent-mindedness. Part of him was embarrassed that he was acting so chauvinistically towards his brother; this was the type of stuff that Antonio did in front of women to belittle other men! The blush was a real indication of his hurried conviction of fault in character, so he tried to hide his indecisiveness from his brother. Thankfully, Feliciano was about as present as the past at the moment, so Lovino was safe in hiding his sore pride. His heart, on the other hand, would not stop beating so fast every time he looked back to the Italian ditz, whom was now playing with his ahoge like a cat would with a springy-stringed toy.

The bunk bed was ready by their bed-time. They ate their dinner, made almost entirely of pasta and Italian culinary confections with vegetables and tomatoes, and soon hurried off to bed with the giddiness of a child on Christmas Eve. However, Lovino manufactured a problem to this situation, as he always did when he tried to examine a situation from afar. "Who do you want to be on top, Feliciano? I could be on the bottom if you would like."

Blinking in thought, Feliciano smiled and replied, "I want you to be on the top, fratello! It suits your personality!"

The blush began to creep its return, so Lovino gave an affirmative response and hurried up the stairs to claim his perch on the bunk-bed and slink into the red covers. "Good night, Feliciano." And Feliciano returned the beckon in suit.

The silence of the night soon swam into their minds like pasta, tomatoes and the joys of future siestas. Above and below, the Italian twins were finally acting like brothers in their minds; something they had never done due to their separation as children. The silence was their sacred solace of affirmation in their personal bonds: they were united in their sleep, albeit separated by air and wood. Soon, however, a small coo by the bottom-bunked brother gave a sort of start to the events that would lead a cultural revolution amongst the European citizenry of the town of Europa. Feliciano was barely conscious, but he meant it all the same. "I like it when you're on top, Lovino."

The elder brother was barely awake at the time as well, but his ear still caught the whisper in the yawn. His mind barely even comprehended it, but the words soon combined and the true meaning of the whisper made the mechanics in Lovino's mind turn. The blush suddenly reappeared in full color of tomato, and consciousness swarmed in for him and his eyes blinked as he whispered to himself, almost in reply to the coo in disbelief and shock, "What?"