"Hello Pretty Lady," Raine skipped into her mother's bedroom to find her making her bed.

"Hey sweetie," she flashed a large smile, the first real smile in months.

"Oh, someone seems happy," she flipped on the bed and the older woman rolled her eyes.

"I just made that," she informed her, the bed now wrinkled and her daughter shrugged. "You are annoying," she turned on her feet and headed into the bathroom.

"Why you so happy?" her daughter called and the older woman rolled her eyes. "This smiling thing is freaking me out…"

"What? Am I not allowed to be happy?" she peaked her head out of the bathroom and her daughter kinked a brow. "It's the twentieth," she explained and she still looked confused. "Your father and brother come home tonight…for the full summer."

"Aw I completely forgot," she lit up, truly excited to see her brother and really missing her father. "My mind has been everywhere," she flipped her hand up and her mother nodded understanding that. "So what are we going to do?"

"We talked about going to have dinner with your grandmother and Lily tonight," she explained. "You going to be around for that?"

"Of course," she told her, that not even being a question to think about. She missed her family; she wanted to spend time with them. "Can I bring Ben?"

"You can," she gave her a look before smiling. "But keep in mind, your brother and father might not be as accepting of him as I am."

"From what I've been told, dad wasn't the sweetest man growing up," she told her and the older woman rolled her eyes. "An as much as you don't want to hear it, big bro isn't pure either."

"He's never cheated on me and your brother hasn't cheated on any before either," she defended and Raine pulled in a long breath.

"Ben didn't cheat, I broke up with him. Yes, maybe it was only a couple days but I've gotten over it. I've accepted it and I love him mom. I love him more than I've loved him in the past. We're growing together and it's great. Please make sure daddy understand that," she begged because she didn't want them to make him uncomfortable. If she accepted it, then they had to and not voice their opinion.

"I'll talk to him," she promised and Raine nodded.

"So, want to finish telling me that story? I mean, since daddy is coming home tonight maybe I should hear the ending of before ya'll got married."

"Raine…" she gave her a look and her daughter smiled big. "It's just a story…"

"Yes, fine, it's a story," she flipped her hand around and flipped on her side to look at her. "But I still want to hear the end."

"You know what," she walked over and grabbed a piece of paper off the dresser, scribbling an address down and grabbing a jacket off the bed. "Someone might be able to finish that better for you."

"How do you know they will be here?" she looked at the address confused.

"Trust me…" she gave a gentle smile. "It's the twentieth."

Pulling up to the big lot, she parked her car as she climbed out. Noticing the familiar boy by the black car she moved toward him.

"Hey cous," she called and he pulled his gaze from the woman a few feet from him and over to the brunette walking toward him.

"Hey kid," he reached to pull her into a hug. "What are you doing here?"

"No reason, just…just saw the car," she lied, not wanting to admit her silly reason for coming, coming when this was so serious. "When did you get in town?"

"Earlier," he shrugged. "Mom always has issues with this day so I was just coming to see how she was doing."

"Oh," she trailed her eyes across the area and frowned. "She ok?"

"She will be," he told her, but wasn't so sure. She had been so stressed and upset lately he wasn't sure if she was going to be ok. She seemed lonely, and he hated that. He didn't want her lonely, that was the last thing he wanted. "But I bet she would like to see you."

"Yeah, I'll be right back," she slowly moved her way forward. Wrapping her arms around herself and shivering a bit in the cold air as she reached her. "Hey," Raine smiled, as she approached, her glancing up with a smile.

"Raine," she stood, shivering slightly in the cold. "What are you doing here?"

"Just was around," she gave a shrug, walking over to stand beside her. The older woman wrapping her arm around her and giving her a tight squeeze. Feeling the small ping in her chest as she looked at those gorgeous Scott blue eyes.

"What has my favorite niece been up too?"

"Not much, school, cheer, boyfriend drama," she flipped her hand around getting a laugh.

"Boyfriend drama," she laughed brushing her hair back. "Not too fun."

"Not really, but I think I'm figuring it out," she smiled, the familiar feeling of being happy filling her. "What about you?"

"Oh you know the same, just minus the school, cheer and boyfriend drama," she teased making Raine laugh. "So what are you doing here?" she questioned again and the young girl bit her lip. "I know you Raine, you're like your mother and a terrible liar. What's up?"

