Yes, I have another story. Yes you might want to scissor kick me but I can't help it! It on the brain and I'm writing it. Honestly it's based on a true story of my mom but I do change some things just to spice it up a bit however everything that happens happened. She tells me this story all the time and I love it so I decided to make it into a Brucas fic with the occasional changes. Please enjoy! Please don't stab me in my sleep!

The pounding of the rain outside was pretty fitting for the crying brunette lying in her cold bed. The irony of the weather and her mood was almost sickening to her. Being as her heart was shattering the weather being warm and sunny might be a little better but no, God wanted to be just a little cruel today.

Laying there his words echoed in her ears, the 'I'm sorry',' please forgive', 'I messed up'. The broken voice of the blonde boy actually made her hate him just that much more. How could he sound broken and hurt when he did this, he caused this.

His text messages and phone calls had become almost now of an annoyance and she swore if her ex boyfriend left another pathetic voice mail she would personally drive to his house and break his phone.


That was going to take awhile to get use too. How was she supposed to put that dreaded two letter word in front of something and someone who had been her world for almost a year? It was almost as if the word burned running through her throat every time she used it, like adding salt to an opened wound; a wound that was already burning enough without the needed pain.

"Sweetie," a knock at the door made her yank back a breath and knock away the tears, to bad she couldn't get rid of the puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks that fast.

"I'm fine mom," she sounded just as unsure as she felt.

"You sound fine," the older brunette pushed open the door, her dark hair dropping just at her shoulders. "Oh sweetie," she sat the hot cup of liquid on the stand beside her and quickly took her in her arms. "I know, I know it hurts," she ran her fingers through her hair as she once again cried.

"I'm so tired of crying," she shook her head and clung to her mother. "I don't get how someone can make me feel like this."

"Because he isn't just a someone," she kissed her daughter's tangled mess of hair. "You loved him."

"No, I didn't," she pulled back wiping her nose. "Love isn't supposed to feel like this, love doesn't make you feel this bad."

"Love does exactly that," her mother let out a dry laugh. "Love gets inside of you and digs and shoves and tears you completely apart even if at the same time it's putting you back together. Love…well love is a real bitch," she told her and thanked the heavens above when she finally laughed; she had missed that laugh over the last few days. "But it gets better," she brushed away a fallen tear.

"It doesn't feel like it," her voice shattered and her throat grew tight. "It feels like the rest of my life I'm going to feel this gaping hole inside of my chest and it won't ever fix."

"It does," she gave a reassuring smile. "It's a slow process but one day you wake up and go a whole day without thinking about him and your heart doesn't hurt as bad as the day before and you don't cry and that doesn't mean that you aren't going to have a few more heartbreaking, tear staining day but it just means that it's getting better. That for at least one day you felt alive again."

"Can I have that day now?" she poked out her bottom lip and her mother laughed.

"I'm sorry honey," she tucked back her hair. "I think today that feeling might be a little lost."

"It's not fair," she slammed her fist on the bed. "I never did anything wrong, I was good to him."

"I know baby girl," she shook her head, her heartbreaking for her. "Our family always seems to have a hard time with men."

"Like you ever had boy problems, you're gorgeous mom and married for fifty annoyingly long years," she flipped her hand around and her mother let out a dry laugh.

"That you are right on," she looked down at the white gold band on her finger, the diamonds sparkling back at her. "But it's twenty actually," she corrected "Don't make me older than I already am," she teased and her daughter rolled her water filled eyes at her.

"Mom tell me a story."

"A story?" she raised a brow and her daughter nodded.

"Yeah a story, a love story," she asked, pulling her sheets up around and her relaxing back in her bed.

"I think you might be a little old for me to tell you a bedtime story."

"Mom my heart is broken and I want some fairytale story that makes me happy again, makes me have hope in love again. Please mommy, please make me believe in it again," she pleaded wanting to for a short period of time remember what love felt like.

"Ok," the older woman pulled herself to rest against her daughter's headrest, passing over the hot liquid of coffee. "Thought this might brighten you up a little," she told her and she smiled that dimply smile that matched her own. "So a love story huh?"

