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"Okay, West, jokes over!" Gilbert said, laughing shakily, "I've learned my lesson…I won't cause any more trouble for you I promise! You made your point, let's go home. Come on!"

Ludwig only continued to grip the steering wheel tighter as his brother pleaded with him. Gilbert grew more and more frustrated as he spoke. Ludwig wouldn't even make eye contact with him! He just stared straight ahead with a stare almost intense enough to bore holes in the road rushing towards them. He was serious about this. Totally and utterly serious.

"You can't do this to me!" Gilbert yelled. His brother retained is silence as he made a quick right. The car lurched awkwardly, betraying Ludwig's inner turmoil.

Gilbert couldn't believe this happening to him. He couldn't believe Ludwig, his little brother, was doing this to him. Wow, what a crappy day this turned out to be.

Gilbert had had lots of crappy days in his lifetime. Days when he felt like everything was wrong. With him. With his brother. With his friends. Days where he just felt like total and utter crap because nothing was ever right. Days that sucked so bad because they were becoming more and more frequent.

Yeah, those days.

Gilbert had had one of those days yesterday. Today was worse.

There's nothing quite as bad coming home in the morning after forgetting about a crappy day to find your little brother waiting for you with your bags in his hands. Except maybe finding out that the reason all your stuff is neatly packed up is that he's committing you.

"You can't do this, Ludwig," Gilbert growled.

Ludwig still said nothing. Gilbert barely noticed his pained expression.

"YOU CAN'T COMMIT ME AGAINST MY WILL, LUDWIG!" he screamed, anger boiling up from inside. This was so unfair! He thought that his brother loved him! How could the one person he trusted betray him like this? "You're a fucking asshole!" he snapped.

Ludwig flinched, but still did not answer his brother.

"YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Gilbert screamed again.

"You chased Ms. Elderburry's cat with a baseball bat," his brother simply stated, voice quiet. He still wasn't looking at him.

"What did you just say?" Gilbert snarled, still royally pissed (as he had every right to be!).

"Our neighbor, Ms. Elderburry? You chased her cat out of our yard with a baseball bat," Ludwig sighed.

"I know who Ms. Elderburry is; you don't have to tell me!" Gilbert hissed, Ludwig flinched again but stayed silent, "And that stupid pussy was going to eat Gilbird."

"I'm well aware that you thought that…so is the whole neighborhood thanks to your barely intelligible screaming…"

"What do you mean I thought it was going to eat Gilbird? It was going to eat him!" Gilbert snapped.

"Gilbird was at the vet yesterday, Gilbert," Ludwig whispered, his voice shaking as he tried to calm himself.

"Yeah so?" Gilbert said, defensively, his voice rising in volume. "Why are we even talking about this anyway?"

"Do you know how it feels to come back from working a six hour shift on top of early morning classes and…" Ludwig started.

"Not this again!" Gilbert groaned. Stupid Ludwig always making him feel bad with his martyr-like attitude… It wasn't like he kept getting fired on purpose.

"Listen, just this once Gil…" Ludwig said, still quiet, but his voice had a pleading tone, "Do you know how it feels to come back from work to find your neighbor's yard ransacked and several of her car windows broken?"

"No I do not, West…is that what you want to hear?" Gilbert growled.

"Think about how I felt seeing all the damage and hearing that it was you who was to blame. My beloved brother! My brother who chased an innocent animal in a blind rage while swinging a blunt object crazily. My brother who nobody could tell me where he was because he probably had gone off to drink until he couldn't see or went and had sex with someone he didn't know in an alley or both!"

"Oh gee, West…I could think about it…maybe we could talk…it would be so easy to do that IF WE WEREN'T ON OUR WAY TO A MENTAL ASYLUM!" Gilbert started out calm but ended up screaming again.

"Do you know how much damage you caused?" Ludwig yelled, finally turning to look at him, "Ms. Elderburry is a nice woman!"

"And I'm just terrible…" Gilbert grumbled.

"You know that's not what I'm saying and you are so god damn lucky Ms. Elderburry is as nice as she is…."

"Just shut up about how nice she is!" Gilbert yelled.