"I don't know, mom was telling me a story," she explained, snuggling into her warm jacket. Suddenly feeling really silly. "But she said the next part to come to you."

"Well what is the story?"

"Well I don't know but it's a love story."

"A love story huh?" she kinked a brow and Raine laughed.

"Yeah…seems a little dumb now…but I think since I was going through a hard time with Ben she wanted me to believe in love again," she told her; almost positive that was her mom's reasoning. Swearing hearing this story and all the trouble they went through and still ended up together proved she could get through this. Proved she and Ben could still end up together, even if other's frowned at it. "So now it's your turn to explain," she leaned against a tree. "I mean…if you want too. We can talk later…"

"No, I would love to hear this story," she flashed a smile, thinking hearing a love story would be pretty nice. "What is it about?"

"I don't know, she called them Matt and Kitty…"

"Matt and Kitty," she laughed, throwing her head back. "She is telling you that story? She is so corny."

"A little…"

"Do you know who Matt and Kitty are?" she raised a brow and the young girl shook her head. "There was a show we watched when we were little and there was a Sheriff named Matt and he would go this bar where the woman's name was Kitty. They never dated, never really were anything and argued all the time, but…but everyone swore they would end up together because they just had this…thing," she explained and Raine nodded that suddenly making sense. "It was one of your mother's favorite shows…" she sighed a little looking down. "But um…what is it she was telling you?"

"Well…she was telling me that they got in a fight…again…" she told her and the older woman laughed and nodded a 'like always'. "But they both swore this fight was different. And while out with friends, Kitty saw Matt at a bar and he left with even speaking to her," she told her, still wanting to kick him for that.

How could he just leave? Yes, he was doing what she wanted but he should have fought. Should have said something, anything. Hell a broken smile would have been better than just walking out.

"She is at that part huh?" she questioned and Raine nodded, watching an almost empty look flicker over her. The older woman pulling in a long breath and running her hand through her hair as she thought, "Well let's see…"

"You all packed?" Tori walked in her daughter's room, leaning against the door frame.

"Yup," Brooke pulled the zipper on her bag and sat it by the door. "Can you believe it mom," she sat on the bed. "Things are actually going right," she looked at her ring sparkling at her and smiling.

"That seems to be true," she sat beside her. "You are happy."

"I want a baby right away," she told her, her mom's smile slowly slipping.

"Brooke sweetie, having a baby won't make up for the loss of William," she ran her hand through her hair.

"Mom I know that," she scratched her ear. "I'm not trying to make up for him. I know that I just… I still have an empty feeling yes and I will always have that but I still want my baby."

"I know, I just want you to enjoy the being married part first," she shrugged and Brooke smiled.

"I will. Mom I'm going on my honeymoon and I'm going to enjoy it but I still want my baby," she told her, wanting nothing more than to have her little boy or girl. "But I'm still going to enjoy being married," she promised, Tori watching something flickering through her daughter that scared her.


"I need to go," Brooke jumped up, shaking her head quickly of thinking. "But I will call you when we land in the Bahamas."

"Brooke," she called and her daughter froze at the door. "Are you ok?"

"Obviously," she let out a laugh. "I'm married," she flashed her hand with a smile. "And I'm going on my honeymoon, I'm happy."

"Ok," she nodded, looking over at the nightstand beside her. "Brooke…" she leaned over grabbing the piece of jewelry. "You want this?" she held up the necklace with the ring sparkling in the light.

"Yeah," Brooke smiled, rushing back over to her. "Put it on me," she spun around, a smile plastered across her face.

"Ok," she slid the silver chain around her neck and clipping it.

"It look ok?" she touched the necklace around her neck and glanced at the inscription that always made her smile.

"Perfect," her mother smiled toying with it. "Alright," she brushed off her shoulders with a smile. "Have fun."

"I will," Brooke smiled playing the ring around her neck. "Ok but I have to go," she hugged her mother one last time. "Bye, love you."