"Yeah, like the story of you and dad or something made up or I don't know anything."

"Well," she pondered the thought of what to tell before it hit her like a heavy set of bricks. She wasn't even sure why she questioned the idea of it, it was the best love story she knew, the only love story she knew. "Well…" she stretched out her legs and got comfortable, a smile already plastered on her face as she started. "Once upon a time there were two girls…"

"I'm not going in there," Brooke shook her head at her best friend as they stood in front of the old pizza shop.

"Brooke…" Haley whined, tugging on her arm. "There is a guy in there and I have to see him."

"And that is fabulous for you but I'm supposed to be home," she looked at her watch. "Twenty minutes ago, great, I'm completely dead now," she slapped her hands to her side knowing her entire weekend plans would not be ruined.

"Well if you are completely dead why not enjoy your last night of being alive?" Haley pointed out and Brooke rolled her eyes.

"Fine," she groaned and her friend squealed as she drug her through the door, a little bell above the door announcing their arrival. "And he better be worth it or I swear I will take you to hell with me."

"So dramatic Cookie," Haley exaggerated an eye roll as her eyes scanned around the shop, landing on just who she wanted. "There he is," she nodded her head to a table full of guys.

"Which one?" Brooke questioned as she did a quick scan of them all. They were all attractive in their own way.

One sat at the end of the table with curly brown hair and an innocent smile. As he talked his hands flipped around and the guys would cut up as he went on about some story Brooke assumed was extremely funny.

Angled to the right of him say another. He wasn't as cute as the rest but he wasn't that bad. His hair was dark and short, cut to a little more of a buzz and his eyes twinkled a dark hazel, he looked younger than the rest, as if he could pass as one of their brothers but he was almost smaller.

Beside him was another brunette. Yet Brooke was sure he had to be one of their brothers because he didn't fit the group at all. His hair was spiky, his eyes were hazel and his build was nowhere compared to the others. He was tiny, he was short and in the nicest way possible he would be classified as a nerd, but his smile; his smile might have been the sweetest smile Brooke had ever seen in her life.

Then across from him sat two more boys; one blonde, one brunette. Both held two pairs of gorgeous blue eyes, both were the same build but the blonde looked to be a little bit taller as the brunette seemed to be a little broader in the shoulder area. Both equally attractive, both had great smiles and both wore blue and white lettermen jackets along with two other boys at the table.

However the blonde at one point glanced up, she wasn't sure if the glance was at her but he glanced and he held a sweet smile before going back to his conversation and all she prayed was that he wasn't the one Haley had been talking about.

"That one," Haley said but not at all clearing up which one she meant.

"Oh yeah, cute," Brooke gave a nod assuming that that answer would work for really any of the guys at the table.

"Come on," the smiling dirty blonde tugged her friend to a table.

"What we aren't going to go talk to him?" Brooke asked confused.

"Brooke I can't just walk up and talk to him," Haley stopped dead in her tracks to look at her confused friend. "B, I've never even spoken to him."

"Are you kidding me?" Brooke's voice rose, bringing to them some attention from a few patrons in the area.

"Will you hush," Haley gripped her wrist, a blush spreading all over her, knowing the guys must have heard them.

"I'm sorry but Haley you are making me miss curfew and get a possible grounding for life…again…for you to not speak to this guy?" she snapped and Haley cringed, it being said out loud sounding a lot worse than in her head.

"I normally just come in here and hope one day he will talk to me. Sometimes he smiles," she told her and Brooke frowned at how innocent her friend was. Yes of course Brooke was innocent herself, being as they were both just fifteen but Haley reached a whole new level of shy innocent girl; least Brooke could talk to guys.

"Alright," Brooke grabbed her hand, tugging her through the sea of people and tables.

"Brooke what are we doing?"

"Eating," she informed her, making sure to sit at the table right beside the guys, making sure not even to take notice to the table full.

"Brooke…" Haley leaned across the table, a nervous chill rushing over her.

"She should be here soon," Brooke flipped through the menu, completely aware of the guys tossing glances over at them.