"NO! Because you know what? The only reason YOU are not at an arraignment hearing right now is because of HER GOODWILL!" Ludwig was desperately losing his battle with his emotions. He swiftly pulled the car over on the side of the road, trying to regain his composure. He sat still, saying nothing for several minutes. Gilbert stayed silent too, not sure of what to say. "She said she wouldn't press charges if I got you some help," he finally said, pulling back onto the road, "You know we don't have the money to go through a lawsuit, the only reason we have the house is because of the life insurance…"

"So this is just about the money isn't it?" Gilbert spat accusingly.

"You know it isn't," Ludwig sighed, adding in a whisper, "You need help, Bruder."

"Oh yeah, so you're just going to toss my ass in an institution? That's nice! After all I've done for you? You didn't even consider just taking me to a shrink?" Gilbert growled.

"Would you really have gone? We already tried that a couple of months ago after…." Ludwig seemed like he couldn't bear to end that sentence.

"Hmmm… Maybe, worked for you didn't it?" Truthfully, he probably would have refused to go to that too. Gilbert stayed silent for a moment, watching as Ludwig's left hand tapped absently at the steering wheel. He knew that pattern well. One two three four…pause…one two three four…pause… "Did you take your meds today?" he asked, actually worried, but the question came out more meanly then he intended. Ludwig scowled at him.

"Why are you asking?" he said gruffly. That pissed Gilbert off.

"You know Luddie, I put up with you and your crazy shit for years! Light switches…on off on off on off…do you know how annoying that was, sharing a room with you? I dealt with your stupid compulsions because I cared about you. Look how I'm repaid for my kindness!" he ranted. If his brother was going to be a douche bag asshole then he could be too.

"Can't you see how much this hurts me, Gilbert! It's not about the money! It's not about me having to pick up your slack in order for us to eat! It's not about our neighbors think of us! It's about you! You're sick! You need help, and this is the only way you are going to get it! You know just as well as I do that you won't accept outpatient treatment! I can't let you do this to yourself anymore, Bruder!" Ludwig finally cried, his resolve to be calm finally abandoned.

"D-do what?" Gilbert mumbled, momentarily subdued by the outburst.

"It's terrifying when you get angry, and there's never a good reason for it. One day you're fine, the next day you won't leave your room! Sometimes it feels like you really truly hate me…when you yell some of those….things…" Ludwig burst out, looking like he might cry, "But what's worse is the reckless shit you pull! Every time you don't come home at night, I get in the car and drive around looking for you. You don't even know how worried I am that you're going to OD on something, or blackout in the streets and get run over by a car…or catch something bad from an anonymous partner…Bruder, you're really worrying me…" he said, his voice growing softer as he reached towards one of Gilbert's wrists, implying that there was another thing on his list. Gilbert pulled away, glaring at him sharply. Wait when had the car stopped moving? Looking around he noticed that they were in the parking lot of a very familiar psychiatric hospital.

"Ludwig, really? You're committing me to Opa's hospital? What? Did he give you a good price?" Gilbert growled. Ludwig didn't answer his question.

"If you refuse to voluntarily go, I'm going to try to have you declared legally incompetent," Ludwig simply said. Gilbert was about to start screaming again when he noticed Ludwig was still tapping at his steering wheel, albeit more quickly this time. Ludwig was not one to skip on his meds, he was anal in that way (well in a lot of ways…), so it probably was the stress that was making him unconsciously revert to one of his rituals. One two three four…pause…one two three four…pause…and then Gilbert remembered what Ludwig had told him once about his compulsions. He used to think that if he didn't do them, someone he loved would get hurt as a consequence. Hell, maybe he still secretly believed that, Gilbert wasn't sure. Gilbert knew his brother was still struggling with that kind of stuff…especially since Vater…

"Well, Opa's going to be disappointed," Gilbert responded, trying to sound jovial, "I mean, now he can't leave this place to either of us. It will be like the blind leading the blind!" He laughed hollowly at the joke. Ludwig didn't even smile. It really wasn't that funny.

Tap! Tap! Gilbert looked up to see a smiling nurse at his window.

"Are you going to come out of the car, Mr. Beilschmidt?" she asked, voice muffled by the glass. Oh, so Ludwig called ahead. Lovely.

Gilbert didn't answer; he just swung the door open, causing the nurse to back up in surprise.

