Welcome to my newest fanfic. A few readers of my very first fanfic said I should try to do one based on the PMD2 specials, so now I'm going to give it a try, especially since Team Poképals will be appearing in the sequel to my first fanfic.

In addition, this is also going to have a backstory for Piplup and Grovyle, back before the events of the games. As a result, each chapter will be split into two parts: one for Team Poképals, the other for Grovyle. A line will indicate when a switch occurs; not much of a warning, I know, but it seems to be the simplest way of doing it.

Just like before, this fic will follow the basic storyline of the games, as far as the Team Poképals portions go, though some things will be added or changed as the fic goes on.

I don't own anything Pokémon-related, only the ideas present in this story. Now that that's out of the way, let's get started.

Dark black clouds covered the sky, hiding the formerly blue skies and sun from view. The world below seemed to reflect the darkness in the sky; no matter where anyone went, the landscape was virtually the same, be it the plains, a forest that managed to survive without sunlight, or the mountainous areas. They were all covered in darkness, and many of the Pokémon in this world were corrupted by it.

In a forest near the sea, a green blur could be seen leaping from tree to tree, eventually coming to rest on a branch sturdy enough to support its weight. Now that it had stopped, it was clear that it was a Grovyle that had a dark brown satchel slung around its shoulder. As it rested for a moment, it muttered, in a deep voice indicating it was a male, "This world has been like this since before I was born. Life is a struggle for many, and many of the Pokémon I have met live with no hope. I've heard what the world used to be like; how could this have happened? Everyone I've asked always points to the west. To Primal Dialga..."

Suddenly, he heard the sound of rapid footsteps in the distance and took cover amongst the leaves. Peering down through the covering, he could make out a group of small, purple bipedal Pokémon scurrying through the forest. Grovyle murmured, "Sableye... What else is new? And if they're here..."

He soon heard a deep male voice, "Keep moving, Sableye! You know how Master Dialga does not like to be kept waiting!" A mostly black Pokémon soon floated past the tree Grovyle was in, stopping for a moment and examining the tree for a moment before moving on. It had a single black eye with a yellow iris and red pupil, two yellow bands near its black wrists and gray hands, two almond-shaped eye-like markings on its chest with a zigzag line running underneath them (making it look like a face), another yellow band near the yellow antenna on the top of its head, and a ghostly tail. It hovered in the air, having no need for feet.

"Dusknoir..." Grovyle thought to himself, remembering the Gripper Pokémon. After Dusknoir left his sight, Grovyle considered leaving the area but then became interested in what Primal Dialga wanted. He knew that Dusknoir and his Sableye assistants were like bodyguards to Dialga, sent out to do the corrupted Temporal Pokémon's bidding. Usually, though, Dialga would appear to give them their orders or send out a Pokémon called Porygon to deliver the orders for him. Thus, it was rare for Dusknoir and the Sableye to have to return and personally see Dialga. Dropping down out of the tree, Grovyle said, "Better go see what's up." He then hurried after Dusknoir and the Sableye, making sure to keep a safe distance and follow the scent left by the Sableye.

Grovyle soon found that he was right about where they were heading: an area past the collapsed remains of an old cave near the ocean, where the only notable thing was a hole going down. He remembered all the times he leapt down into that hole, just like the Sableye had done just shortly before his arrival, but this time, he extended the Leaf Blades on his arms and used them to slowly make his way down. He could hear Dusknoir speaking as he went down, "All right, that's all of the Sableye. Now send me!"

Another voice, sounding slightly electronic, spoke, "Yes, Master Dusknoir!" As Grovyle got closer, he could make out Dusknoir standing between two Porygon. The two Porygon used their power, a black sphere laced with electricity forming around Dusknoir and causing him to disappear. Shortly afterwards, Grovyle let go of the wall and landed in front of the two Porygon, facing the sea as he looked at them. They both turned to face him at the sudden noise and exclaimed, "Waaah! Grovyle?"

Grovyle quickly moved to them and growled, "If you know what's good for you, then you'll send me where I want to go!" Both Porygon immediately gulped and nodded, both moving around Grovyle and using their power, the Wood Gecko Pokémon disappearing as well.

