When we got back from grocery shopping Liam decided to throw a fit, screaming his lungs off. When we walked inside Finn was there. I didn't look at him my first goal was to make Liam stop crying and calm my nerves. YOU CAN DO THIS JUST RELAX. I told myself. I put the car seat at the edge of the table and began to take him out of his seat.

"Why is he crying" Caleb asked innocently

Checking his diaper I told him "He's not used to eating so late and I think he's teething"

"He can scream, I can too wanna here?"

"NO" all the older boys said, I laughed

"Maybe tomorrow after school"


I picked up he was still screaming "Liam please" I tried to feed him but he wouldn't eat. I sighed took out a popsicle "here" I gave it to him and he stopped crying

I put him in his chair and begun cleaning his mess avoiding Finn's gaze.

"Sophie why does Liam get ice cream?"

"he's teething so he's in pain the cold makes it harder for him to feel the pain" I said trying to make it easier for a five year old to understand

"Can I have one?"

"If your mom says you can"

There was so much tension that everybody in the room could feel it.

"Sophie the babysitter agreed to drop Liam off at school so if you want to play softball you can"

"Are you serious?" I was shocked I gave softball up when I got pregnant

"Yea me and John talked about it"

"I'd love to but, I should probably get Liam on a schedule before I do anything I wanna do"

"I f that's what you want but the coach already know about your record and everything"

"okay", I said stunned

"What position do you Play?"

"Pitcher and catcher"

"Um… Jane I hate to be rude but can you show me my room I need to give him a bath and put him to bed"

"Oh yea lets go" I followed her as I walked by Finn and felt him staring at me. When we got to the room I almost dropped Liam. The room was GORGOUSE totally what I wasn't expecting. It was painted a light purple, a queen size bed was at the center of one wall with a dresser on its left and a nightstand to it right, on another was a dresser and crib, the changing station and book shelf were on another wall. And the closet nearly took up all of the last wall.

"Jane this is beautiful you didn't have to do all this for me" I said crying

"I wanted to; it'll be nice having a girl around here"

"thank you so much" I said as I hugged her.

After I gave Liam a bath and put him to bed, I went downstairs to get something to drink. When I bumped right into Finn. I looked up at him

"Sorry" I managed to mumble

"Sophie why didn't you tell me I had a son when you got pregnant?"

"I was scared Finn" I whispered he wiped a tear from my eye

"I want to be in his life"

"I know" I told him as I walked away

The next morning Jane took Liam to the sitter on her way to school as I got ready. I decided to wear shorts, a long sleeved superman shirt that fell off my right shoulder, black boots, and my hair straightened

I had to put the car seat holder in the back of Finn's car cause the sitter was dropping Liam off at school.