"Gilbert…" Ludwig growled, already moving to get his bags from the trunk of his car.

"Sorry, accident…" Gilbert grumbled.

"That's okay," nurse said, still smiling. Rude patients were probably the least stressful part of her job. "Are you ready to come inside?" she asked. Gilbert sighed. Ludwig turned to look at him, eyes pleading.

"Yeah, I guess so…"

"Do you want to fill this out?" Ludwig asked, gesturing towards the clipboard the nurse had handed him. A glare from Gilbert answered his question. "Or do you want me to?"

"Be my guest…" Gilbert muttered. Sure, he would go along with this for Ludwig's sake, but he didn't have to be happy.

Ludwig began to write all of Gilbert's personal information on the form in his beautiful, perfect handwriting.

Sometimes he hated how perfect his brother was. He always thought he was being compared to his brother. Ludwig's perfection just accentuated how much was messed up Gilbert was.

But sometimes, on nights when he could hear Ludwig locking and unlocking the front door repeatedly, he just felt bad and…worried.

Suddenly, he felt bad that he had put so much stress on Ludwig and had made him worry. When had he become such a terrible person?

"Finished," Ludwig told him quietly as a dark-haired man approached them. Gilbert looked up, scrutinizing him with a glare. He looked like a total stick-up-his ass prick, doctor's coat and all. His shiny name tag read "RODERICH EDELSTEIN".

"Hello, Mr. Beilschmidt," the man said, obviously speaking to Ludwig. Gilbert was used to his brother being called by their last name while he was always just Gilbert. The nurse from earlier was the first person in a while to have addressed Gilbert as "Mr. Beilschmidt". Well, the neighborhood kids usually called him Mr. B, but his exchanges with them were limited to the usual question of "Mommy, what's wrong with Mr. B?" which was always followed by a "Shhh…it's not polite to point and stare, honey!" Ugh, life sucks.

"I'm sure Gilbert and I will work very well together, don't you think so, Gilbert?" Dr. Stuffy McFancypants asked, turning towards him. Oh shit. Was he supposed to be listening?

"Uh, yeah sure, Roddy, whatever you say…" he mumbled, trying to give a goofy grin, but it probably just came off as hysterical.

"I'm sure you and Dr. Edelstein will get along well, Bruder…" Ludwig said giving him a stern look.

"Whatever you say…" Gilbert grumbled as the nurse from before walked up to them.

"Okay, Mr. Beilschmidt," she said, before noticing the confused look on Ludwig's face, "Um, Gilbert… We just need you to sign this form…." She held another clipboard to him, along with a pen. Gilbert snatched them from her and signed on the line without even looking at the words.

"There," he grumbled.

"Thank you very much," the nurse said, smiling as she retrieved the form as well as the one Ludwig had finished filling out."Just let me know when you're ready." She then went to wait next to the door leading to the heavily fortified door leading to the rest of the asylum.

"I'll be seeing you later," Roddy told him, walking off. It seemed that everyone in the room was giving the two brothers space. Both the nurse waiting for him and the secretary behind the desk seemed to look away and even the security guard near the heavy door was making it obvious that he reading a magazine that he found very interesting. What was up with them? Gilbert was about to give Ludwig a "wtf is up with everybody?" look when he noticed that his usually stoic brother looked pretty…upset.

"Hey, West…" Gilbert mumbled, leaning on the affectionate, but unexplainable nickname, "It'll be alright… I mean, I'll be okay…" He figured this was the time to try and be a decent big brother.

"Bruder…" Ludwig murmured, pulling him into a one-armed-half-man-hug-thing. It was kind of awkward, but that was West for you. "Ich werde bald..." Ludwig whispered.

"Wirklich schnell. Ich verspreche Ihnen…" Gilbert replied. Ludwig released him from the terrible hug, and walked towards the door. He turned and waved, but didn't open the door to leave.

"Are you ready Mr. Beilschmidt?" the nurse asked quietly.

"What…?" Gilbert asked, "Oh, uh yeah… I guess…" He didn't move though, he was too absorbed with the idea that Ludwig was really going to leave him there. The nurse walked slowly over to him and grabbed his elbow, leading him gently over towards the door. He numbly followed her guiding hand, waving to his brother sadly.

