Tyler's POV

I'm so cold. Why is so cold in here? It's the summer time. Why isn't it warm enough? I looked over and saw Nick laying in bed with no covers over him. How can he stand it? I began shivering and my teeth were chattering. I pulled at all the blankets, and covered up. I made my own little cocoon out of the blankets, but I still wasn't very warm. I soon began to fall asleep, only to dream of living in a frigid area, and feeling all the more cold. I opened my eyes. The room was spinning. What's going on?

Mom walked in , "Tyler?" He said. I couldn't answer through my chattering teeth. Mom placed one of her hands on my forehead, testing my temperature. "God, Tyler. You're burning up. Let me go get the thermometer." Thermometer? What does she need that for? I'm freezing. I can't be burning up. Before Mom returned, I had fallen back into my dizzy, cold, state.

I don't remember much after that point. Only these bits and pieces. I woke up, barely opening my eyes, and someone place a glass of juice to my lips. I drank heavily. I couldn't seem to get enough of it. But all too soon, someone took it away. I whimpered, wanting more. "Sorry, bubby. I don't want you getting sick from only having fluids in you." Someone with a deep voice said, brushing my hair back. "D-dad?" I said my voice hoarse and weak. I heard a sharp intake of breath, but then I fell asleep again.