Thank you to csiAngel for reading over this for me - it's been quite a while since I wrote a Lie to Me story.

Did he love her?

Emily was one of the few people who could read him and she didn't even know the answer to her question.

What was he waiting for?

Truth was, he really didn't know. A sign maybe. Something that said she loved him back.

Of course she loved him, like he pretended to love her, but did she love him like he really loved her?

He didn't know.

She was his blind spot, he would never know without asking her. And asking her meant jeopardising their friendship, something he would never do.

He needed her in his life and revealing feelings that may be unrequited would ruin their dynamic. Their work would suffer but more importantly their relationship, platonic as it is, would be damaged.

It would have to be Gillian's decision to change things between them. If she wanted to of course. He was going to drive himself crazy with this kind of thinking. Had been doing so for years.

What was he waiting for?

Her. He would always wait for her.