Soon, Grovyle appeared on a floating island, standing near one of the edges. Standing up, he muttered, "I never thought I'd come back here again..." He then detected the scent of the Sableye and said, "Well, I've come this far. I'd better keep going." With that, he ran off, the scent leading him towards a large, destroyed tower in the distance.

"SMILES GO FOR MILES!" the members of the Wigglytuff Guild all yelled as they finished with their morning words of encouragement out in front of the guild. Both Chimchar and Piplup said the words along with the other Guild members now that they knew them after listening in the previous day. Like yesterday, Chimchar was wide awake and Piplup was still a bit sleepy.

"Okay, Pokémon! Time to get to work!" Chatot spoke, all of the Guild members cheering, Piplup doing so a little more enthusiastically than yesterday. After Guildmaster Wigglytuff and the other Guild members went back inside, Chatot turned to Team Poképals and said, "Ah yes, Team Poképals. Come with me." He then spread his wings and flew down the ladder into the guild, Chimchar and Piplup following after glancing at each other.

Chatot was waiting for them on the first floor of the guild, standing in front of the board with all of the outlaws on it. As they stepped in front of him, Piplup asked, "What are we doing in front of the Outlaw Notice Board?"

Chatot explained, "Yesterday you were assigned a job from the Job Bulletin Board. Today you'll be handling a job from this board."

Piplup asked, "So you want us to catch an outlaw? Are we even ready for something like that?"

Chatot replied, "Well, you certainly were ready for Gabite. And the bad Pokémon out there come in all shades of badness. Some, like Grovyle, are wicked through and through, while others are merely petty thieves. So you've got evil and naughty... and everything in between! Still, for now, we'll make sure you stick to jobs that don't involve any superbad Pokémon. So look over the posters, then pick a Pokémon that looks weak enough for you to bring to justice!"

Chimchar spoke, "Okay, we'll do it!" He turned to Piplup and asked, "Right, Piplup?"

The blue penguin adjusted his Joy Ribbon as he said, "Uh, yeah, sure. But aren't we going to need supplies before we go after a criminal?"

Chatot said, "Hmm, well I suppose having only a Joy Ribbon and a Defense Scarf doesn't exactly count as being prepared. So I'll have someone help you with the preparation part." He turned to the ladder leading down further into the guild and called, "Hey! Bidoof! Bidoof?"

After a moment, the Plump Mouse Pokémon came up the ladder, huffing a bit as he came over to Chatot. "Yup yup, I'm here! You called for me, Chatot?"

Chatot nodded, "Yes, Bidoof. I'm sending our new recruits, Team Poképals, out on another mission today. Before they go, I'd like you to help them prepare and show them the town."

Bidoof replied, "Yes sirree! By golly, I'll do just that! Yup yup!"

Chatot turned back to Piplup and Chimchar, "You've already become acquainted with Bidoof, if I recall correctly. I want you to pay attention to what he has to say and follow his orders. Off you go, then!" He then hopped away, going deeper into the guild.

After Chatot left, Bidoof exclaimed, "Aw, shucks, I'm overjoyed!" He turned to Piplup and Chimchar and said, "I didn't mention this the other day, but I'm glad to have members junior to me! I'm almost overcome right now... I might just blubber with happiness! Before you all signed on, I was the most recent rookie..."

Seeing that he seemed to be on the verge of tears, Chimchar waved his arms frantically, "I-it's okay, Bidoof! We're glad you're here to help us!"

Bidoof took a moment to dry his eyes and said, "Right, I'd best show you around. Since Chatot showed you the layout of the guild, we'll go to Treasure Town. Come with me, please." With that, they went up the ladder leading out of the guild, heading for Treasure Town.

After going down the stairs in front of the guild and past the watering hole, Bidoof led Team Poképals towards Treasure Town. As they walked, both Bidoof and Chimchar explained the various buildings around town to Piplup, as he was the only one who didn't really know about any of them, aside from the Kecleon Brothers' Shopping Wares. After Chimchar withdrew some of his Poké from the Duskull Bank, Bidoof said, "Okay, let's go visit the Kecleon Brothers and get you your supplies. Then we'll go select an outlaw that's right for you two."