"What? Who?" Haley continued to keep her voice down.

"But we do need another chair," she ignored her friend, scanning around the room for someone to ask. "Hey guys," she turned to look at the table.

"Hello," one of the dark headed guys, the more attractive one grinned, his blue eyes just sparkling.

"Is it possible to steal a chair?" she questioned, crossing one of her legs over the other. "Our friend Rachel is going to be here soon and it seems all the tables are just taken up," she gave her signature dimply smile, completely ignoring the look of Haley. She knew Rachel wasn't coming, hell Rachel wasn't even in town and Haley knew that didn't just slip Brooke's mind.

"Sure thing babe," he grinned, pushing an extra chair from his table over to them.

"Aww…thanks so much," Brooke offered a wink before sliding the chair to the end of her table and starting up a conversation with Haley, well trying too. Haley was too busy staring at her confused to really say anything back. "Bread sticks!" she grinned reading the menu. "Bread sticks are a must."

"You should try the cheese ones instead," Brooke kinked a brow to the dark headed boy talking to her again. "They're so much better."

"Oh really? And why should I trust you uh-?"

"Nathan," he told her. "And this is Tim, Jake, Mouth and my brother Lucas," he finally pointed to the blonde beside him, and Brooke offered a nod.

"Well Nathan and boys I'm Brooke and this is my best friend Haley," she introduced and Haley let out a shy smile. "But if Nathan says we should get the cheese sticks instead then we must listen, right Hales?"

"Uh…yeah," Haley nodded; a little disappointed he was giving all his attention to Brooke. Not that she should be that shocked, Brooke was completely gorgeous and the worst part was she wasn't even aware of the beauty she held. Of course she knew she was pretty but not as gorgeous as she really was.

"Awesome," Brooke gave her hands a clap before standing up. "I'll go order, Hales coke right?" she asked and the girl nodded. "Cool," she spun on her heels heading over to order.

"So Haley," her head snapped up to see Nathan looking at her. "Where do ya'll go to school because you look familiar?"

"Oh...uh…we go to Tree Hill," she told him, running a hand through her hair. "Ya'll? I mean where do ya'll go?"

"Duke," Nathan told her and Haley's stomached dropped a little. She knew they were older but never guessed college older. However now up close to noticed the jackets they wore had Duke across them as the others two, Jake and Tim had looked different with a 'TH' symbol across them. "But Mouth, Jake and Tim here go to Tree Hill still."

"That's cool," Haley bit her lip nervously.

"Do ya'll want to join us?" he offered, finding the calling across tables stupid.

"Oh, uh…" Haley glanced over at Brooke who was busy laughing with the girl behind the counter. "Sure…" she answered slowly, sliding herself from her chair and dragging it next to the guys. "Uhh…"

"Sit here," Jake slid his chair to the side giving her an opening. "We don't want to sit you next to Tim, he is a perv," he teased and the guys laughed.

"I'm not a perv," Tim growled sinking into his chair.

"Well then you could place Brooke there," Haley spoke without thinking and the guys got confused looks.

"She likes pervs?" Lucas raised his brow and Haley blushed.

"Oh no!" Haley shook her head. "It's just she knows how to handle pervs, her brother is in college and she help assists with their drunken nights and parties and such."

"Good to know," Lucas smirked reaching for his glass.

"Hales…" she looked up to see Brooke walking back over to them. "Rachel just texted me and said she isn't coming," she frowned leaning on Haley's chair. "Apparently she hasn't returned from school yet."

"Really? Thought she was coming back yesterday?" Haley mumbled behind her glass, never as great at lying as her friend.

"Apparently she and Ryan made up," Brooke cringed at the mental image she didn't need.

"They always make up," Haley rolled her eyes knowing that her friend and her older brother make up all the time.

"But uh…" Brooke looked around the table. "We lost our table," she noticed, not at all missing who Haley was sitting by and quickly realizing which boy she found attractive.

"Oh no, the guys invited us to sit with them," she told her, a smile on her face she hadn't held before.

"Oh…" Brooke popped her lips looking at the seats.

