I wanted to give the 10 songs/10 fics thing a go, but I decided to change it a little - I'm too much of a perfectionist to be able to leave a fic after 3 or so minutes, so why torture myself? And it's not cheating if I never decided to follow the rules in the first place! ;) These will, obviously, be completely random, and I've actually written only one so far - but I've let iTunes pick all the songs for me already - so let's hope I actually get to ten! Also, some of them (like this one) might have a slightly selective view of canon, but nothing too massive, I think. As always, any feedback you feel like giving is highly appreciated!

This one depicts the last night Ianto and Jack had together, as I wish it would have been (if he absolutely has to die, that is, which I don't really agree on, but no one asked me, so...). The characters belong to the BBC etc.

Save tonight / and fight the break of dawn / Come tomorrow / tomorrow I'll be gone

Eagle Eye Cherry: Save tonight

The night before the man called Ianto Jones died, both he and his partner had a sense of urgency; finality, even, about their lovemaking. Neither of them could know what the new day would bring, but nonetheless, in every touch, every kiss, every whispered word, there was a silent goodbye.

Afterwards, they lay together in bed, holding each other, and neither of them uttered a word. The moment was quiet and serene, which was something neither of them had experienced very often in their lives. Eventually, the man who was older than he looked, except for his eyes, kissed his young lover on the forehead, and proceeded to tell him a story about a far away world, a damsel in distress, and a dashing hero – a part that, of course, was played by the man himself. Ianto Jones listened to the incredible story, to the words of the man, but he knew him well; the ancient man had many stories, but most of them also contained more than the simple words would suggest. The young man had become so attuned to his lover, that he was able to decipher the true meaning behind his words with relative ease.

Therefore, he knew that when the other man said "It was my duty to protect her," he really meant "I would do anything for you." The two men did not throw declarations of any kind around themselves lightly, which meant that even the simplest confessions spoke volumes.

Ianto Jones did not know he was about to die. He had no idea that the next time he would be held by his lover, he would be taking his last, shaking breath. He did not know, but all the same he sensed that this moment was important somehow, a significant passage in their joined history, if nothing else. And it made him treasure his last night with his lover in a way every dying man should, but rarely can.