Chimchar smiled, "Thank you, Bidoof. You've been really nice."

Bidoof blushed, "G-golly, you're embarrassing me! Aw, shucks..." With that, the three of them headed to the west side of town.

When they arrived at the shop, the green Kecleon spoke, "Ah, Bidoof! What can we do for you and your new juniors?"

Bidoof replied, "They're going out to catch their first outlaw, by golly! It'll be something they can handle, but just to be safe, I'm helping them pick up supplies."

The purple Kecleon spoke, "Well, there's no better place to come than here for supplies! And after hearing about their successful mission to get a Gabite Scale the other day, we know Team Poképals will be able to handle an outlaw as well!"

They both asked, "So, what can we get for you?" Bidoof asked for two Oran Berries, a Pecha Berry, two Stun Seeds, and a Max Elixir, as that would provide Team Poképals with the basics while still leaving them with some Poké to buy more supplies in the future.

As the trio was about to leave, they heard someone say, "Misters Kecleon!" Everyone turned to see a Marill and Azurill coming down the street. Piplup, Chimchar, and Bidoof got out of the way as the two Pokémon stepped up to the counter.

The younger, green Kecleon spoke, "Ah! Little Marill and Azurill! Welcome, our little friends!"

Azurill spoke, "Hello. May I buy an Apple?"

Kecleon nodded, "Oh, most certainly!" He went into the back and came out holding a bag in his hands.

Taking the bag, Marill said, "Thank you, Misters Kecleon!"

Kecleon bowed, "No, thank you, my young friends! You are to be admired!" Both Marill and Azurill turned and began to head home after paying for the Apple.

The older, purple Kecleon turned to the trio and said, "Those delightful children are brothers, you know. Recently, their poor mother has fallen sick. So those youngsters come and do the shopping for her."

His brother added, "It's quite remarkable. Though very young, they've stepped up and taken charge."

Suddenly, they heard Marill call, "Misters Kecleon!" Everyone turned to see him and Azurill running back, Marill still carrying the bag.

After they stopped in front of the counter, the green Kecleon asked, "Oh? What's the hurry? What makes you return in such a rush?"

Azurill exclaimed, "There was an extra Apple!"

Marill nodded, "We didn't pay for this many."

The same Kecleon spoke, "Oh, yes... That, young friends, is a gift from me and my brother. Please, share it among yourselves and do enjoy."

Marill asked, "Really?" Both Kecleon nodded at that.

Azurill cheered, "Yay! Thank you, Mr. Kecleon and Mr. Kecleon!"

Kecleon nodded, "Oh, not to worry, my friends. Do take care on your way home." With that, both Azurill and Marill turned to go, heading back down the street.

Bidoof turned to Piplup and Chimchar, saying, "I suppose we'd better get going ourselves. We still have to pick an outlaw for you two to handle, yup yup!" They both nodded, so the trio said goodbye to the Kecleon Brothers and began to make their way back to the Wigglytuff Guild.

As they were walking through the east square, Piplup and Chimchar saw Shinx and his sister with Marill and Azurill on the side of the path, standing next to a larger Pokémon that had a trunk, was half yellow and half brown, had yellow toes, and tired-looking eyes. "What's going on over there?" Piplup wondered. They both walked over, Bidoof turning to see what had caught their attention before going back over to them, standing next to Chimchar.

Chimchar asked, "Excuse me, is something going on?"

Everyone turned to face them, both Shinx and his sister's face lighting up at seeing Chimchar and Piplup. "Oh! Team Poképals! Thanks again for helping my sister!" he exclaimed. The younger Shinx also said her thanks to the duo.

Marill spoke, "Some time ago, we lost an item that's pretty important to us... We've been looking all over... But we haven't found it yet!" He then turned to the larger Pokémon, saying, "Then Mr. Drowzee came along... And he says he may have seen our lost item somewhere!" He turned back to the trio and said, "He even offered to help us look for it. We're so happy about this!"

Bidoof smiled, "By golly, that's great for you two! Yup yup!"

Azurill turned to Drowzee and said, "Thank you, Mr. Drowzee!"

