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"Har-u-hiiii!" the blonde-haired prince cried out happily as he swung his daughter around in circles within his loving arms. "You're late in your daily hug with daddy today!"

"Tamaki…senpai," the brunette in question managed to breathe out before once again being smothered against a light blue blazer.

"My lord, you are suffocating your daughter," two voices said at the same time. The twin mischief makers looked on with pouts on their faces as their favorite toy was currently occupied by another.

Tamaki dropped Haruhi like a hot brick. "Oh no! Daddy is sorry Haruhi! Let daddy make it up to y–"

A sudden feeling of weightlessness made him pause in his gross over-apology. "Mori-senpai?" he questioned, his eyes naively confused.

"Enough," the stoic senior said, before turning around and placing Tamaki on his other side, effectively cutting him off from Haruhi.

She sidled up to him with a small smile on her face. "Thanks again, Mori-senpai," she said softly as the two of them watched Tamaki's newest tirade about her and Mori running off together to open their own kendo dojo and live happily ever after with Honey-senpai running his own patisserie next door to them.

He nodded in reply, before turning around to find where Honey had run off to – as well as to make sure he had brushed his teeth before eating any sweets today.

And so the usual routine played out; the commencement of the overture to the usual two hour burlesque that was known as the Ouran High School Host Club.

Except that today was not a routine day. Today would be an out of the ordinary day…a day that would force one member of the Host Club to re-live part of an unrequited past.


"Early?" A neat and precisely trimmed eyebrow raised itself in query.

Haruhi squirmed under the penetrating gaze. The shadow king of the Host Club, Kyoya Ootori, was not an unkind or petty person by any means. Shrew, cunning, and astute, predicting his opponent's moves five turns ahead? Undeniably. "Yes. But not by much," she said with a forced laugh, waving her arms around in an innocent way.

"May I ask what for?" he said in his calm and collected voice, resuming the tap-tap-tap at his keyboard. The light shone off of the computer screen just right, illuminating the lenses and obscuring the interested glint in his eye.

"I have to pick up my sister from the train station."

All movement stopped in the immediate fifty foot area around Haruhi Fujioka. Instantaneously four of pairs of feet came running up, and bodies crowded around her at every angle.

"You have a sister?" Tamaki squawked.

"Does she have a twin?" Hikaru and Kaoru both asked.

"Does she like cake?" Honey said with a smile, holding up a tray of cakes which had appeared out of nowhere.

"You…have never mentioned a sister," Kyoya said in a quiet voice, readjusting his glasses ever so slightly.

"Did I have to?" Haruhi replied with a groan, trying to fight off the four young men. "I suppose if I do though, it will be added to my tab?" she asked him, more a statement than a question.

"Obviously," was his only answer. "How soon?"

"Just thirty minutes early so I can get to the station on time. Her train is coming in from Tokyo."

"Very well. Tamaki?" Kyoya called.

Daddy-mode to king-mode in less than three seconds flat. "As long as you work off your debt to us tomorrow, you may leave the Host Club early today." And less than two seconds back to daddy-mode. "Can we come? Please?" he begged, falling to his knees and looking up at her with enormous puppy dog eyes.

"Please Haruhi?" the twins chorused, both of them joining their king – one on each side of him. They all stared at her, giant eyes watering with slightly pouted lips.

"No! Please, I don't need –"

"Puh-lease?" they asked, doubling their efforts. Tamaki even began making whimpering puppy noises.

Haruhi rolled her eyes. "Fine. You behave yourselves, you act like normal people, and you don't make a huge deal out of this. Alright?"

"We get to meet Haruhi's sister! We get to meet Haruhi's sister!" the three of them sang as they danced around in a circle.

Haruhi slapped the palm of her hand against her forehead, feeling a migraine coming on.

"To the limo!"


"The 5:10 train to Nagasaki is now boarding. Please present your ticket to the attendant next to the door you are entering from. The 5:20 train from Tokyo is running five minutes late. Please wait patiently at the designated platform behind the yellow lines. We appreciate your continued patronage. Again, the 5:10 train to Nagasaki…"

Haruhi looked up at the switch board, noting that her sister's train was indeed going to be a few minutes later than planned. Normally, this would not be an issue. However today…

"Look Haruhi! Commoner snacks!" Tamaki pointed out loudly and gleefully from the convenience store not twenty feet from where she was standing. Luckily enough, Mori was as still as a statue while he was keeping Honey quiet, and Kyoya was jotting down some notes in his mysterious black notebook that he always kept with him.

Haruhi's eyebrows narrowed. Wait…one, two, three, four…where were –?

"Haruhi!" She was engulfed on both sides, shocks of red hair obscuring her vision.

