AUTHORS NOTE: So this is a little bit of nothing. I'll probably write more detailed stories at a later date but this is my first attempt so feel free to let me know how I did! I hope you enjoy it.

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[Tears in the Cell]

Three days after John's execution, Brutal walked onto the mile and heard slightly sniffling from the end cell. He didn't even have to go investigate to know who it was and he debated whether or not he should leave the boss man to it but then decided that he couldn't do that. He slowly walked down the mile; the cells all empty at this precise moment, before stopping outside the very last one on the left hand side. He just hovered in the doorway as he took in the sight of Paul sat on the edge of the bed, his hands buried into his face and his shoulders trembling from the sobbing.

It was pretty obvious that Paul thought he was alone because Brutal had never seen the man in this kind of state before. Brutal had always been amazed at the other guy's ability to mask anything with a gruff exterior so that everyone would stop asking questions. He bowed his head as he stepped into the cell, his hand reaching out to take hold of the man's shoulders and he wasn't surprised when the man jumped. Even though it was empty, the mile wasn't really a place you'd expect anyone to reach out and touch you. "Oh Brutal, you could give a guy a heart attack!" He chuckled as he used the back of his hands to wipe at his face. "I'm sorry. You shouldn't see me in this kind of state."

"Come now, Paul. We've been through plenty of things together and even I find this one pretty darn tough." Brutal admitted as he moved to sit down on the bed next to his boss, a sigh escaping him as he thought back to how much John had enlightened all their lives and the difference that the black man had made. He closed his eyes as he moved his head side to side as if struggling from a kink in his neck as he expected Paul to just want to sit there in silence.

"I just wish we could have done more," Paul finally admitted as he felt more tears stinging at his eyes. "The man was innocent and one of God's true miracles, Brutal and we killed him."

"Paul," Brutal said in his gruff voice as he took hold of his boss' shoulders so that he'd turn to look at him. "It was out of our hands and John told you himself that he wanted it. This world wasn't the right place for him and it was killing him more than a ride in ol' sparky could ever achieve." The honesty in Brutal's words made Paul smile through his tears as he nodded his head.

"I don't know what I'd do without you here with me at times," he admitted as he took hold of the man's hand and gave it a light squeeze. Brutal smiled at him before pulling him into a hug, his lips pressing a small kiss to the skin below his ear as he felt the tension rush out of his partner's body.

"Well it's a good thing we're transferring to the same unit or you'd wither up and die." He teased gruffly before allowing the man to pull back. Paul looked at him for a moment and pressed a haste kiss to his lips as they both knew nothing more than that could be shared. There was a time and place for their shows of affection and the mile definitely wasn't one of them. Brutal stood up and sorted out his uniform before hearing the phone ring. He smiled. "It's just another day at the Green Mile," he muttered as it was his signature statement whenever he heard the phone ring but the gusto that normally went with it was missing. Paul looked up to smile at him but the clack of shoes against the tiles made him realise that his partner was already gone.

He touched the bed with his hand before sighing as he repeated, "it's just another day at the Green Mile."