To my readers,

I know it has been a while since I posted an update for We Belong Together, but rest assured, I am working on it. In fact I have about nine more chapters mapped out and halfway finished. But I had changed my mind on some of the content and the direction of the scenes so I have to do some rewriting and finish the next chapter. I am also working on another project in the mean time. I will be continuing this story and I have not yet abandoned it.

On an unrelated note. I had posted this story on another fanfiction site, Black White and Read, which is a Gilmore Girls fanfiction site. I had to delete my story from it because I was being bombarded with spam in the form of reviews. The spam reviews were from only one person and only on the first chapter, but they accumulated to over 400 of spam reviews. When I tried to delete the reviews, I got a message telling me that I was not authorized to delete the reviews and I also was given no option to block this spammer. I sent several complaints to the administration but was ignored. I do not recommend to anyone to post their fics on that site because of the spam abuse that they allow. I felt that I should spread the word before anyone else became a victim.