West just stood there, looking forlorn.

Well, that was just about the most horrible thing ever.

Sure the physical was alright at first. Just the normal check-up like things…height, weight, pulse, blood pressure…

"Alright, hun, please remove your pants…" When the nurse snapped on those rubber gloves he knew he was in trouble.


Her hands were so cold…

The high-pressure shower wasn't very awesome either.

Gilbert scowled as he walked down the clean, white hall, glaring at each door that he and the orderly that was accompanying him passed.

"When am I getting my stuff back?" he grumbled at said orderly. They had taken his bags away as soon as he went with the nurse into the infirmary for his physical. He was stuck wearing sweatpants until he got back to his beloved skinny jeans…

"My name is Antonio, nice to meet you too," the orderly, Antonio laughed. Gilbert just growled at him. "Your bags are probably waiting for you in your room. They're pretty quick when it comes to searching them."

"What! They looked through my stuff!" Gilbert exclaimed, though he vaguely realized he shouldn't be surprised after the invasive procedures he just had to go through.

"Of course, we can't have you bringing just anything in here you know…" Antonio laughed again. This guy was way too happy to be working in a mental hospital. "Ah! Here we are. Your door's on the right," he suddenly said as he gently grabbed Gilbert—by the elbow, just as the nurse had—and guided him in the right direction. Gilbert shrugged him off, deciding he didn't like being directed around.

"I can walk fine myself, thanks," he mumbled.

"No problem," Antonio sighed, holding up his hands in front of his chest as signaling that he meant no harm. As they walked up to the door, he knocked quietly, calling, "Lovino! Are you in there?"

Lovino? Oh shit! He had a roommate! Fuuuuuck….

The door opened suddenly, revealing a short brunette with a lone curl sticking out from his hair and a scowl on his face, "What the fuck do you want, Antonio? Checks isn't for 3 more minutes…" he stopped when he saw Gilbert standing in front of him.

"Why the hell is there a fucking albino standing in front of me?" Lovino asked, looking pretty miffed.

"He's your new roommate, Lovi," Antonio said, smiling gleefully.

"Fuck that!" Lovino swore, trying to close the door. Antonio stopped him with his foot.

"Not so fast, Lovi~" Antonio chuckled, "His stuff is in there isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is…" Lovino mumbled, "I guess he can come and get it…"

"That means he's happy to be rooming with you, Gilbert!" Antonio chirped.

"It does not!" Lovino growled, turning red as he stalked further into his—their—room. Antonio followed him in and Gilbert entered after the orderly, looking around at his new living space.

It was small, but not terribly so…but the bars on the windows creeped him out… There were two beds, one on each side of the room with a bedside table in between. There was an armoire on the right wall and a door on the left. Gilbert stared at the door for a bit, wondering where it went.

"That goes to our bathroom," Lovino stated as if Gilbert was the dumbest asshole in the world, "We share it with our neighbors: the Wonder Twins…"

"The Wonder Twins?" Gilbert asked, confused. Who the fuck were the Wonder Twins?

"Don't worry; there are far worse people to share a bathroom with…" Lovino said, probably trying to be reassuring or something, but he instead just sounded like a huge dickwad, "They keep to themselves and don't bother me. Plus, I'm pretty sure they don't beat it in the shower."

"Lovi!" Antonio exclaimed, still looking happy but seemed a little exasperated, "Don't talk about stuff like that!"

"Why not?" Lovino barked, "It's a perfectly natural thing to talk about!" As the two started to banter, Gilbert wandered over to the left bed, which he assumed was his, given that his bags were on top of it. He started to rifle through one of them, looking for his jeans. Where were they….?

"Where are my jeans?" he asked, kind of ticked. Did West forget to pack them? That asshole….

"Do you really think I would choose to wear ugly shit like this all the fucking time?" Lovino snapped, gesturing to his track pants and t-shirt.

"Clothing with metal parts is strictly forbidden," Antonio said, going all rules-y on them, "It's for safety reasons…"

"If you cry and scream enough they'll probably let you have something if it means a lot you though…" Lovino said, again seeming as if he wanted to help.

"Lovino! Don't encourage that kind of behavior!" Antonio said, finally frowning a bit.

