Chapter 7 - Rita's Revelation

After witnessing my "other side" commit such heinous crimes during the test of valor, I decided to add the first item on my list, "I had turned in a criminal." I ran back to the elders as fast as I could, but when I arrived, there was Coluv, explaining to the elders that the "Armageddon Blade" had been stolen. It was clear that he had used a teleportation spell to beat any witnesses to the punch. He explained in decent detail, how he tried to stop the thief, but failed. Somehow, he even had burn marks on his body indicating that he had been involved in a magic struggle. If I hadn't seen him with my own eyes, I would have believed him as well. When, the elders asked him for the identity, I was certain that he would frame me for murder and theft. "I couldn't see his face, he was wearing a red demon mask." he said instead. What was I supposed to do? It would have been my word against his, and I had less proof than he. A week had passed and my list was 13 deeds long. By the time Coluv had returned, his was 27 deeds long. Half of them were lies, no doubt. But, I still had no proof.

Three days had passed and there were no sign of the elders until midday of the fourth day. "The third and final test will be the test of combat." he said. "This is not a fight to the death however; it is the first one to assimilate the other." ASSIMILATE? What had gotten into the elder? It was when I took a closer look at his eyes that I realized what was going on. The elder's eyes were glazed and glassy, meaning that Coluv had set this whole thing up by placing the elder under a mind puppet spell. I panicked and ran away to the space launch area to get as far away from my insane half as fast as I could, taking with me the Valkyrie Star Sword.

We had conducted space travel many times and I even knew how it was done, however this was different. I wasn't going for experimental purposes or for scientific or magical study. I was running away. I didn't care where I went just as long as I could get away. Panicking and confused, I activated the launce sequence to one of the emergency escape pods rather than activating one of the giant ships. The emergency pod may have a tracking device installed, but they don't log destination coordinates, as long as I could escape. Before the pod launched, I looked back at my home world. "What am I doing?" I asked myself. But I didn't have time to have that question answered, the pod launched and I fled my home. As the pod lifted into the air, I witnessed Coluv thrust the Armageddon Blade into one of the technicians and continue on killing every creature standing in front of him. "What have I done?" I asked myself. And the pod launched off into space. (For those who are confused as to how an escape pod can lift off like that, even our technology is powered by our spells. I had cast a powerful launch spell that flung the pod into space.)'

"Mom, dad and I are gonna go out and catch some fresh air." Ace said to me as my concentration was shattered. "Huh? Oh. Don't be out too long, and stay clear of those strange humans, alright?" I responded. "Ok mom." He said as he bounced up and down in his excitement. Then the two of them walked to the magical entrance to the "magic space", and Ace placed his paw against the wall. The bricks shifted and parted creating the opening and the two waltzed out of the lair and back into the world. I suppose it is natural to want fresh air every once in a while. I decided that I would meet them later after I finish this book. I turned my eyes back to the book, and used my right paw to flip the pages forward to see if there were any other entries that would interest me. I came across one entry that looked familiar. It was the entry depicting part of the Blood Star Incident and how Vuloc had healed Dot and trained her to use the Valkyrie Star Sword. And the next few entries described how he witnessed Runt being mauled and how he came and helped us and used a forbidden spell known as the "Spell of Second Life", it also described that the natural punishment for using the spell was that most of a Valkyrian's magic would be locked away and the Valkyrian's body would transform onto a visage of the last creature he saw (aside from the dead creature) before using the spell. Then it came to me, a cat. Vuloc had become Ace, after using the Spell of Second Life to save Runt. I needed to let Runt know about this, so I ran to the opening and placed my paw on it. The bricks moved and shifted away and toward the side opening the doorway and revealing the suited men and one wearing a white lab coat. Before I could run back into the magic space, they stormed in and one of them grabbed me by the scruff of my neck. Dropping the book, and making several attempts to scratch at the man, I was helpless. Then I was stuffed into a bag. I could hear the men rummaging through the entire place until one of them called out, "I found something!" It was pretty obvious that they had fund the Sage's Journals and were gathering them up.