And here are the stocking stuffers that I wrote for others. :D Two are sentence-fics and two are drabbles...they're all really short.

1. Copper_pentacle

And the one time Kendall caught him, he had to give Logan props for his ability to become a ninja; he almost missed him sneaking out of his dressing room that night in all black with the blonde's favorite beanie clutched in his hands.

2. lyricsandhearts

Everyone thought she was crazy and wild. But Jo knew better. When she had her hands buried within those flyaway curls and her lips nibbling on the other's full ones, Camille was the most demure and sane person the blonde had ever met.

No matter what Jo heard everyone say in the halls at school as the brunette walked past, gesturing wildly with a script in her hands on her way to her next class, she would smile. Because she knew better. That girl was going to be famous someday, and Jo would be right there next to her the whole way.

3. phantompearl

"You'll never be good enough."

James reeled back as the shiny reflection told him exactly what he was thinking. It was like it just knew. And he looked just like himself.

"I know." He found himself muttering back, his eyes wide in shock.

"You'll always be second best to whoever you're next to." It said, and James could feel his eyes stinging.

"I know..." He said, his voice catching.

"You are nothing."

"I know!" He yelled out on a choked sob, his hand shooting out to violently connect with the smooth surface, regaling in the chime that accompanied the shattering of the mirror.

He stepped back and cradled his fist, Mama Knight would kill him if he got blood on the carpet.

"I know..." He whispered, allowing a single tear to trace its way down his cheek as he turned on his heel and walked away.

4. x_noelian_x

James opened the door tiredly and look around the apartment he shared with his Latino boyfriend, eyes taking in the absolute mess scattered everywhere, no change in expression on his face. "Carlos! What did you lose this time?"