Agatha, Gil and Tarvek watched in silence as Moloch and led the way into the Great Dining Hall. Along the length of the table were several members of what the Lady Heterodyne considered as her closest friends and allies. Immediately to her left stood Tarvek and to her right stood Gil. After each was space on both sides for the children to sit in the middle of the table, then beyond those empty chairs stood the rest of the current residents of Castle Heterodyne.

Down Tarvek's side stood Violetta the Smoke Knight wearing a simple outfit with her black hair pulled into a tight pony-tail and on her belt was two visible weapons and probably eight unseen in other places. After Violetta stood Agatha's cousin, the dark skinned and black haired Theopholous DuMedd. His Thick side-burns belied his still young face and in his heart burned a strong Spark. In the last spot on Tarvek's side stood Vanamonde von Mekkahn, the Senechal of Mechanicsburg, the city in which Castle Heterodyne was built. His face was relaxed and at ease, though any that knew him knew he was far from a relaxed individual.

Down Gil's side past the empty chairs, stood Bangladesh DuPree, he dark skin and darker eyes a mere hint of crazed personality beneath. Once a member of the Wulfenbach Empire's elite forces, she now studied with the Jaëger monsters. Next to Bangladesh stood the three Jaëger Generals. General Khrizhan, thick and strong with grayish-green skin and a balding head, stood straight backed and the two pair of thick tusks that protruded from the top and bottom jaw near the corners of his mouth were dulled with age. The most unusual feature, as far as Jaëger's were concerned, was that he wore no hat. Zog, the thinnest and youngest of the Generals was still and imposing figure when standing next to a normal person. His teeth were still sharp and a single needle sharp tusk protruded from his bottom jaw just under the spot where a human's canine tooth would be. On his head rested his purple fez hat, with four red diamonds embroidered on the front. The third General, Goomblast, was the largest of the three, looking more like a wall than a walking bipedal creature. When his mouth opened, those speaking to him felt as though they were having a conversation with a wide-mouthed shark, or perhaps a bear trap with smaller but more numerous teeth. His body was covered in a fine lair of green hair and his hat was a bronze skull cap bolted to his skull.

At the end of the table, in very plush chair with a high seat, rested a very large and pure white angora cat. Upon closer inspection, an observer would see that the forelegs of this cat were oddly jointed as were the rear legs. The paws on the forelegs also extended slightly as though with short fingers rather than clawed toes, and one of the small claws even curled around as a thumb would. The one very distinct feature was the red velvet cadet jacket with golden colored tassels on the shoulder and small wood buttons on the front.

Agatha's favorite minion, Moloch, glanced left and right quickly then stepped to his left and turned, bowed at the waist, and gestured into the Hall. "Children, please enter." Then in a muttered voice whispered "good luck."

Agatha's voice echoed across the large hall, "Come in please, and join us for dinner!"

At that moment, the Castle's voice echoed through the room, "The Jaëger are hungry."

General Zog looked up at the ceiling and growled out in a thick accent, "Shot Up Kestle!"

As the Children approached, Agatha introduced each of people around the table, ending with Krosp, the Emperor of Cats.

"Your Liege, I believe you mean." Krosp said at the end of his introduction.

Agatha smiled and replied with a tone that was filled with love and sarcasm, "Of course Sire."


Perry Chittered angrily at the talking cat while Phineas was the first to speak, "Everyone, it's great to meet you! My name is Phineas, this is my brother Ferb, my sister Candace, and our friends, Jeremy, Stacey, Baljeet, Buford, Isabella, and this is Perry, our Platypus."

Agatha smiled and nodded, "It's great to meet you all. We're always happy to have guests, but if you don't mind me asking, how did you get inside the castle?"

Candace snorted, "The same way they get into everything that they shouldn't."

Phineas paid his sister no attention at all and simply answered, "Well, the long version is that we had spent the morning looking over an old photo album with all of our ancestors, you guys, and decided that we wanted to meet you all so we built a time travel machine and came back in time to meet all of you for ourselves."

"You built what?" Gil asked quickly.

"A time machine." Phineas answered as though this was not surprising in the least.

Senechal Vanamonde piqued up just a bit to ask, "You're a bit young for Time Travel aren't you?"

Isabella smiled almost pridefully, "Would it surprise you if I said that you are not the first person to ask that?"

Vanamode let out a soft sigh, "Not really."

Isabella blinked, surprised by Vanamode's respone, "Oh. Well then, yes. Yes they are."

Gil glanced across the table and saw that Tarvek was gently stroking his chin, obviously pondering exactly what he was, but it was Agatha that asked the question they were all thinking. "You say that we are your ancestors?"

Phineas nodded. "You sure are. As my mom says, you are my many times Great Grandmother!"

