Gold is Overrated
(or, the adventures of the Silver Trio)



Grey eyes meet her blue-green ones. "What the heck are you talking about, Weasley?"

"I told you already," Molly replied patiently, tapping her foot. "I know what I heard, Malfoy. You love my cousin, she loves you back, and you're just wasting time by not telling her."

His eyes study her carefully, trying to see if she's really serious or not. Once he sees that she is, he nods curtly. "I don't think it's any of your business when I tell her."

But her insides curl up, because he didn't say that he wasn't in love with her.


Lysander just frowned. "How are we supposed to do that?"

"Cause a school revolution?" Molly tapped her pen against the chair. "You know, I have no idea."


Couples who won't get together already.

"I hate all those couples that are so obviously in love but won't do us all a favour and get together already," Lysander complained, feet propped up on one of the chairs.

"Yeah, me too," Molly agreed, mouth twisted into a frown.

Leaning down to kiss her cheek swiftly, Lysander grinned. "I'll see you later, Weasleys."

"Speaking of couples who won't get together already," Dominique teased, raising her eyebrows.

"I'm not in love with Lysander, and he's not in love with me," Molly spoke firmly, eyes fixed on Lysander's retreating figure.

"You don't see Lysander kissing me on the cheek, and I'm his best friend too," Dominique pointed out.

The Silver Trio.

Molly linked her hand into Dominique's, then into Lysander's. "Are you really sure about this?"

"Yes," Dominique and Lysander spoke in unison.

"Well, let's go!" Molly said slowly, looking down into the hole.

A whole year of drama, friendship, romance, and revolutions. Get ready for Gold is Overrated, with the following characters:

Molly, Lysander, Dominique, Scorpius, Rose, Albus, Louis, (Teddy), (Victoire), (Roxanne), (Fred), Lorcan, Lucy, Lily, James, Hugo, Natalie, Catherine, Aquarius, and many other OCs.

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