"You can sit here," Lucas nodded to the spot in front of him. "Mouth will grab you a chair," he nodded at his friend who grabbed a chair from her previous table and slid it beside him.

"Here Brooke," he smiled and Brooke dropped next to him, not at all missing how her foot grazed against Lucas's as she sat.

"Thanks Mouth," she grinned over at him. "You look familiar though. Have we met before?"

"Mouth, Tim and Jake go to Tree Hill," Haley let her know and Brooke nodded.

"Oh, you announce the basketball games, right?" she questioned and Mouth blushed a little.

"Yeah, I have a website."

"I know, I listened to it last Friday because I missed our game. I caught the flu and Morgan completely bitched about me missing the game."

"You know Morgan Finley?" Nathan questioned, Morgan been more than just an acquaintance to him in his past.

"Yes," Brooke huffed, sweeping her hair back. "I think I'm the bane of her excitants."

"And why is that?" Jake leaned back in his chair, grabbing a piece of pizza.

"Probably because Morgan is a bitch," Lucas mumbled against his glass, never being a fan of the girl.

"No," Haley shook her head. "Well yes, but she doesn't like Brooke because she is better than her. She is just a sophomore and the squad already wants her captain over Morgan."

"You're only a sophomore?" Lucas's eyes widen and Brooke nodded. "How?"

"Because my birthday," Brooke told him slowly, scrunching up her face. "Is he like a little…" she trailed off pointing at Lucas. "?Special?" she question and Lucas glared as the guys laughed.

"I am sitting right here sweetheart. Any questions just ask," he informed her.

"Ok, sweetheart," she leaned on the table, a smirk plastered across Lucas's face as he copied her move. "Are-you-special?" she spoke each word slowly.

"Well…" Lucas leaned closer, his breath washing over her face. "My mommy says I'm special," he gave her a wink before falling back into his chair.

"Awe….least someone does," she pulled in a breath, not liking the feeling of being flustered by the guy in front of her.

"So ya'll cheer?" Mouth changed the subject, kinda enjoying the looks his friend was passing towards the girl beside him. Most girls fall all over Lucas but this girl seemed like she didn't care that much.

"Well I do, but Haley won't. I try to get her to but she just won't," Brooke tossed a begging glance at her friend who shook her head.

"I'm sorry B, that isn't going to happen. I'm not coordinated enough for cheerleading," Haley reminded her what she always seemed to remind her.

"Aw, I bet that's not true," Jake shook his head.

"And even if it is I bet you would look great in those uniforms," Nathan smirked, a deep blush washing over her.

"Probably not," Haley reached for her drink; bring her cup to her mouth and chewing on her straw.

"Oh whatever, Haley James looks kick ass in anything she wears," Brooke protested that thought quickly. "My girl can even rock an ugly trash bag," she shrugged.

"It's a poncho Cookie and you are never going to forgive me for that article of clothing are you?"

"Never Tutor Girl," the brunette grinned, tossing a glance over at Lucas who was just staring at her, his little half grin planted on his lips. "But umm…" she tried to ignore his staring and turning to the rest of the table. "What are ya'll into?" she questioned and tried really hard to listen as they went on about school and stuff.

Apparently the guys were on the basketball team and once she learned what Jake and Tim's last names were it made since. She had heard their names being passed around before but when Mouth broadcast the games he would go by last names and when the coach would call them at games or practice it were still last names. However as soon as she heard his name was Jake Jagielski she automatically knew him for he had been dating the co captain Peyton Sawyer for years but she still had never placed a face with him before. Probably because the only time she saw them together Peyton's mouth was fused completely to Jake's and when that wasn't happening Brooke just saw him running around on the court.

However the prickling sensation of someone staring at her was driving her nuts. The little hairs on the back of her neck rose up and no matter how many times she would scratch her neck to try and ignore it she was greatly aware of him staring at her.

"What?" she finally snapped her head around to Lucas sitting across from her, a small smirk on his unshaven face.

"Nothing," Lucas shrugged.

"You just randomly stare at people?" she creased her brow, the others falling into their own conversation.

"Yeah," he shrugged again, looking at a cut on his thumb.

