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Hollowed Wounds: Prologue

It was the ending of the third year; Harry had saved his god father from a horrid fate but was unable to clear his name. He had found new emotions for a girl that had helped him do all this. Hermione Granger, Harry didn't know what to think or even if thinking was good thing?

It was time to head back to his most hated family ever, the Dursleys. At least he could call them family, it was better than not having any at all. Harry would give anything to stay all year at Hogwarts instead of going back home.

Harry had arrived at his home to find the Dursleys not there… Just a note stating that they would be home later, and to make dinner for when they return. Harry had ignored making dinner and walked up to a room the Dursleys had allowed him to live in. as he walked in he noticed a scroll lying on his bed.

Harry didn't know what to think, so he opened it and read aloud to his only audience he had, Hedwig.

Dear Potter Boy,

Do not be alarmed when I tell you that I know what is about to happen to you. Or it better terms I have lived what you are going to live, that's right I am you and you are me. I know how you feel about Hermione. Now don't freak out but there is something you should do.

This one little thing will have great change in your life, start trying to get with Hermione Granger and Fleur Delecure. I know you don't know the second person but trust me you will and this is no easy task. Fleur is Vela, don't worry you will come to find out what that is.

Good luck me

From Harry Potter

You could see the disbelief in his eyes, why would I belief this junk to begin with. Its most of the time some fan girl trying to trick him into a marriage contract. He guessed the fan girl in question was this Fleur Delecure. Why the part about Hermione, well maybe this Fleur Girl is Bi?


This next year you will be thrown into a competition called the tri wizard tournament and there is where you will see Fleur, and Krum. For more information so you will believe me the code to unlocking your family treasure is "snitch"

'Ya right! Why would my father make such a simple password to access the family vault?' Harry thought to himself. "I have a family fault?" Harry said aloud when it finally hit him. He bolted over to the desk and pulled out a quill and peace of parchment.

Dear Greengots,

It has come to my attention that I, Harry James Potter, have a family account. I would like to activate my family account as soon as possible.


Harry Potter

Quickly stuffing the letter into an envelope and then strapping it to Hedwig's leg, he said "now pay close attention Hedwig, this needs to go to greengots as soon as possible, stick around for a reply and you will get a treat… no two treats when you get back" the little white snow owl hooted at him.

After harry had fastened the letter to her leg, Hedwig flew out the window as fast as she could. Harry looked over the letter several times to try and pick out any information that might give it away. There were no flaws; everything in the letter may have been vague but accurate. He was having feelings for Hermione.

There wasn't much to do at a wizarding bank when the school year was over, no one bothered to strike friendly conversations with a goblin, and no one wanted to withdraw any money because they did that last month. You could say that Greengots was completely dead of work.

That was around the time when a snow white owl flew into the bank hall, there were so many goblins surrounding the owl that Hedwig didn't know what to do. "SILENCE! Now I will take that letter." Said an old and grumpy looking goblin. His name was Ragnorock and he was the clans raining champion, he was also in charge of maintaining order at Greengots.

After Ragnorock had opened the letter he walked down the halls muttering "Potter." It was a few seconds later that he arrived at a door with the words Potter Accountant & Funds Manager in golden letters. As Ragnorock opened the door he yelled "STICHES" a small scrawny Goblin had jumped and ran over to Ragnorock "yes Champion, what can I help you with?" the tiny goblin said in a high pitch squeaky voice.

By the time the Dursleys made it home from who knows where, the Dinner was ready and nothing was burnt… yet. As they ate there food, Harry had snuck off to his room where he found some needed sleep. Hours had gone by before Harry woke up, or would it be better to say startled awake. A black raven had been taping on his windows.

Attached to its leg was an envelope with the Greengots seal on it. Harry quickly opened the window to let the Raven in, Hedwig Flew in after it. Hedwig chirped for a treat that she was promised, so Harry had pulled out a mouse and handed it to her. The raven on the other hand just stuck his leg out, waiting for Harry to take the letter.

Harry had unfolded the letter to find a white parchment with Red and Gold colored writing on it. The raven took off after Harry opened it. Hedwig just stood there chewing her treat. The Dursleys could be heard down stairs, it seems they made their way into the living room for some family night Wii.

Dear Mr. Potter

In order to activate your account you will need to come to Greengots in person so your identity can be verified. As specified in your parents will your family vault will need a specific word in order to open it. We are looking forward for you to do so very soon. Greengots has even taken the time to prep you a ride; the chariot will be by your house around high noon tomorrow.


Potter Accountant & Funds Manager, Stitches

At this point Harry knew there was something up about that scroll that separated it from other fan girl craving letters. He was only 13 years old and he had fan girls. The down side was they where only from the wizarding world, the up side they were all witches. Unlike muggle girls, Witches used their magic to bring out there inner beauty.

Harry had gone through a pile of letters stored in what looked to be a duffle bag. Harry may have thought is strange to have fan girls, but he loved the attention of woman. He didn't know what to do with that kind of attention, but harry would bet each and every one of them would be more than willing to tell (or show) him.

After grabbing the scroll, Harry opened it and reread everything. He did this until the sunset, at that point he wanted to take some of the advice of the letter and see how close he could become with Hermione. He had pulled out some parchment, fresh ink, and a quill that looked like a peacock's feather.

Dear Hermione,

Thought I would try something new and stay in contact with you for the summer.

So how are things at your home? Would you like to meet up somewhere and hang out? What have you planned for this summer?

I guess you could say I'm getting really board of these summers here, please write me back as soon as possible.


Harry Potter

After staping the letter to Hedwig and opening the window, Harry noticed a glow to the scroll. As he pulled it open he saw new writing on the page.

"if you are reading this, then it is not to late. Harry, me, you, Potter, I am warning you to wach out for Ginny Weasly. During your first year she snuck some Duration Potion into your food. It makes it so every time you see her, she will look like the person you most want to be with. Now at first this dosen't make any sense but hear me out."

"she looks attractive later on because in your heart you realy want a family and so it only makes sense that your desire in a woman be some one like your mother."


Harry looked up from the letter with shear panic on his face. There was only three words that escaped his mouth at that point in time. "Help me, Hermione."