"You better really want it though, 'cause they'll fucking remove all the buttons and zippers and shit…" Lovino added "God forbid we choke!"

"Do they think I'll choke on my toothbrush too? Because that's not here either…" Gilbert grumbled, trying not to care that his cute yellow chick toothbrush was absent. He kept rummaging through his neatly packed (thanks, West!) bag, looking for something far more important than a toothbrush.

"They don't want us to whittle them into shanks so they supply ones that are hard to….are you looking for something?" Lovino paused his explanation as Gilbert got more agitated as he ransacked his bag. Antonio had noticed his change in demeanor and had quickly gotten way closer to Gilbert, his relaxed state gone.

"Something wrong, buddy?" he asked calmly, but his eyes were searching him up and down, waiting for him to make a move. Gilbert ignored how creeped out his was by the orderly's suspicions.

"Where'd they put the stuff I came in with…where are those clothes?" Gilbert growled, trying not yell. No way could he survive this place without it…he just couldn't…

"It was probably all deemed unsafe and given to your brother to take home for you. Bud, do you need something?" Antonio asked slowly, voice still soft.

"I need my free phone call…" Gilbert snapped.

"Your what? This isn't fucking prison!" Lovino growled. Antonio shot him a "be quiet now" look.

"I need to make a phone call. NOW!" Gilbert tried to stay calm, he really did…but he just couldn't. Antonio quickly grabbed a hold of his elbow, his face totally serious.

"Alright, buddy…you can make a call. Can you tell me what's the matter?" he asked, voice still calm.

"I NEED TO TALK TO WEST NOW!" Gilbert yelled, thrashing a bit, "NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!"

"I won't take you anywhere if you don't calm down," Antonio warned. Gilbert tried to compose himself.

"….please…?" was the pitiful response he could manage. He hated that he sounded like he was about to cry. "I need to talk to Bruder…."

"Okay, come with me…" Antonio said in his calm voice, leading Gilbert out of his room and down the hall, "That's right settle down, it will be okay…"

Soon they had reached the office area of the hospital. Gilbert sat in the reception area while Antonio talked to Dr. Roddy in a hushed tone. Behind the two of them, Gilbert could see the doors of all the shrink's offices. He was too caught up in his present problem to think about how much he was dreading going in one of those offices. Suddenly, the two men in front of him stopped speaking and Dr. Roddy slowly walked towards him.

"So, you want to speak with your brother, Gilbert?" he asked in the eerily calm tone that Antonio had used earlier. Damn, these people were good.

"Yes! Right now! I need to!" Gilbert snapped angrily.

"No, you want to speak with your brother. You do not need to speak with him," Dr. Roddy said sternly, but his tone remained calm.

"NO! I NEED TO CALL HIM RIGHT NOW!" Gilbert yelled.

"That's not going to happen if you are not calm." What was with everyone wanting him to be calm when he was clearly upset?

"I AM CALM!" he screamed.

"No, you're not, Gilbert. Can you take three deep breaths for me?" Dr. Roddy asked, "Let's try it: 1…2…3…." Gilbert did as he was told, trying to calm down for the sake of being allowed to call Ludwig. "There we go, that's better…" his doctor murmured, "Let's go make a call." With that he placed his hand gently on Gilbert's shoulder, easing him out of the chair he was sitting in. Slowly they made their way to one of the offices. Antonio followed, watching Gilbert like a hawk.

Dr. Roddy had Gilbert sit in a chair across from his desk while he punched the numbers in the phone. Antonio stayed in the doorway, still watching. Once he was finished dialing the number, Dr. Roddy pushed the phone in Gilbert's direction. Gilbert moved his hand towards it, ready to pick it up but was stopped by Dr. Roddy's hand stilling his own.

"It's on speakerphone," he stated calmly. Of course it was. Goodbye personal space.

"Ja, this is Ludwig," his brother's voice came from the speaker of the phone cradle.

"West! West!" Gilbert cried. Dr. Roddy put a finger to his lips.

"Calm down please, Gilbert," he said softly.

"I am calm!" Gilbert snapped.

"I don't think you are. Would you like to try breathing again?"


"Bruder, what's wrong?" Ludwig sounded worried.

