One year later…

The cruiser tailed the car as it turned up a deserted street. About half way up the road the cop flashed his lights to indicate that the car should pull over.

The officer got his car and swaggered over to the offending car and walked up to the driver's window.

"What can I do for you officer?" the man asked, in a sarcastically polite manner.

The veteran cop, decided that he didn't like the guy's attitude.

"Get out of the car and walk over to my cruiser, keep your hands where I can see them," The cop said gruffly.

The man got out dutifully walked back to the cruiser. "Do you mind telling me what this is all about?"

"You match the description of a known drug dealer in this area, I'm taking you in."

The man stopped and looked defiant, "no way you lousy cop, not without an arrest warrant."

The cop answered by forcing the man to bend over the hood of his police car with his hands spread out. Leaning over the man's back the cop whispered in his ear, "we're all alone out here, perp. I can do whatever the hell I want." The cop stood up keeping his hand on the man's neck, he smiled and licked his lips as he raked his eyes appreciatively over the slender man's body. He moved forward and shoved his thigh between the perp's legs and kicked out his ankles. "C'mon, spread them." He said the word 'spread' in a leer in his voice.

The man looked frightened and quickly did what he was told.

"You might have drugs on you right now, so I'm going to frisk you and pat you down.

The cop's hands roamed freely all over the man's chest and sides. He dragged his hands sensually up the man's legs, moving in slow circles when he got to his thighs. Gradually his hands found the man's crouch and explored the contours intimately and slowly, finally ending with a slight squeeze. Of course such deliberate ministrations gave the motorist a very obvious hard on. The cop grabbed it and pulled which made the motorist moan out loud.

"What's this then? A concealed weapon?" The law's gonna come down hard on you." The cop whispered in his ear breathily.

"What are you going to do?" gasped the man.

"Why I'm going to have to use my night stick on you." With that the cop reached for his fly and unzipped it.

"Oohhh! Is it a really big hard night stick?" The motorist asked pushing his ass against the cop's pelvis.

"Oh it's big alright, you pervy perp. Now pull down your pants and assume the position."

The man eagerly complied and quickly revealed his magnificent ass, which trembled in anticipation.

The cop quickly donned a condom, lubbed up and pushed his erect cock against the man's puckered hole. He moved his shaft up and down along the crevice the cheeks made, slowly and deliberately. The motorist moaned and squeezed his cheeks. "Jeeez! Just do it!" he whimpered.

"Hmm you want more police action? You got it! You got drugs up your ass? Maybe I should check." The guy was so ready that he was able to quickly insert two fingers in his anus and then three.

"Oh man, you're gonna be a favourite in jail." The cop positioned his hard cock at the entrance and drove it home into waiting, wanting hole. He gasped as his shaft was encased by warm moist flesh. It was so tight and so perfect; the cop didn't think he would last for long. He reached around and grabbed the other guy's dick resting his arm on the hood of the car. The man didn't need instruction for he quickly started to fuck the officer's hand moving bach and forth. The back swing pushed his ass against the cop's penis making the thrust from behind even deeper. They quickly managed a steady rhythm together and gradually the tension started to build. The cop angled himself as he pumped, making sure he hit the man's prostate again and again. The sex was fast, coarse and rough which made it so hot and dirty and oh so good. Soon the man under him was moaning and gasping, he could tell the guy was almost there.

"How do you like this cavity search, bitch. I'm giving you the long arm of the law, right up your ass!"

The man's ass cheeks started to clench, and his cock erupted all over the cop's hands as he threw his head back in a yell. That was it for the cop, he felt his own climax building as he pumped frantically into the man's ass. "Oh God Yes!" howled the cop as he was carried over the waves of pleasure.

It was over, and the two men collapsed over the hood of the cruiser, their chests heaving with exertion.

"Fuck! That was good!" Dave sighed as he tested his shaky legs. He decided he could finally stand upright again.

Kurt smiled, pulled up his pants and rolled over so he was leaning on the cruiser's hood facing Dave. "I'm thinking of complaining to your commanding officer."

"About what?"

"You didn't use handcuffs, like you promised."

"Damn! Sorry Kurt, I forgot them in the heat of the moment."

"Some cop you are," laughed Kurt as he moved closer to Dave and wrapped his arms around his neck. "I could have gotten away."

"I would have hunted you down," replied Dave kissing Kurt affectionately. "I followed you to New York didn't I, and doggedly pursued you until you finally became my boyfriend."

"I let you catch me. You can't call that good police work."

Dave smiled, "Anyways, Happy Anniversary honey. One year ago today I arrested the man of my dreams."

After some passionate kissing, Kurt pulled away and pouted, "I still don't see why we couldn't have done this at the scene of the crime."

"Jesus Kurt!" Dave stepped out of his lovers embrace and angrily flung his hands up in the air and let them fall. "How many times do I have to explain this? I gave you two options – one being what we did tonight, where I fuck you over the cruiser hood in my full uniform on a deserted street, or two, that I fuck you behind the gay bar where we met while I pretend to be an under cover cop."

Kurt looked at him rebelliously, "I still don't see why we couldn't have reenacted you arresting me at the bar in your uniform. We could have seen how far we would have gone if your stupid partner hadn't interrupted us that night."

