Author's Note: This is just a poem from Remus to Sirius and it also applies to Severus, from Lily (this is before the events of Snape's Worst Memory of course).

I'm always going to defend you

I'll do it no matter what

I'm always going to stand by you

I don't care if you're guilty or not

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt

I'll never again suspect you

Even with all the rules you flout

I know I'll always protect you

People will say stuff; I'll make excuses

I'll do whatever I can

I'll try and ensure the hurt on you reduces

I'll endeavour to make you a free man

And I'll make sure that all the secrets I know

Are buried it as deep as they can

I'll plant things over it and make it grow

I'll make sure you remain a free man

I will fight to prove your innocence

I'll die if it means you stay free

And I'm sure you'll know, in a sense

That I did it for you and not me

People shun my name but I don't care

As long as they don't shun yours

I'll defend you against anyone anywhere

You're one of the few I know I'll kill for

'S long as you have a place in my heart, my friend

I'll always be looking out for you

I depend on you and on me you can depend

I'm always going to protect you

I'll overlook your many sins

I'll forget about your flaws

'Cause I know that your soul within

Is good and whole and pure

I'll do whatever I can, somehow

If it's your soul I get to save

I'll die with your secret, right from now

I'll even take it to my grave

I'll always cover up for you

Even if morals and laws are above you

Your secrets are safe with me, too

'Cause, my friend, I love you.

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