Drowzee waved a hand in front of him, "Oh please... I'd have to have a cold heart to ignore kids in need! I can't turn a blind eye! Let us be on our way to begin our search!" Both Azurill and Marill agreed, so they turned to head out of the square, Drowzee following behind. As he passed Piplup, he accidentally bumped into him. "Whoops! Terribly sorry," Drowzee said before he followed the two siblings.

Unbeknownst to everyone present, that brief moment of contact ended up causing Piplup to have another vision, a streak of white shooting across his forehead as his body seemed to change colors, unnoticed by anyone else. "It's happening again...?" he asked in his head.

Piplup's vision

Azurill and Drowzee were in a rocky area, possibly on the top of a mountain. "If you keep being difficult, it will mean big trouble for you!" Drowzee said as he approached Azurill.

"H-h-h... HELP!" Azurill screamed.

End of vision

"That Drowzee sure is a nice Pokémon, isn't he?" Chimchar was asking.

"Yup yup! With more and more bad Pokémon around, it's hard to do good deeds these days," Bidoof agreed.

"I hope they find their item soon," Chimchar said. He then noticed Piplup had hardly moved since Drowzee bumped into him and asked, "Hey, Piplup, what's the matter?"

Piplup turned around with a start and stuttered, "Oh, uh... I was just wondering if they're going to be all right with just Drowzee around. I mean, after all that talk about there being bad Pokémon around and all that..."

Bidoof said, "Oh, I'm sure they'll be fine! Drowzee seems like a good fellow, by golly. Shall we get back to the guild now?"

Piplup said, "Uh, why don't you go on ahead, Bidoof? There's something I want to tell Chimchar before we go after an outlaw."

Bidoof shrugged, "Uh, okay. Just don't take too long." With that, he started making his way back to the Wigglytuff Guild, leaving Piplup and Chimchar alone with Shinx and his sister. Piplup then asked Chimchar to come over to the Duskull Bank with him, leaving the two Shinx alone.

Once they were standing alongside the path, Chimchar asked, "So what is it you wanted to tell me, Piplup?"

Piplup took a deep breath, then went into talk mode, "Okay, so when Drowzee bumped me, I briefly had a vision! In it, Drowzee was threatening Azurill in a mountainous area and Marill was nowhere to be seen! So I think we should go after them and make sure Azurill is safe! It's an emergency!"

Chimchar blinked twice before saying, "Okay... Well, that definitely sounds like an emergency, but... Well, it's not like I don't trust you, Piplup, but... I just don't know. I mean, Drowzee seemed like a really nice Pokémon, didn't he? And the three of them looked like they were having fun as they went." He then smiled, "Maybe you're still tired, Piplup. Maybe that's why that weird Piplup humor is coming out again."

Piplup placed a wing on the side of his face as he said, "I guess you're right..." But what he was really thinking was, "It couldn't be just a bad daydream. I mean, the same thing happened that night and then again in Labyrinth Cave."

Chimchar added, "Besides, we're still apprentices for Guildmaster Wigglytuff. We can't go wherever we feel like. Sure, I'm worried about them too, but we have to concentrate on our guild work for now. So let's go find Bidoof." Piplup nodded, so they both made their way back to the crossroads and headed up the stairs to the guild entrance.

Once inside the guild, they found Bidoof waiting for them in front of the Outlaw Notice Board. When he saw them, Bidoof asked, "All done with whatever you needed to do?" When they nodded, Bidoof said, "Oh, yes sirree! I reckon you all are all ready! Then let's pick ourselves a lawbreaker for you to find." They looked up at the board, Bidoof saying, "Well, you've got your pick of this sorry bunch of characters. As your mentor, how about I do the choosing?"

Chimchar replied, "Okay, but don't choose anyone too scary!"

Bidoof nodded, "Yes sirree, I hear you! Let's see. Eenie, meenie..."

Suddenly, what sounded like an alarm was heard and a voice was heard behind the Outlaw Notice Board, "Stand clear! Updating listings! Stand clear! Updating listings!"

The three of them took a step back when the wall began to rumble, Piplup asking, "What's going on?"

