Animaniacs and the Valkyrie Star

Book Two – Friendship and Sacrifice


Rita - This author does not own any of the Animaniacs characters, there likenesses therein nor there right. Any situations that happen to these characters is simply fictional and therefore...

Runt - Hey Rita, I'm hungry. Yah, definitely, definitely hungry. When do we eat?

Chapter 1 - Rebirth

It was a cold winter night of February 16th. My name is Rita (a stray bluish-gray female house cat with the singing voice of an angel from heaven) and this is Runt (a dog that loyally follows me around and has an IQ of 17 or less.) We were traveling the snowy streets of Eugene, Oregon. It was a while since we had any food and we were starting to get weakened from our wandering, until I spotted a restaurant nearby. I knew I would have to be cunning to pick anything up from these humans, and I had to make sure that Runt was able to put something in his stomach as well. I decided on a plan, the first step was to provide a distraction, so I explained my brilliant plan to Runt. "Runt, I'm gonna sneak into the back of the restaurant and find us some food. All I need you to do is poke your head in there and bark." Runt didn't quite understand what I was trying to get at, but being not-so-quick on the uptake he barely gave it a thought and replied, "Ok, Rita." Then he waited for an employee to open the back door, and then he poked his head in and began to bark like crazy. "What, the..." the head chef cried out. "Don't let that dog in." He then added. And 3 other chefs made a break for Runt, who backed off away from the door and began letting the chefs chase him around the restaurant until I could snag some food. As the last chef bolted after Runt, I slipped in through my narrow time window and poked around the restaurant until I found some fresh cooked food on some serving plates. Then I quickly located the "Take home" cartons, filled one up as much as I could, located an open window and slipped out. Looking around for Runt, I soon spotted him running away from the restaurant and discreetly took the round-about way to safely meet up with my long-time friend. Both escaping that ordeal alive and unharmed, we located a spot to sit down and eat our stolen meal. I apparently was able to swipe a medium-rare sirloin steak for Runt and a side of fries and coleslaw. For myself, I had stolen a fresh piece of halibut and a baked potato with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and bacon bits. Obviously, everything I had stolen was off of multiple plates, but I didn't care. It was food and I was set on enjoying it.

"Good meal, Rita" Runt said to me after he finished the last of his coleslaw. "I couldn't have stolen it without you." I replied than stopped to think about my wording on that line. Something there just didn't seem to come out right. Oh well, it came out anyway. It was getting really late and dark out, so we decided to turn in for the night. However, we wouldn't get much sleep, after a few hours, I woke up to some nasty sounding growling noises. Apparently, we were found by a pack of wild dogs, and they weren't willing to use there "charm" to find their food. There were around four of them and they had us surrounded, and were closing in. "Runt, wake up..." I muttered to him out the side of my mouth. When he responded by shifting onto his back, I decided to get a little louder. I jumped on his stomach and shouted, "RUNT, GET UP OR WE'RE BOTH DEAD!" And with that, he jumped up with a start. When he noticed that we were in danger, he immediately got down in a defensive position and bore his teeth at our adversaries. He seemed to look around at either the wild dogs or at our surroundings, but I was in too much of a panic to tell witch. Suddenly, he quickly grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and tossed me into a nearby tree. Latching onto a branch, I was safe now from the dogs, but now I had to deal with being in the tree. (I hate being acrophobic) My fears were forgotten when I saw those four dogs completely overwhelming Runt. They jumped on him bit his legs and tore out chunks of his fur. They continued to maul him until I noticed a shadow swiftly moving toward us. It got closer and closer until, it landed in the center of the dogfight and begin to fling the wild dogs aside. When they landed, they got back up and charged right back at the shadow. The same result occurred, the dogs were flung aside, they charged back in, and were flung aside once again. This continued on for a while until the wild dogs became tired and just ran away. Then the shadow moved over Runt's lifeless body, me thinking the worst now, didn't want anything else to happen to my fallen comrade. So, I did the one thing I've never done before, I jumped out of the tree and landed on the ground. Then I ran up to Runt's body, and hissed at the shadowy man. His face was hidden by the darkness of the night and further hidden by the overhead lamp lights near the street. "Your friend may not live. Do you still want to protect him?" He asked. I just stood there hissing at him. All I could think about was protecting Runt. I knew he wouldn't survive the next few hours in his mangled condition, but I still had to protect him at all costs. With tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and my heart breaking in to pieces, I just stood there protecting my best friend. "If you allow me to, I can save your companion." The shadowy man then said to me.

After hearing that, I didn't know what to think. Then I remember Dot telling me something about a man with a cloak healing her when she was injured. So, I let my guard down a little. He walked up slowly (so as to test the waters) and knelt down to Runt's body. As he did, the moonlight caught a part of his face, and I could see his icy blue eyes. I just stood there; ready to pounce if need be, although I could barely see through all of my tears. He slowly leaned forward and hovered over Runt for a short while then slowly folded his cloak over the body and his head. Then suddenly the whole figure began to glow a soft, pleasant green. The glowing mass then began to shrink to the size of Runt's body, and the glowing began to fade. When it was finished, Runt's body was completely healed and I could see him breathing, his side clearly rising up and down as he inhaled and exhaled. I heard Runt make a deep moaning sound and slowly turn around to look at me. My tears turned from tears of sorrow and loss to tears of joy and relief, and a small smile appeared on my face. I walked up to him, nuzzled my face into his neck and began to sob silently. After a while, I thought I could hear another moan. But, not from Runt, it was coming from behind Runt. After, I stopped sobbing, I began to wonder where that groan came from, and so I walked around Runt and saw a kitten curled up. His fur was almost a sea blue, his chest and muzzle were sky blue. On his forehead was an odd shaped star; 5 points pointing towards the sky and a single larger point in the direction of his nose. As he groaned, his voice was a small child's voice and he seemed to be healthy and not injured. "Hey, look. It's a puppy" said Runt from behind me. Even though his voice was shaky, and sounded like he just woke up from sleep, he startled me and I almost jumped out of my fur. When I turned around, I was overcome with emotion once again, that I began to start crying again. "What's wrong Rita?" Runt asked me. "Nothing Runt, I'm just really happy right now. Can you move?" I responded. I really wanted to get somewhere safe. "Yah, I can. Definitely, definitely can get up." he said as he lifted his body easily. He was strong and all of his wounds were healed. It was incredible. Not wanting what happened to us happen to this little guy, I picked him up, placed him on Runt's back, hopped on to Runt and we strode off into the night.