Their relationship is like a cycle, and Dominique should have never gotten sucked in.

Stage 1

It all started back in first year, when she got stuck in Slytherin with him. Really, his last name should have been a warning signal for her- Malfoy, no good Malfoy. But bold, brazen Dominique was not one for labels, so she marched up to him and extended a hand. "Dominique Weasley. I'm assuming you're Scorpius Malfoy, also Slytherin?"

Scorpius just chuckled. "You're assuming correctly."

"Looks like we're in the same house, then," Dominique replied proudly. "And the same year."

"Who would have thought it?" Scorpius smirked at her, looking a lot like his father. "A Weasley, in Slytherin. Your mum must be so proud."

Dominique rolled her eyes. "My mum's surprised, but nonetheless happy. My dad, well, he's another story."

"You're French, if I'm correct?" Scorpius inquired. "Well then, au revoir, mademoiselle."

"Au revoir, Scorpius," Dominique called behind her, walking off.

So they start off as friends.

Stage 2

Later that year, things got pretty awkward between them. Scorpius' friends, the stupid Slytherin gits, always teased him about being friends with girls. Whenever he so much as talked to a girl, they would tease him endlessly about how he 'liked her' and all of that. Honestly, first year lads were so immature sometimes.

Most of the time, he would ignore her. So most of the time, she would ignore him right back. She was stubborn (a stubborn Slytherin) and so was he.

He would walk by, preceded by his crowds of Slytherin friends, and she would just put her perfect Veela nose in the air and keep walking. She was flanked on either side by her two best friends, Lysander Scamander and Molly Weasley (the second).

Sometimes, they would exchange guarded 'hello's or even have conversations when they were paired together in classes. But most of the time, there was Scorpius and there was Dominique. The two never co-existed together.

Well, they may have started off as friends, but they ended up as barely acquaintances.

Stage 3

Before they knew it, third year rolled around and suddenly Scorpius the Single was infatuated with the female race. No longer was he avoiding girls, but he was sort of attracted to them. But no, he still wouldn't speak to Dominique, for whatever reason.

Dominique was attractive. It was a given fact. Being part-Veela, it was bound to happen sometime.

But no, he hadn't flocked to Dominique like every other Slytherin guy. Instead, he went straight for Rose Weasley. Because, you know, Scorpius Malfoy loved a challenge, and Rose Weasley was the most unattainable girl in the entire school.

Once Scorpius announced that they were going out, the whole school was in a frenzy. The two of them had always, always hated each other, not to mention the fact that he was Slytherin and she was Gryffindor. The only one who wasn't amazed or pleased was Dominique. No, in fact, she was the exact opposite of pleased.

For some reason, she felt as if she had a claim on him. Like he had always been hers, even if it had never been true. It wasn't that she liked him that way- no, she could never. It was just that he was sort of cute, and well, if he was going to end up with any Weasley, it should have been her.

In spite, she began to flirt with Lysander whenever Scorpius was around. She didn't like Lysander- he was definitely more of the brotherly type. But she had to make him jealous, she just had to. It was in her Slytherin blood.

Not to mention she felt that she hated him at the moment.

So maybe at first they were friends, and then they were barely acquaintances, but now they were enemies.

Stage 4 (The Final Stage)

Summer before fourth year, Scorpius broke up with Rose.

Dominique would have been lying if she'd said that she didn't see it coming. She sort of did. The couple was always fighting, and for some reason, Rose would always drag Scorpius to her as sort of a mediator. Dominique tried to be impartial, but of course, she'd usually take Rose's side, since she did loathe Scorpius at the time.

Then, one day when they were all at the local ice cream parlour, slurping up their favourite summer snack, Scorpius sighed into his chocolate cone. Puzzled, Rose turned to face him. "Something wrong, Scorp?" Rose asked brightly.

"Yes," Scorpius replied hesitantly. "Rose, I can't do this anymore. I still like you and all but it's not working out. I think we should break up."

Letting out a shriek, Rose choked on her ice cream. Brown eyes shining with unshed tears (Rose Weasley never cried), she asked, "Scorpius? What do you mean, we should break up?"