Bidoof answered, "Oh, the data's getting updated."

Piplup looked at him, "Updated?" Suddenly, the panel the board was on flipped around, showing the back of it. "Whoa! The panel just flipped over! Who did that?" he asked.

Bidoof explained, "The Outlaw Notice Board and Job Bulletin Board are set up on revolving panels. While the panel is flipped over, a Pokémon named Dugtrio swaps out the old jobs with new ones. That's Dugtrio's duty, you see. He tunnels his way to our guild, then he flips the panel and updates the data. This duty doesn't get noticed much, but it's very important. Yup yup! That's why Dugtrio takes such great pride in the duty he does!"

Chimchar's eyes sparkled as he said, "Wow! That is so cool!"

They then heard Dugtrio say, "Update completed! Stand clear! Update completed! Stand clear!" They turned back to the wall to see the board flip back around to the side with the posters.

Bidoof said, "Yes sirree! The data is updated. The list of outlaws has been refreshed, so let's pick one." He then noticed both Piplup and Chimchar seemed to be trembling and asked, "Huh? What's ailing you two? Why are you all shivering all of a sudden?" He glanced around before saying, "It's not cold here, after all."

Piplup muttered, "That poster... It's been moved from the bottom right to the top left, but it's still the same outlaw."

Chimchar spoke, "It's Drowzee! H-he's a wanted criminal!" He turned to Piplup and said, "We have to get moving! Azurill will be in danger!" With that, both Chimchar and Piplup ran over to the ladder, scrambling up out of the guild.

Bidoof, who didn't really catch everything that was just said, stood there and asked, "Now what's going on? Where are you all off to?"

Outside, Chimchar and Piplup were running down the stairs when Piplup called, "Look! There's Marill!"

The Aqua Mouse Pokémon noticed them coming down the stairs and ran over, meeting them at the crossroads. "Marill, what's the matter? Where are Azurill and Drowzee?" Chimchar asked.

Marill explained, "Yes... about them...! After we all left, we went looking for our lost item together... But I wound up all alone when Mr. Drowzee went somewhere with Azurill. I called and called, but they didn't come back. I got scared..."

Chimchar asked, "So which way did they go?"

Marill said, "Th-this way!" He ran out on the path leading out of town, Piplup and Chimchar following.

They eventually arrived at the foot of Mt. Bristle. "You think they went this way?" Piplup asked.

Marill nodded, "Yes..."

Chimchar turned to Piplup and said, "Piplup, the Drowzee and Azurill you saw in your dream... You said they were in a mountainous area, right?" Piplup nodded, so Chimchar said, "I get the feeling that they're up ahead here. Let's hurry, Piplup!" With that, they hurried up the nearby slope, making their way up the mountain while Marill waited for them.

Team Poképals ran up the mountain slopes as fast as they could. Along the way, they encountered various Machop, Spinarak, Doduo, and Geodude, along with Starly that came close in their search for food. As they got closer to the top, they also started seeing Nidorino and Nidorina along the path they were taking.

At the summit, Azurill and Drowzee were approaching a wall where a small hole could be seen in the rock. Azurill, not noticing the little hole, said, "Uh-oh. It's a dead end." He turned around to face Drowzee and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Drowzee. Where is my lost item? Could you show me where the item is now?"

Drowzee replied, "Sorry, kiddo. Your lost item? It's not here, that's for sure."

Azurill was confused, then realized something. "My... big brother... My big brother's following us, right? He's coming soon?" he asked.

Drowzee answered, "Nope. Your big brother's not coming. I'll let you in on a little secret. This was all a trick. I deceived you." Azurill let out a surprised cry, after which Drowzee continued, "But let's not dwell on that. There's a little favor I need to ask. See that hole behind you?" Azurill turned to see the hole while Drowzee said, "There's a rumor that there's a trove of thief treasure inside there! But as you can see, I'm too big to squirm my way through that hole. And that's where you come in!" Azurill turned back to him, startled. "Don't worry. Just do as I say. Do that, then I'll help you get back out of there."

Azurill took a step back, "B-but..."

Drowzee said, "Go on, get going!" He took a step forward, "Go into that hole. And don't forget to bring back the treasure!"

