Ch.10-I love you

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When Axel came into the hallway next to Twilight's View, he saw Roxas using his Keyblade to defend himself from a Neoshadow.


Roxas glanced toward Axel, but was knocked down when the Heartless attacked him again.

How dare you hurt my Roxas! Axel snarled as he leaped at the Neoshadow and tackled it to the ground.

The Neoshadow wrestled with Axel for a few minutes before it pushed the pyro off with its hind legs, slamming Axel into a nearby wall.

"Axel!" Roxas climbed to his feet as the pyro slid to the ground.

Ro-Roxas…. Axel struggled to stand as the Neoshadow stared at him before returning its attention to the blonde and slowly advancing toward Roxas.

Roxas held up his Keyblade to defend himself, but the Heartless knocked it out of his hands and the blonde was soon backed up to a wall.

Axel growled as he managed to get to his feet when the Neoshadow raised an arm above its head, its claws lengthening.

Roxas shut his eyes as the claws came for him, but when he felt no pain, he gradually opened them and gasped as he saw Axel standing in front of him, holding the Neoshadow's shoulders.

Axel roared as he lifted the Heartless up and tossed it at the wall across from him before crouching down on all fours with a slight wince, darkness dripping onto the floor by his feet, and pouncing on the Neoshadow to finish it off.

"Axel!" Roxas said in relief, glad the pyro had come to save him, as his weapon vanished.

Axel glanced at Roxas, his green eyes pained, before he suddenly collapsed with a groan.

"Axel!" Roxas ran to the dragon pyro and kneeled down, looking at him worriedly. "What's wrong?"

Axel slowly moved his leg away from his stomach and Roxas saw a large wound in the pyro's abdomen.

"I-I should get Vexen!" Roxas stood up, but Axel stopped him from leaving.

No. It would be a waste.

"B-but…he could help you."

Axel shook his head. The wound is too deep.

Roxas seemed sad that he couldn't do anything as he crouched down beside his friend.

"But I don't want you to die."

It happens eventually. Axel smiled. I'm just happy I could die protecting my favorite little blonde.

"A-Axel, you know that day that I asked you what love is?"

How could I forget?

"Well I asked you because I…I was feeling strange around you."

Strange how?

"Like….I was in love."

Axel seemed puzzled. What does that mean?

"Ax….Axel….I love you."

The pyro chuckled as he stretched out his right paw and brought the blonde closer to him.

Rox, would I ever die….

Axel didn't notice as he pulled Roxas in for a kiss, that he was slowly transforming back.

"…Without telling you how I feel?"

The two Nobody's lips met and Axel pulled Roxas closer as he shifted his position until he was sitting up.

A few seconds later, the two pulled back and Axel gazed at the blonde.

"I love you, too."

"Y-you're back to normal."

Axel looked at his right hand and saw that the dragon mark was slowly burning away.

"Axel, you're not a dragon anymore!"

Axel chuckled as Roxas happily hugged him.

"….It's all thanks to you, Rox."

Mystic watched the two Nobody from the safety of Memory's Skyscraper. She smiled faintly.

Good job, Axel. I told you that Roxas would love you no matter what you looked like….

The dragon Heartless slowly turned around and vanished into the black sky.

But it appears that you had to first become an animal to realize that.

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