This story is based on Suzanne Brockmann's story Frisko's Kid which is part of her Tall, Dark and Dangerous series. It features several of the characters of the original story and is set two years later: After finally accepting his disability and resulting limitations Frisco has returned to the Navy as an instructor and has even been promoted to Lieutenant Commander. His knee however is deteriorating and with Mia's and his wedding day fast approaching, Frisco has to submit himself to yet another surgery or he will most likely get married from a wheelchair.

While this short story stands on his own and isn't in any way contradictory to Frisco's Kid itself, it does not align 100% with the known facts stated in other books of the series. In my story, instead of Frisco's injury being caused by a sniper shooting out his knee, Frisco has a dream in which he is injured by a grenade. I'll argue that dreams are not necessarily exactly true to fact and therefore allow myself some poetic license in that regard. I'm mentioning the point just for the authenticity police out there ;-)

Now I hope you'll enjoy the story...


As always any feedback will be greatly appreciated!