It Was All Like Fire

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. A sweet idea that came about from talking with a friend…don't even remember the subject! Anyway, this is for BlueMango. Read, review, and enjoy! *Note: no.4 in the Eyes of the Beholder series, though you don't have to read the first, second, or third—"Decisions, Decisions," "Obviously Obsessed," or "The Coming Storm"—to enjoy this.

- ^-^3

Albus Severus Potter rarely smiles. Yet that's not the point.

... No, it does play a part in the matter.

Al is too busy being the wallflower, blending in to the silver and moss background, trying to slither by undisturbed. Little did he know that genetics would not allow for that to happen.

You know his blood, his background, but those aren't the genetics to which you refer. You actually mean what you can see. Pallid complexion, messy black hair, and what his non-smile will never reach—

Electric emerald eyes.

Yeah, you smirk at the flimsy pass at alliteration, but your mind's more preoccupied with why Al doesn't want anyone to lock on to those gem-cut orbs of his. Who knows? Maybe his eyes are the pathway, the doorway to his soul... In the meantime, you muse over their unwavering hue. Yes, green...the color of Slytherin, the color of money...

...the color of envy.

For a second, his eyes find your face, blazing, burning, smoldering. Ah, envy is the enemy of his smile, because he'd like to be "one of the others"...not Albus Severus Potter.

- ^-^3

My implied pairing for this was Albus/my OC Calytrix Zabini, but it could be anyone else, so pick your poison. ;P It could be Scorpius, Teddyanyone, really. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki ;]

Up next: "Happy & Decieved." It will be the conclusion of this fun little series, so stay tuned! And thanks to those of you who've r&r'd all of them! :D The reviews are much appreciated!