"Rose, you know as well as I do that it's not going to work," Scorpius said slowly. "We had our fun, sure, but we fight all the time."

"It's a love hate relationship," Rose muttered softly, a single tear running down her face, which Scorpius leaned over and wiped away.

"I'm really sorry," Scorpius told her again, before turning and walking away. After a moment, Rose went too in the opposite direction, tears starting to pour down her face. Beside Dominique, Lysander began to clap.

"Nice performance," He cheered, looking a bit solemn. "Very well done."

But it wasn't a performance, as Dominique could tell when they went back to school. Rose and Scorpius weren't speaking to each other, to Albus' dismay.

Not to mention Scorpius was talking to Dominique more than ever before.

At first, it was always about Rose. He would ask, "Is Rose doing all right?" "Is Rose getting over me?" But then, it became about other things, asking how she was doing and such. Before long, they were good friends again.

At first, they were friends, then they were barely acquaintances, after that they were enemies, and they ended up as friends again.

The Continuation of the Cycle

It went like that for a while, their memorised cycle- friends, barely acquaintances, enemies, friends again. Scorpius went through girls like pairs of socks, both Weasleys and non-Weasleys- Molly (and boy, that only lasted a week), Natalie, Merilyn, Roxanne, Aquarius. Dominique did the same thing, flirting with boys no matter the circumstances whenever Scorpius was around. They both made many enemies that way.

Until that fateful day, they never realised that what they were doing was like a game to them- seeing how long they could escape the truth.

(that they were in love with each other)

Really, the two of them were terrified of commitment- as if it was the most terrible thing in the world.

Everyone knew that Molly-and-Scorpius wouldn't last. All of them knew that Dominique-and-Lysander just wouldn't work out. So, their relationships weren't really based on commitment.

But really, they just needed that smack in the face to realise that commitment wasn't so bad.

The Breaking of the Cycle

That slap-in-the-face came in the form of a wedding between Teddy and Victoire.

Both Scorpius and Dominique had been invited to the wedding, in fact; they were both in the wedding. Scorpius was a groomsman and Dominique a bridesmaid, Victoire had chosen her aunt Ginny as Maid of Honour over her own sister.

But that worked out fine, because Scorpius got to walk Dominique down the aisle. Both of them blushed as people took pictures, exclaiming over the 'adorable couple'.

At the front of the church stood a positively beaming Victoire and Teddy. It was then that both of them got their slap in the face, realising that maybe commitment wasn't so bad, or how would the two of them be so happy? On impulse, Dominique leaned over and kissed Scorpius on the cheek. His cheek turned red.

Afterward, at the reception, it was finally their time to talk.

"I'm tired of this cycle, Dom," Scorpius sighed, staring into her dark blue eyes. "We're just going around and around again- friends, barely friends, enemies, then friends again. We're just running from the truth."

"It's barely acquaintances," Dominique corrected him. When he gave her a weird look, she sighed. "What truth?"

Cupping her face slightly, his breath brushing her face, he whispered, "I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you."

Without giving her a chance to so much as respond, his lips were on hers. Surprised but not entirely against it, Dominique kissed back.

Once they pulled away, Dominique beamed. "Guess the cycle's broken, then?"

"Guess so," Scorpius smirked, eyes sparkling with mirth.

Suddenly, from around them, people were rushing at the two of them. First, Molly tackled her in a big hug, and whispered in her ear, "Guess you've finally stopped hating Scorpius, then."

"I never hated him," Dominique replied. "And I suppose you've finally gotten together with Lysander?"

"Correct," Molly answered, stepping back into Lysander's chest. He beamed at Dominique and offered her a thumbs-up.

From behind her, a shy Rose stepped up. "Suppose you two have stopped with the whole cycle?"

"You knew?" Dominique responded, surprised. Her mouth formed an 'O' shape.

"Who didn't?" Rose rolled her eyes. "Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm not bitter or anything. I'm happy for you two, really." And then, a smile still on her face, she skipped back into the crowd.

Next, Scorpius kissed Dominique again, and all her worries turned to mush.

If this was what commitment meant- well, she could get used to it.

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