It's been two weeks since I was told that my parents and older brother were killed in a car crash. The only family I have left is my 8 month old son Liam. A week ago I found out we were going to stay with Jane McIntyre and her family, when I heard this news I almost had a heart attack because her son Finn is the father of my son Liam. Finn doesn't know but his parents know, my mom told them when I found out I was pregnant. They all agreed to let me tell him when I was ready. But know I'm going to be living with him and his seven other brothers and I'm scared shitless about what will happen while I'm staying with them. What if he hates Liam? Or doesn't want to be his dad? The drive from Arizona to Colorado has given me a lot to think about and I realize I have to let the chips fall where they want.

"Jane I don't have to tell him right away do I?"

She smiled, "No you can get settled in first, but if I were you I'd tell him soon or he'll notice that Liam looks like him."

We pulled up to her house; I forgot how big it was. This house was HUGE! I've never stayed in a house this big this big yet alone live in one. All of the garage doors were open and three of the boys were working on a car. It looked like a crappy mustang but I'm not really sure.

"You'll be fine Sophie", Jane told me as she got out of the car. I got out too and went to the backseat and took Liam's car seat out and followed Jane to the garage were the rest of her family was starting together.

John came up to me "Hi Sophie", he said as he hugged me looking at the car seat. I covered it with a blanket because he was sleeping.

"Is he awake? Can I hold him? He asked smiling

"Oh yea"

I took Liam out of the seat and handed him to John. He just had a huge smile on his face and I knew I would have to tell Finn sooner rather than later.

"You remember the boy's right?" Jane asked

I turned my attention from Liam and John to the boys. I took a good look at them and realized that they all looked older more mature and like models. Boy did their parents have good genes because they looked HOT! Ian looked a lot like Chase, Matt and Nate no longer looked like identical twins. The three youngest ones looked a lot like each other. They were adorable, and Finn well he looked like Finn.

"Um...yea" I told Jane as I looked at the guys

"How can she forget us" Nate said laughing

"Yea especially Finn Matt said and they all laughed I looked at Jane

"Be quiet Matt" she told him

Liam started crying "Oh no". John said as he handed me Liam I took him and gave him his pacifier and he stopped crying.