Azurill cried, "I want my big brother!" He then ran around Drowzee, heading for the path leading back down the mountain.

"H-hey! Stop that!" Drowzee exclaimed, running after Azurill. He managed to get around the Polka Dot Pokémon, forcing him to stop. "Sheesh! I said that I'll take you home when you're done! If you keep being difficult, it will mean big trouble for you!" he said. He began to approach Azurill.

"H-h-h... HELP!" Azurill screamed.

Suddenly, they both heard Chimchar shout, "Hold it right there!" They looked to see Piplup and Chimchar running towards them. As they stood in front of Drowzee, Chimchar said, "We won't let you do that! Drowzee, you bully!"

Drowzee groaned, "H-how did you find this place?"

Chimchar said, "We're Team Poképals! An exploration team! No criminal can escape us!"

Drowzee exclaimed, "An exploration team? You came to apprehend..." He stopped short, noticing Chimchar seemed to be shaking. "...Huh? Are you... trembling?" He then grinned, "Aha! I've figured it out! You say you're on an exploration team, but you're total rookies! Ha ha ha! I've been chased by all sorts of exploration teams in my day, but never a sorrier-looking bunch than you two!"

Noticing how Chimchar was struck by those words, Piplup spoke up, "Yeah, well you're not much of a feared criminal, Drowzee! You had to separate Azurill from his brother to pull this off! If you were a really bad criminal, you'd be able to handle both of them, wouldn't you?"

His spirit brought back by Piplup's words, Chimchar added, "Yeah, that's right! There's no way we're going to lose to a bad guy like you!"

Drowzee sneered, "Heh. You two like to put words into each other's mouths, don't you? I'm still a wanted Pokémon with a bounty on my head. Can you two do the job? Can you bring this outlaw to justice? This should be a laugh. Let's see if you can take me down. Show me what you've got!"

Drowzee attacked first, coming at the two with a Pound attack. They both leapt out of the way, Drowzee flying past harmlessly, and Chimchar tried an Ember attack after landing. Drowzee was quick, though, and managed to stop the attack with Confusion. Piplup tried to attack from behind with a Peck attack, only to have Drowzee smack him away with another Pound attack. Drowzee then tried to hit him with a Hypnosis attack, but Piplup closed his eyes to keep from looking at the movements of Drowzee's arms and hands.

Seeing that Drowzee wasn't paying any attention to him, Chimchar slammed into him from behind with a Flame Wheel, which he learned while they were climbing up Mt. Bristle. Hearing the hit, Piplup opened his eyes and, while Drowzee was flying towards him, hit him head-on with a Peck attack, sending him back and up a bit before he hit the ground.

Drowzee managed to get up and hit Piplup with a Disable attack, the former human freezing in place and unable to protect himself. Drowzee then ran over, trying to hit him with another Pound, but Chimchar was faster and hit him with Fury Swipes. Drowzee managed to slap him away with a Pound attack after a moment, but Piplup had recovered by then and fired a BubbleBeam at him, knocking him away from Chimchar, giving the Chimp Pokémon a chance to get up. Drowzee slumped a bit, a hand on the ground as he was down on one knee, but faced the two and tried to hit them with Hypnosis. Chimchar closed his eyes, as did Piplup, and gave him one last Ember attack, using the sound Drowzee was making to help him aim his attack. After it hit, Drowzee slumped to the ground soon afterwards.

With Drowzee defeated, both Chimchar and Piplup ran over to Azurill, Chimchar saying, "We came to rescue you. Are you all right? You're not hurt, are you?"

Azurill replied, "I'm okay."

Piplup said, "That's a relief. Come on, let's get Drowzee and get you back to your brother." Azurill nodded and they all headed over to Drowzee, who was still knocked out, and began to push him down the mountain's slope.

At the bottom, they found two Magnemite and a Magnezone waiting for them. By now, Drowzee was beginning to regain consciousness, so the two Magnemite flew around him in case he decided to try anything. Piplup, Chimchar, and Azurill went over to Magnezone, who said, "ZZZT! I am Magnezone, the primary officer in this region! ZZZT! We received word from the Wigglytuff Guild that you two were pursuing a wanted outlaw!"