"Kurt! Even having sex out of the middle of nowhere in my uniform is breaking a kazillion rules and you want me to fuck you at the back of a gay bar where people could easily see us? This uniform is not a costume! It represents my career as a police officer upholding the law and all that shit!. When I'm in this uniform I am supposed to be protecting the public not indulging a spoiled rotten diva queen's kinky sexual fantasies.

Kurt started to splutter and giggle, unable to stop his laughter anymore, "Oh Dave, you are so easy to wind up. "Spoiled rotten diva queen's kinky sexual fantasies eh? That was a good one!"

"I should have added bitch in that sentence somewhere" huffed Dave annoyed.

"C'mon Dave, I really do appreciate what you do for me. You're a very good GGG boyfriend. Besides you find the role playing just as hot as I do."

"I hope you realize we won't be able to do this when I transfer to New York. I'll be the new guy, and I won't know of any isolated places we could do this, not for a while anyways."

"Oh don't worry, I have contingency plans." Kurt announced.

"Oh? And what might they be?"

"Well you can come home to our apartment and find a cat burglar in the middle of stealing something and you can arrest him and punish him with the full force of the law. Or better yet, you answer a call and when you get to the apartment you find me, a poor innocent young man that has been thoroughly outraged by some horrible punk. I'm still naked and you have to question me quite intently and I have to show you explicitly what the man did to me."

"Well I guess that sounds alright."

"Then when you rise up the ranks you can sneak me into the precinct and grill me in the interrogation room. Imagine me bent over the table and you banging me in a room with all those two way mirrors?"

"You SO better be joking."

Kurt laughed, "I haven't even told you about the scenarios I have cooked up for the holding cells."

Dave chuckled, "You are such a kinky perv! I think you have missed your true vocation as a smutty gay porn writer."

"Don''t you wish! You'd be my favourite porn star and what fun we'd have on the casting couch!" Kurt kissed Dave again as they leaned against the car wrapped in each other's arms. "Oh! Speaking of whom will most likely end up writing for bad porn movies: 'What A Boy', Walter's play, finally opened on Broadway after all those delays."

"And?" prompted Dave.

"It was a bomb! The critics hated it. The title of his play was unfortunate because the paper's renamed it stuff like "What A Bomb' and 'What A Loser'. It stayed open for only three days. I am so glad I wasn't in it. It is so bad many of the play's actors are afraid it might kill their careers. And you should have heard what they thought of Terry. The critics just pilloried him! Apparently the stage technicians had to auto tune his voice for the music numbers. Who hires an actor that can't sing for a lead role in a musical? The critics thought the play may be fixed after a lot of work but they decided unanimously that Terry was a dreadful actor. Someone actually started a facebook petition demanding he please stop acting."

"Well the twink must have been pretty good in bed for your ex-boyfriend to go to so much trouble trying to make him a star."

"Walter told me the other day that he and Terry are splitting up."

"He contacted you?" asked Dave feeling a little jealous.

"I think he wanted to get back together again. He went on and on how stupid he was to let me go and how I could have saved his play with my wonderful voice and amazing acting abilities."

"Do you want to get back together with him?"

"Of course not! I told him, he's too late. I have a young, gorgeous, man who loves me to bits."

"But that's not quite true."

"Are you telling me you don't love me? You haven't said, but I just assumed…"

"Of course I love you. I meant I'm not gorgeous," stated Dave simply.

"You are to me, and I have fabulous taste"

"Do you love me?"

"Possibly," replies Kurt looking at his fingers.


"Of course, I love you, you big doofus!" laughed Kurt, kissing the sulky cop on the lips.

"Now listen, I've been saving the best news for last. You know that small play I acted in when you came to see me in New York? Sue, the playwright, was asked to expand it and flesh it out a bit by this big producer and now it's ready to go on Broadway. She's made the role I played more pivotal to the plot and enriched the character so he's deeper and she has asked me to play him again!"

"Oh that's wonderful news, Kurt!" Dave picked him up and spun him around happily. "I couldn't be happier for you!"

"Yes, isn't it wonderful? I have a devoted, handsome boyfriend and I'm at the cusp of a marvelous stage career. Life can't get any better than this."

"Oh I think it could be better," answered Dave.

Kurt looked at him puzzled, "what do you mean?"

Dave looked into the eyes of his partner and smiled. Kurt was right, life was better. He was not only going to be a cop in New York, but an out and proud one. His new station patrolled a thriving gay village in its precinct and he was joining a task force to help promote the police in the queer community as a liaisons officer. He couldn't wait to march in the pride parade in uniform. But that paled beside the one big change in his life. He was moving in with Kurt, his lover and the only man he wanted to spend his life with. Life was better, but he wanted to make it fantastic.

"Kurt?" Dave asked nervously fingering the small velvet box he had in his pocket.

"You can make our life even better," Dave held his hand a quickly got on one knee. "and make me the happiest man alive by consenting to be my husband." Dave produced the box and opened it to show a very chic but understated engagement ring. "Will you marry me?"

Kurt gasped and shrieked. "Yes of course!" and threw himself on Dave. The sudden weight of Kurt's body toppled Dave over and they both ended up sprawled on the ground.

"I should arrest you for assaulting an officer." Dave groused in a mock serious voice.

"Oh and what if I get convicted what would my sentence be?'

"For such and unrepentant criminal like yourself, I'd say, twenty-five years to live living with and loving me."

Kurt sighed,"I suppose that is how it was meant to be. As I've said many times before, I can't resist a man in uniform."


That's all folks! I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!