– Hikaru and Kaoru. "Yes? What is it?" she sighed.

"What does your sister look like?" they asked her at the same time as they peered towards where her train would be arriving from.

"Well…" Haruhi thought about it for a moment. "I haven't seen her in a while, but she has dark brown hair like me – much longer though, a little more than shoulder length. She is taller than me as well – but only by several inches. We both have brown eyes. Other than that, we pretty much look the same," she ended with a shrug.

Hikaru raised a mischievous eyebrow at his brother, who winked back at him. "So does that mean that she could be your twin?" he asked her with a grin.

Haruhi sighed once more. Was that train ever –

"The train from Tokyo Metro has now arrived at platform 32. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Please stay behind the yellow –" as the announcer was completing the message, a large white and speedy looking train suddenly pulled into the platform they were waiting on, hissing loudly.

"Uh…her train is here! I have to go meet her," Haruhi quickly supplied, slipping out from their grasp. She heard them groan in disappointment behind her as she quickly walked forward towards the main platforms.

"Hooray! Daddy is going to meet –!"

"Daddy is going to stay here," Haruhi said firmly, her normal headache beginning to form. Tamaki, as well as the others, stopped dead in their tracks. "You – all of you – are going to wait here until I get her. Is that understood?" she said, a slight amount of deadpanned intimidation in her voice as she looked at each of them in turn. They were at least wearing normal street clothes, and not their expensive Ouran High School uniforms. Even so…the normal clothes for these rich idiots still made them look like movie stars. People were still stopping and staring, talking behind their hands and giggling at the group of handsome men. You could almost see the sparkling radiance glowing around them.

"Yes Haruhi," they all said at once, except for Mori and Kyoya, who were normally quiet anyway.

"Good." She turned around, walking the short distance to the edge of the platform. As she waited patiently behind the dozens of other people waiting to get on or trying to get off of the train, she smiled.

I wonder how sis has been doing on campus…I also wonder how dad ever persuaded her to come and visit, knowing how she is with his "visual" personas. I just hope that this time they will get along. At least she's only staying for four days, but still…

At that moment a large group of people moved out of Haruhi's way, and she was able to see the last of the passengers exiting the train. Glancing around, she saw a conductor at the far end of the train step out with a familiar piece of black and purple luggage. Setting it down, he put out his hand and a slender arm reached out from the dark doorway to take it.

"Sis!" Haruhi called out, waving and running towards the end of the train.

The other members of the Host Club heard Haruhi's exclamation, and clamored as near as they would dare to get a glimpse of the unknown family member she had failed to mention to them.

"Oh, I cannot wait to meet my other daughter!" Tamaki cried out happily.

"Is Haruhi's sister her older sister?" Honey asked Mori as he looked up at him, clutching Bun-Bun to his chest.

The stoic senior nodded.

"I would assume so," Kyoya added, for once visibly interested in the going-on around him. "Otherwise she would not be living on her own. My theory is that she is in college."

"There she is!" Hikaru and Kaoru stated together. They were pointing at the far end of the train as they all saw Haruhi run over to one of the conductors. He was helping a petite woman off of the train, who was not much taller than Haruhi. She was wearing a pair of denim jeans and a white baby doll top, with a large bag slung over her shoulder. A white brimmed hat sat upon her head, protecting her from the sun as well as hiding her face from view.

The Host Club members watched enviously as Haruhi eagerly hugged the person. They spoke for a moment before the conductor raised the handle on the bag, handing it over to her. The two women thanked him and began walking towards the rest of the Host Club in hiding.

Tamaki quickly stood up and tried to flatten out a kink in his hair, while Honey fixed the bow on a boxed cake that he had brought as a welcome gift for her. Hikaru and Kaoru whispered in hushed voices, probably planning on a way to surround the two girls when they arrived. Kyoya looked disinterested, but was really quite interested in knowing more of the inner workings of their newest employee.

On the other hand, one member of the Host Club was staring straight at the approaching duo…curious, yet slightly hesitant. An image came to his mind, one of many years ago…

An enormous arena…

His bokken in the ready position…

A much shorter opponent in an offensive stance…

Why was this coming to mind now? As if undergoing an out of body experience, he saw Haruhi and her sister walk towards them. They were greeted cordially by the other members until suddenly Mori blinked and saw the top of a white hat directly beneath him.

"Sis?" Haruhi questioned her sister, stepping towards her in confusion.

"Takashi." The voice, that light and clear voice, suddenly cleared the fog within his head. "It's been a long time…hasn't it?" The hat tilted up at an angle to show deep brown eyes staring up at him with a wistful smile.

Mori cleared his throat, a lump suddenly forming in it preventing him from speaking. "Hana…"