Agatha smiled sweetly, though her eyes had started to sparkle, "Oh, and is my future husband her as well?"

Phineas nodded and was about to answer when Tarvek interrupted. "Don't answer anymore than that young man."

When Phineas started to ask, Candace spoke up, "Don't you guys remember what happened the last time we travelled in time? I started messing with things and it all went wiggedy… we can't tell them what they don't already know or it could change everything!" Then in a more muted voice, "that's why we shouldn't be here in the first place."

Tarvek nodded, and even Gil agreed, "Your sister is correct." Tarvek said. "No matter how much we would like to know, the more you tell us of our future, the more it can change things.

Gil shrugged, "Perhaps everything that they tell us is why they are here in the first place. If we are part of their past, and they made this trip, then everything they do influences their own existence."

"Why don't we just play it safe." Tarvek said with a scowl.

Gil shrugged. "Sure thing."

Buford blurted out, "Who cares?" then looked straight at General Khrizhan. "I'm your 'whatever' great-grandson." then elbowed Baljeet in the ribs. "So is he."

Stacey blurted out what nearly everyone at the table was thinking, "You two are related?"

Baljeet rolled his eyes and his high voice spoke out in his familiar accent, "So much for that secret."

General Khrizhan squinted as he glared at both Baljeet and Buford. "Are hyu shoor?" He looks more like dat wun." The General grunted as he pointed at Theopholous.

Buford shrugged, "Ask Greats Grandma there." As he pointed at Bangladesh.

Silence dropped like a weight over the table, and became even heavier as Bangladesh suddenly dropped a hand over her stomach, her eyes widening in surprise.

"Very subtle cousin." Baljeet said with a sigh, dropping his head into his hands.

General Zog bellowed suddenly and was joined by Genera Gloomblast. "He iz parts Jaëger. Sootle iz not der strong point."

"Really the two things we were not sure about being real when Mom told us about our ancestors…you…was Krosp and the Castle. We can see they are really real! Krosp talks and so does the Castle."

"The Cat's the amazing one." Candace said suddenly, "A talking Castle isn't all that surprising after you two made our tree forts into fighting robots."

"Can your tree fort do this?" The Castle asked calmly and Candace suddenly found herself strapped into her chair and hanging upside-down over a deep pit filled with what looked magma.

"umm, no." Candace said weakly.

"Who is better?" The castle asked.

"You are.

Jeremy reached up to grab Candace when the straps suddenly loosened and she started falling. Jeremy had his grip by then and pulled her to safety. In the blink of an eye, the chair was back in place. "Close one there," Jeremy said non-chalantely, "but don't' worry though. I would never let you fall."

Candace blushed profusely for a moment and giggled nervously in response before sitting back in her chair, all thoughts of it being over a pit of magma wiped away by Jeremy's comment.

"What's so amazing about Krosp?" Theopholous asked, taking the subject back to the cat.

Krosp sniffed indignantly, "What isn't amazing about me?" as he stood and reached out for a small bowl of cream and began to lap at it.

"Exactly!" Phineas exclaimed. "He talks, has thumbs, he's…he's amazing!"

Krosp sputtered, "I talk and I have thumbs? That is what you find amazing about me?" Glancing between Phineas and Agatha, Krosp scoffed, "Are you sure you're related?"

Agatha silenced Krosp with a glance. "Krosp, despite his delusions of grandeur, is a construct. Surely that is not surprising to you?"

"You mean he's a robot under all that fur?" asked Baljeet.

"Not at all." Gil said, "He was at one time a normal cat, but one of the Sparks on the Castle Wulfenbach experimented on him and placed the mind of a human within him and made some changes to his skeletal structure and gave him some vocal cords." After a pause Gil added, "That last one was probably the worst mistake he made.

Suddenly, Perry chattered angrily again at Krosp. The large cat glanced up, then to Agatha. "I suppose you've never encountered a construct such as I?"

Phineas shook his head emphatically. "No way."

Gil started to say something but Krosp glared at him. "They are from the future. Perhaps Constructs are not as common place for them."

Gil, Not understanding, started to speak again, but Agatha laid her hand over his arm and he fell silent. "I'm sure there must be a reason why they do not know about constructs." Agatha said simply. "Who knows what happens in the future."

At that moment, Moloch and Snaug both entered the dining hall, leading a small group of clockwork constructs, each carrying a tray of food. The diners fell silent as they began eating and all seemed to know that more would be discussed when the meal was finished. Near halfway through the meal, Krosp had excused himself from the table, his belly full of cream and fresh fish. Shortly after, Agatha leaned over the arm of her chair with a small plate of food, then sat back up straight and looked around quickly before asking everyone around the table, "Where's Perry?"