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"Do you know what I did before I was married?

Anything I wanted to." -Anonymous


Mmmmm... Can you smell it?

It's only the most wonderful scent in the world. I'm not talking about a bakery, or some perfume. It's not anything trivial like that, it's something better. It's something far more satisfying. This was the smell of "The happiest place on earth". It's a place where you can go and all of your dreams will come true. And no, it's not Disneyland.

I'm talking about, Fifth Avenue. Just the thought of it makes me tingle. Millions of tiny butterflies are fluttering in my tummy this very moment. I always feel like this when I come here. I'm was always this excited.

Then again, why wouldn't I be? The smell of Prada. The sparkle of Tiffany & co. The feel of Versace. It was altogether a magical experience. One, that I quite enjoy -

My i-phone starts ringing. It plays the generic piano ring-tone. I normally didn't like anything generic but I haven't found a ring-tone that suited me or my phone, yet. I frowned as I looked at the screen.

"What do you want Edward?" I practically growled. One thing you should know. I love my brother, dearly. But when he calls, it's usually only to antagonize me. So it's no surprise that I snapped at the annoying man who was interrupting my pleasant shopping experience.

He chuckled at my anger. "Now, now Vanessa. Is that any way to treat your older brother?" He mocked

"It is when your my brother." I replied.

"Oh honestly, Nessa. I just called to announce my good news. I'm getting married."

"Ha. Ha. Ha. That's so funny. Let's just make fun of your little sister some more." I scoffed

"Vanessa, I'm serious. I'm getting married." My jaw dropped. No... No, this can not be happening.

"Wwwhat? To who? Tanya?" I asked, my words stumbling out of my mouth

"Tanya? No, Nessa we haven't been together in years. I'm marrying Bella, you remember the girl I was dating." Oh yes, her. I was aware that Eddie was dating a woman but I didn't think he was serious about her. I always thought and rather hoped that Edward would end up with Tanya. Edward was in med school and Tanya was in law school. A doctor and a lawyer. Now that was a smart match.

"Well when are you getting married?" I carefully bit out the words.

"Next month actually. September tenth, to be exact." As he spoke the words my heart stopped and I dropped my cell phone. For a moment it felt like the world stopped as well.

He could have picked any day. He could have picked any month. He could have picked any year. But he chose September 10, of this year. My birth-date, and this year I would be twenty-one.

This year my birthday wouldn't be like others. Most twenty-one year olds celebrated their birthday by going out and getting legally drunk. But I'm certainly not average. My dead old fashioned parents' inheritance was proof of that.

See on my twenty-first birthday I was to inherit 7.4 million dollars. But only if I'm married by my twenty-first birthday. So why was my brother getting married on the day that I have to be married?

To torture me probably...