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His Mistress


January 1992

Tokyo, Japan

A silver-haired boy stood behind his bedroom window and watched as his father's black sedan drove its way inside the Taisho estate. The luxury car pulled into the circular driveway and stopped right in front of the huge mansion doors, Touga Taisho got out of the vehicle followed by his mate, Izayoi. One servant came to her mistress' aide as she handed her a small duffel bag. The little boy by the window huffed as he turned to walk away from his window only to turn again and stare at his parent's ruffling about something. Izayoi was leaning on the car door as she talked to someone inside. A little urging has been made before he saw movement coming from inside the sedan. A mere moment later he saw a pair of little feet being placed on the ground.

He saw a girl came out from his father's vehicle. Dark raven tresses framed her face as it flowed down the sides of her shoulders. She was looking at the ground beneath her feet that he can't see her face. When the girl decided to roam her eyes of the building in front of her she fixed her sight on him. Looking into her sapphire orbs through his glass window, the little boy made a face. The little girl's irises were a bit unusual to him. He could tell that she is Japanese, and it is unusual for them to have such eye color. 'Maybe she has a foreigner parent.' The little boy mused to himself, but mentally shook his head as he thought that he didn't have any concern on her heritage whatsoever. He continued the staring contest with the little girl, taking in her appearance. She must be around five or six. Pale skinned and has little bits of fats all around her, he thought of what humans call it and he came up with the word 'chubby'. Moving his eyes away from the little girl's face, the boy caught something on her appearance. She had a sling on her left arm and her right wrist was wrapped in bandage. Aside from those he saw a faint scratch on her right shoulder. The boy's nose twitched at the smell of faint blood coming from the little stranger. His brows crunched as she opened her mouth as if to say something but none came out. He tilted his head a bit when he heard his stepmother's voice calling for the little girl.

She got out of the vehicle and roamed her eyes on the three-storey building in front of her, the Taisho manor ― that was what the strange lady told her. She was also told that she would be living with them before they left the hospital. As she continued to marvel the building in front of her, she found a pair of amber-gold eyes staring at her direction from the west wing window of the said manor. Fascinated by his eyes that matched those of the strange man called Touga, she stared at him for a moment. Curiosity took its toll on her as to who the boy was and on why he made a face while staring at her. Their staring contest went for a while before she heard Izayoi's soft voice called her. Hesitantly, she broke their eye contact and turned to face the woman who brought her there.

Izayoi gently smiled at the little girl and held out a hand to her. The little girl stared at the outstretched hand before her, before her gaze fell on Touga, who was now standing by her side. Touga crouched on his position to the level of the little girl. His eyes gazed at her with such concern. She was confused, lonely, sad and hurt. She may not said a word since they left her room in the hospital, but her sapphire orbs was revealing her inner self. The Lord of the West understood what she was going through. This little angel had been through a lot and now she would be living with strangers. He patted the little girl's hair and smiled at her.

"Welcome to your new home, little one." He said and tucked some strands of her hair on her ear. The little girl stared at him for a while before her lips broke into a small smile of her own. She nodded and turned to face Izayoi once again, still with her outstretched hand. The little girl took a step forward and stretched her good hand to accept Izayoi's. Grabbing the girl's little hand in her own, Izayoi led them inside the manor.

''Let's go inside, dear.'' He heard Izayoi as she held the little girl's hand.

The boy kept his eyes on them. This might be the one his parents were talking about. His father and stepmother had already told them, about the adoption.

The little girl glanced at the boy's direction one last time before she walked, following Izayoi's lead.

'A weak human…' he thought.

He snickered and went inside his room.