A/N: This popped into my head after watching Nature Unleashed: Avalanche for the second time (I watched it because of Andrew-Lee Potts the first time; the second time because I thought it was an awesome movie that needed watching again XD). Btw, I found Katya's last name on IMDB. Dunno if it's right or wrong…but this is fanfiction, so just go with it, yeah?

Summary: After the Super Avalanche, Jock Cussler and Katya Tatnova talk about survival.
Rating: T for the F-bomb.
For those who don't check genres: angst, angst, angst.
Word Count: 588

Jock wasn't exactly new to avalanches. He and Thom had gone to ski resorts and the like as long as he could remember, so he'd dodged plenty of them and he knew what to do on the off chance he ever got caught in one. Which, you know, he hadn't really thought it would happen.

Until he did get caught in one. And, of course with the Cussler luck on his side, it wasn't just a normal-run-of-the-mill avalanche, it was a super avalanche. In other words, Jock Cussler was insanely lucky to be alive with all limbs, fingers, toes, and ears attached. On top of that, Callie had almost died. If she had died….

But, she didn't, and Anna didn't and he didn't because Thom – his annoying, protective, sometimes-genius big brother – dug through an insane amount of snow and debris and ice to save them and he showed up right at the last second like some cheesy super hero film and pulled them out. He saved him again when they were dangling from the helicopter and he passed out because it was so fucking cold he couldn't even breathe let alone hang onto a rope and he would have been screwed if Thom hadn't grabbed him and held onto him and the rope and kept holding on even after they were pulled in.

And life moved on. Work began to rebuild the village and they had decided against rebuilding the hotel and ski resort for safety reasons and a lot of the people who owned businesses moved away, but not Jock, Thom, Callie, and Katya. They wanted – needed – to stay. They needed to be here – where they almost died under piles and piles of snow.

And that was how he found himself nearly home alone. Thom and Callie were out shopping for things for their new home (they left Jock because they didn't trust him not to get something ridiculous and Katya stayed behind because she didn't like shopping). So they were sitting on the couch, eating lunch, when Katya said, "If you need to talk, I'm here you know."

Startled, Jock jerked his head up to stare at her. Katya just quirked an eyebrow and continued talking. "I know what it's like, Jock, remember? I explained it to Thom when I first started warning people. I know he's talked to you about it."

Jock frowned and paused for a moment before answering. "It…it wasn't exactly the same. You weren't buried under a bunch of wood and metal and glass on top of the ice and snow and debris with other people depending on you to get them out alive and…" Trailing off Jock shook his head. That…wasn't what he had planned on coming out of his mouth.

"But," Katya began, "I know about the guilt."

"Guilt? For what? Getting out alive with the woman I love?"

"For surviving when someone else didn't. I know someone died down there and you tried to help him, Jock."

Jock looked down and Katya could see the muscles tightening in his jaw. She knew she hit a sore spot.

"Apparently I wasn't good enough. He still died didn't he?"

"Because he didn't listen to common sense and your warnings. It wasn't your fault Jock."

This time he didn't respond. That was okay. She hadn't expected him to. She only had one more thing to say.

"It's hard, isn't it?"

He answered through gritted teeth, "What?"

"Surviving. Being a survivor."

Jock looked her in the eye and said, "Yeah. Just a bit."


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