"Do you have it?" Gilbert asked, again upset at the fact that he sounded close to tears.

"Oh," his brother sighed, "Ja, I do. It is safe."

"Please bring it back…" Gilbert begged.

"What are you talking about, Gilbert?" Dr. Roddy asked, "What do you need?"

"I NEED MY BROTHER TO BRING IT BACK!" Gilbert screamed. Antonio was at his side in an instant, ready for action in case Gilbert started to get violent.

"Mr. Beilschmidt, what is Gilbert talking about?" Dr. Roddy asked calmly.

"His Iron Cross…" Ludwig voice answered, "It means a lot to him…but if you don't think he should have it…"

"No! I need it, West!" Gilbert yelled into the speaker.

"Gilbert, this is something you want, not something you need," Dr. Roddy stated, "Your necklace is a potential choking hazard…"


"But other patients—"


"Gilbert, I'm going to ask you one more time to calm down, if you can't control yourself, I will have no choice but to administer something to help you…."

"I'm calm! I'm calm! I'm calm…." It didn't help that every time he tried to be calm he ended up close to tears, or in this case, actually crying. He put his head on the doctor's desk, shaking slightly.

"….and since we have made certain concessions before, I think we can make an exception for your brother." Wait, Roddy was still talking.

"That would be good, thank you," Ludwig replied, sounding shaken up.

"As long as he keeps it on his neck at all times and under his shirt, I don't think there will be any problem," Roddy said to Gilbert just as much to Ludwig, "But if there is, privileges can always be taken away…"

"I'll be there in a moment," Ludwig said.

"Oh, you must be home by now or close to it, maybe we could wait until tomorrow…" Dr. Roddy responded.

"Actually…" Ludwig suddenly appeared at the door, accompanied by a nurse.

"He has been sitting in the parking lot for some time now…" the nurse explained. Ludwig looked embarrassed.

"I thought you might need me…" he whispered. Gilbert looked up at him.

"West…" he whimpered. His brother instantly rushed over and showed him the iron cross in his hand.

"Here you are, Bruder. Everything is okay now," he said quietly, clasping the necklace around his neck.

"West, I'm sorry….why am I so messed up?" He just spent ten minutes freaking out over a necklace, why? Why was he so upset?

"It was a present from Vater, I know how much it means to you," Ludwig simply said, taking out his matching one from under his shirt. He touched the two pieces of metal together with a soft clink!

"West!" Gilbert cried, throwing his arms over his brother. He was so beyond the point of embarrassment, nothing really mattered anymore.

"Werde bald wieder, Bruder...werde bald wieder…" Ludwig whispered, stroking his hair, "I miss you too much already..."

Okay, these notes will be a little long, because I want to get all this stuff explained at the beginning, so bear with me and please read these notes, especially if you have a question!

First off, translations:

Bruder: brother, Vater: Father, Opa: Grandpa

"Ich werde bald..." = "I will see you soon"

"Wirklich schnell. Ich verspreche Ihnen…" = "Really soon. I promise."

On the disorders: Every character that is a patient is written with an actual mental disorder in mind. None of them are "just crazy". I did quite a bit of research for this fic, and I'm trying to be as accurate as possible while still (attempting) to stay true to the original characterization. The specific disorders will usually not be said outright, because it is unlikely that Romano, who introduces most of the other patients to Gilbert knows the all the technical jazz. Roderich will eventually diagnose Gilbert, so you'll definitely find out what his disorder is, don't worry! I'll try to make it fairly obvious as far as symptoms go, but if you ever wonder what disorder I'm basing a character off of, please, just ask. It's not a secret; it just doesn't stylistically work for me to just state the obvious. Also, please let me know if I'm characterizing anything wrong!

On PruCan: Yes, I plan to develop a relationship between them. Will there be smut? Probably not... Just the unlikeliness of a mental asylum setting... It just doesn't work for me.

On Gilbert's character: Yeah, he's kind of OOC in this chapter, mostly because he's having a shitty day. His self image is supposed to fluctuate due to his disorder, so there will be times where he seems not himself. Don't worry though, his arrogant, prick-like self will be back in the next chapter.

Um, yeah. I think that's it… maybe there's more to explain, but if no one asks further, I'll just assume everyone's good.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it.