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Maggie POV

I walked silently into the kitchen, afraid of waking up my sister or my mother. It wasn't hard to be quiet. My little seven-year-old feet barely made a sound anyway. I knew that I wasn't supposed to be up this late. My mom has always told me to be careful in the dark. I never really understood why, at least not until now. I knew what I was, but I didn't know there were other creatures out there. Well, other than humans.

I stood on my toes, trying to reach for the crackers. I couldn't quite reach them, so I climbed onto the counter. Suddenly, I was thrown onto the floor. I let out a cry as I felt myself bruising as I hit the tile. Above me stood a man. His hair was dark, and his eyes were blue. His face was contorted in a mask of a monster, and his eyes shone with a killing light. He smiled, his abnormally large canine teeth sticking out from his lip.

I let out a gasp and scooted closer to the wall. There was no way that I would be able to fight off this thing! Maybe if I could surprise or distract him I could get away. He probably didn't think that a little girl like me could have this strong of a thought pattern. I will admit that what I was could be considered a monster too.

A felt the change come over me. My nails lengthened into claws, my teeth becoming sharper. My body was now covered in pure white fur. My ears moved to the top of my head, and my face changed shape, so that I had more of an animalistic muzzle. I gained a long tail that swished back and forth in a panicked thought. While this happened, I kept my humanoid shape. The change was done, and I stood up on my two legs.

The vampire looked at me, stunned. He definitely wasn't expecting that. I could see that he was contemplating what to do next. While he thought, I slowly crept to the side, trying to escape his teeth. I was almost out of the room, but he decided to go after me anyway. He was suddenly in front of me, his hand around my neck. I let out a hiss and snapped my jaws in an effort to close them around his arm, even though I knew it was practically hopeless.

A voice interrupted his attack. "Really, Damon? Do you have to attack a little girl?"

"A little girl! Can't you see her clearly, Stefan?" Damon hissed. He kept his eyes on me, studying. His eyes were narrowed. He obviously was annoyed at his Stefan, and maybe even at me.

Stefan stepped closer, and gasped when he truly saw me. "What the—" He never got anything else out because he was knocked over. A snarling shape pinned him down. "How dare you attack her, vampire!"

"Ally!" I screamed, trying to escape the vampire's grip.

"Maggie! Hold still! I have this one. Mother will be here soon." I could see Ally's silver body on top of the other vampire. She clawed at his chest, her teeth aiming for his throat. He blocked her every time, but she didn't give up. His arm was starting to look like pulverized meat because of how many times he had had to block her jaws.

Another shape suddenly knocked Damon away from me. My mother's red-orange form stood above the vampire. She was seething. The anger seemed to radiate off of her in large bursts. "My daughter! You stupid, bloodsucking, vampire!"

With a snarl my mother threw herself at him, giving him no mercy. I honestly thought he wasn't going to make it, but another vampire joined the fight. Her face was contorted in fury. Her blonde hair fell into her face as she ran at my mother. Stefan suddenly rolled over. Ally yelped in pain as he fell onto her. I could hear his teeth grind together as she clawed at his back at bit his shoulder. He then rolled over again so that they were free of each other.

"Ally! Get Maggie out of her!" my mother ordered. Ally was at my side in an instant. She was larger than me, but she still looked at me with worried eyes, afraid of moving me when I wasn't ready. I looked into her face, genuine fear displayed in my eyes, but I nodded, showing her that it was okay to leave now. She knew that carrying me would be pointless, it always was. She nudged me along, pressing her nose into my back. I took it step by step, scared to move any faster. I was terrified that if I moved swiftly it would alert the vampires.

My sister and I were finally out of the house. She grabbed my arm, pulling me to the woods. "Quickly. We need to move quickly."

I ran at her side, doing as she said. I always found my sister to be extremely sensible, and I looked up to her for it. Ally was always trying to protect me, and I could tell that she was trying to do that now. That was when I heard the bloodcurdling scream, and I realized what had happened. "No! No! Mom! Mom! No! They can't have her!" I could feel tears trailing down my cheeks, but I didn't care. They meant nothing but pain. I repeated my screams, and Ally picked me up, even though she knew I was going to kick and scream. "No!"

I tried to bite her arm, but she jerked and my attack missed. I was only seven, but I wasn't totally stupid. I knew that my mother was dead. I knew that the vampires had killed her, and I knew that they would have taken me, but my mother and sister had come to my rescue. "It's my fault!"

"No! No, it's not your fault." Ally tried to calm me, but I wasn't fooled.

"Yes, it is! If Damon would have just taken me she would be alive!" I turned my head so that my tears were soaked into her shirt. It was my fault and I knew it!

"Listen to me, Maggie. It is not your fault. If they had taken you, they probably would have come for us next. Mother just wanted us to make it out. She loved us very much," Ally told me.

"Are you sure? How can it not be my fault?" I asked doubtfully. It had to be my fault! It just had to!

Ally put her finger under my head and tilted my head up. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Maggie, it's not your fault. It is the vampires' fault, and this isn't over."

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