"It's creepy," she informed him and he again shrugged. "Stop shrugging at me!" she snapped and the table fell silent and turned to look at the couple at the end.

"Luke, are you being an ass?" Tim questioned, seeing the rage on the small girl's face.

"Yes! He keeps staring and shrugging at me," Brooke informed them and Lucas let out a chuckle.

"You sweetheart are just a big box of sunshine," he joked and her eyes narrowed.

"Ok, Haley we need to leave," she snatched her purse from the ground. "And you need to learn some manners because you sweetheart are rude and creepy!" she informed him, a smile still planted on his face as she stood up. "Bye guys, it was nice meeting you, well most of you," she sent a glare at Lucas before storming off.

"Sorry guys," Haley slid her purse around.

"You don't have to leave do you?" Nathan touched her wrist and she nodded.

"Yeah, Brooke was supposed to be home like an hour ago. That's why she was so edgy, it wasn't because of you," she looked over at Lucas who just shrugged. "But it was nice meeting ya'll. Guys maybe see you at school?" she nodded to the guys.

"Yeah, definitely," Jake gave a smile and Haley returned it.

"Actually we are having a party Saturday at my place if you two want to come," Tim offered, the party this Saturday being the first of their basketball season.

"Yeah, we will try," Haley agreed. "But um…sorry again for Brooke," she threw her thumb over her shoulder at the angry brunette standing outside. "And see ya'll Saturday maybe."

"Hopefully," Nathan grinned and she blushed before walking out. "Luke!" He growled, snapping his head to his brother. "Why are you such a dick?"

"What did I do?" he gave an innocent look, tossing his hand in the air.

"We have two hot girls at the table and you turn into a douche," Tim informed him and huffed.

"They are fifteen, hello 20 years, a jail cell and bald guy name Rusty," he cringed at the thought.

"They are almost sixteen," Mouth informed him, in his mist of zoning out missing that part of the conversation.

"Brooke's feisty huh?" He ignored him, scratching his jaw. "I like that."

"Well liking that won't get you anywhere if you annoy her," Nathan pointed out to him and he shrugged.

"Her buttons were really easy to push," Lucas leaned back in his chair, locking his fingers together and bringing them behind his head. "I like that."

"Well if they come Saturday don't be an ass, just avoid her or something," Jake suggested but the blonde shook his head.

"Naw, I think I might enjoy pushing her buttons a little," he smirked, casting a glance at the door, catching the girls walking down the street.

"Oh my god he is so cute," Brooke squealed, giving a little skip.

"Who?" Haley looked at her confused, hoping her next words weren't Nathan.

"Lucas, duh?" she told her like she was stupid.

"Wait! What?" Haley snapped her head to face her. "You just yelled at the guy but you like him?"

"Well I mean I don't like him, I don't know him. But doesn't change he is totally hot," the brunette, flipped open her phone, seeing a text from her mom asking where she was.

"I'm completely lost," Haley brought her hand to her forehead. "Maybe I'm not good at the dating thing because I could have sworn you hated the guy."

"He is annoying," Brooke slid her phone back into her pocket. "And he is creepy with his staring and he completely gets under my skin but still he is hot. I like it."

"Brooke Davis you are one of mystery," Haley laughed, slinging her arm over her shoulder. "And I'm too tired to figure this one out."

"Oh it's ok, I like being a puzzle," she grinned, biting her tongue. "Maybe I will let Lucas try to put it together," she crinkled her nose making Haley laugh and shake her head.

"Let's get home," she rolled her eyes. "You can figure out your puzzle with Lucas later," she joked making Brooke laugh. Tossing a glance over her shoulder to see the guys walking out of the pizza shop, Jake again throwing his head back laughing at something Tim was saying.

Lucas looked up catching her eye and when he did he smirked and shrugged making her growl and snap her head back around, however a smile was planted back on her face.

I hope it wasn't confusing. The whole story will be like this where is goes from present to past. I hope you all enjoy it and if you do I will continue, if not then I won't easy as that. It is all based on yall's comments and reviews!

So let me know!