Soreto x Agi


Bumping Into Each Other

"Flo, hurry! We've got lots of works here!" Manna called for her friend.

"I'll be right there!" Flo replied.

Flo rushed to where her friends were crouching. She Sat down beside them and started to help. It was almost time for their final exam for their third year at Chikao High School. They were going to graduate that year.

"Flo, have you thought of which university to go to?" Manna asked.

"University, huh? College is enough for me," Flo said, sighing in the process.

"Nee..? Why? You've got brains," Aera asked.

"Father can't afford it. Even a college is enough to wear him out."

"Oh...sorry I asked..." Manna apologised.

"That's okay. What about you girls?"

They continued to chat.

"Ian, have you made your choice? Which university are you applying to?" Ash asked his best friend.

"Me? I'd go for...Touya University," Ian said.

"Really! That's the highest ranking U ever!"

"Well, I'd love to go there if mom lets me."

"Why'd you say that?"

"She was quite traumatised when I said that I'm leaving..."

"Oh...that incident 10 years ago? She must've really loved you."

"Name a parent that doesn't love their child!" Ian scolded Ash.

"Sssssorry..." Ash regretted.


They heard a shout from the class next door. Ash and Ian looked outside. They show a girl suddenly popping out from class 3-B and quickly ran towards the library. Two more girls came out shaking their heads.

"Flo...she really is not good with time," Manna said.

"You're one to talk. At least she was never late for school," Aera said.

"I hate it when you say that..." Manna said.

Aera smiled stupidly at her friend. Ian and Ash went back to class. They heard some girls talking about Flo.

That evening, Ian had class duty and stayed a little late at school. Flo was just finished with her work at the library. When she was rushing back to class, she bumped into Ian. The papers she was holding scattered on the floor.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking!" Flo apologised.

"Me, too. Sorry," Ian replied.

He crouched down beside her to help pick up her papers. Their eyes suddenly met. They gazed into each other for minutes long.

"Sorry! I was spacing out!" Ian snapped.

"R-Right, m-me too," Flo stammered, continuing to pick up her papers.

Ian handed the papers he picked up for her. Flo took it with a smile.

"Thanks," she said.

"Have we met?" Ian said.

"Maybe...we've been in the same school. Ian, right?"

"Oh, you knew my name. Yes, that's right. I'm Ian."

"It is true if you're saying our class is your rival. But, that doesn't mean we're forbidden to know each other," Flo explained.

"You're right. I'm sorry. If I'm not mistaken, you're Flo...r-right?" Ian guessed.

"Yep, you're right! Oh, I have to get going. It's almost 6."

"Then, see you later."

"See yah!" Flo waved her hand before running into her class.

"Flo...I felt like I've met you before..." Ian mumbled.