Chimchar said, "That must've been Bidoof's doing."

Magnezone nodded, "Good work in capturing this outlaw! We owe you great thanks for your cooperation! ZZZT!" He and his fellow Magnemite officers gave the team a kind of salute before Magnezone continued, "ZZZT! We will send the reward to your guild. Thank you again! ZZZT!" He then floated over to Drowzee and said, "ZZZT! Now come with us! ZZZT!" Drowzee groaned as he was led away by the officers.

Suddenly, Piplup, Chimchar, and Azurill heard Marill's voice, "Azurill!" They turned to see him coming towards them.

"Marill!" Azurill exclaimed, running over to him. Once they reached each other, Azurill cried, "Waaaaah! Marill! It was so scary!"

Marill asked, "You okay, Azurill? Are you hurt?"

Chimchar spoke, "He's fine. Drowzee didn't hurt him in any way."

Marill sighed, "Really? That's a relief! Oh, Azurill... Azurill..." The two siblings then faced Team Poképals and Marill said, "You did this all for us, Piplup and Chimchar. We won't forget what you did for us. Thank you so much." He then turned to his brother and said, "Come on, Azurill. You too."

Azurill nodded, "Yup..." He then faced the two and said, "Thank you very much! Thank you for rescuing me!"

Marill added, "Really... Really thank you!"

Later, back at the Wigglytuff Guild

Chatot, who was standing in front of the Outlaw Notice Board, was facing Piplup and Chimchar. "I've received the bounty from Officer Magnezone for the captured outlaw! Well done, you two! Here's your share from the job. It's yours to keep!" He then handed them 300 Poké while he held onto the remaining 2,700 Poké.

"What? This is all we get? After all that work?" Chimchar asked.

Chatot replied after a moment, "Yes. I told you, the guild receives the majority of the spoils. When it comes to money, the guild receives 90% of the reward. But don't worry! That's all part of the training! And we expect just as much effort tomorrow!" He then hopped away, giggling.

"Ugh, I still don't like that very much..." Chimchar sighed.

"Well, it's the guild rules. What can we do?" Piplup shrugged. He then added, "Besides, we rescued Azurill. That's good, right?"

Chimchar brightened up, "Yeah! And it's all thanks to that dream you had, Piplup! Thanks to that, we were able to get to Azurill before something bad happened!" Piplup nodded, thinking to himself, "I wonder if I should tell him about the other two times... Well, maybe it's not that important now."

Later that evening...

Chimchar looked out the window in their room at the storm going on outside. "Wow, it looks like we're in for a big storm tonight," he said. He then turned to Piplup, who was sitting in his bed, and said, "You know, there was a storm like this a few nights ago. Then just two days ago, I found you unconscious on the beach… Have you started to remember anything, Piplup? Like how you got there or about being a human?"

Piplup shook his head, then said, "Hey, that day... What are these Time Gears that Chatot was talking about? The ones that this Grovyle is stealing?"

Chimchar explained, "They say that the Time Gears are hidden in secret places around the world. Like in a forest or in an underground cave... Time Gears rest at the center of such places. They protect time and keep time flowing properly in a region. I guess removing a Time Gear will interrupt the flow of time in the region it was removed from. It's long been believed that removing them will cause disaster. And I used to think that even the most hardened criminal wouldn't dare do something like that. Which is why it's so surprising that Grovyle has already taken two."

Piplup nodded, understanding somewhat. "I said he seemed like a bad Pokémon when I first heard about him, but now I wonder... What's he taking them for?"

Chimchar shrugged, then said, "Well, there's no point wondering about it now. I just hope he can't find any of the others. And we'd better try to get some sleep now so we can wake up early tomorrow." Piplup nodded and removed his Joy Ribbon while Chimchar took off his Defense Scarf and the pendant he had had since Piplup met him, both of them laying down. Piplup briefly considered asking him about his pendent, but then noticed that Chimchar's flame was beginning to go out, a sign that he was beginning to fall asleep. Piplup decided to ask him about it later, laying down and trying to get some sleep himself, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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