"Love you too sweetie," she grinned, Brooke grabbing her bags, flashing a smile before walking out the door. "Now I get to clean," Tori laughed standing up and going over to the makeup mirror to clean. "Oh shoot," she picked up the makeup tube that squirted all over the white stand. "Napkin…napkin," she yanked open the drawer and smiling. "Oh you two," she lifted the photos and shuffling through it, with a smile, her daughter never looking so happy.

"Tori!" Richard call throughout the house, "get the phone", she heard him tell her, not at all figuring out why he couldn't get it.

"Alright," she stood up, walking over to the phone and picking it up. "Hello?" she greeted, brushing her hair from her ear.

"Hello?" and her heart sunk.

"Can I help you?" she sat on the bed.

"Is Brooke there?"

"Oh…" she glanced at the photos in her hand and the photo on the nightstand. "She's…she's not here, she…she is on her honeymoon," she closed her eyes as a long silence filled the receiver.


"Can I ask who is calling and give her the message when she calls?" she asked.

"No…I…I'm sorry, I think I dialed the wrong number actually. Sorry."

"Lucas?" she spoke, hearing a long pause before the phone clicked dead.

"Who was it?" Richard walked in the room, taking a bite of his dinner.

"Umm…" she glanced at the phone and then the photos in her hand. "No one," she shook her head. "It was no one," she put the pictures away and stood up. "Come on, let's go look at the photo album."

"What?" Raine looked at her completely confused. "I don't get it… I mean that doesn't make sense. How could she have gotten married again, if that's the case it's not mom and dad because the dates don't add up… so I mean who…" she trailed off looking down and back at the woman beside her. "Oh…" it clicked and a look of sadness flashed over her a moment. "It was you wasn't it? The story mom told me wasn't her and dad; it was you and Uncle Lucas…"

"Yeah," she nodded giving her a smile and clearing her throat.

"Aunt Brooke…" she gave a sad smile, realizing everything she had been through and her heart breaking.

"Completely in love and too stupid to know what to do with it," she laughed, twirling the ring on the necklace around her neck. "Uhh…damn…"

"Would you change it?" she asked and Brooke looked at her confused. "With everything ya'll went through, with everything you went through would you change it? Maybe not go out with Uncle Lucas the first time or giving him your number, even with him completely breaking your heart, would you change it?"

"No," she shook her head with a smile. "Because the getting together, breaking up, getting together and breaking up back and forth always hurt but even with my heart breaking sometimes and all the pain I felt, I have never in my life ever felt so in love then when I was with him, never felt so alive knowing someone loved me that much."

"That's so sweet," Raine smiled. "You two had the perfect little fairytale love story."

"Yeah," Brooke let out a dry laugh and looked down, her heartbreaking just a little but a smile still playing on her face, a broken smile but a smile.

"You want a second?"

"Maybe one," she agreed and Raine smiled.

"Ok," she kissed her cheek. "I'm going to go stand with Davis," she told her and the brunette nodded as she watched her walk off.

"Hey Broody," she chewed her lip as she wiggled her nose. "I'm late, but you know I suck with being on time, but not as bad as you," she teased, sinking down with a smile. "You know I'm still extremely mad at you right?" she asked knowing she would always be mad. "I know I told you not to talk to me anymore but I didn't think you would listen. You never listened to me," she yelled a little and shook her head. "I told you all the time not to leave me," her eyes watered. "But you always seemed to leave when I begged you not too," she bit her bottom lip. "So I just…I assumed after a few days you would not listen to me and talk to me anyway," she gave a short shrug and shook her head. "I umm…I worked at this job for a while, hated it," she laughed and could picture him rolling his eyes and shaking his head, while offering her that little grin. "But umm…I was on the fourteenth floor and sometimes they would buzz up to me that I had someone downstairs wanting to see me," she told her and felt her heart hurt. "Every time I got on that elevator I prayed when the doors opened up you would be standing there," she confessed and eased down.

"You always came back, but this one time you didn't," a tear dropped. "Why didn't you just call me sooner? A week? A day? Hell called me while I was walking down the damn aisle and I would have answered. Always calling my damn house instead of my cell," she resisted the urge to punch him. "Sometimes I wonder how I could possibly love someone so much and hate them all the same. God Luke," she rolled her head back. "I've been divorce twice, in love once and still loving someone I can't have. We never could get it right," she breathed in deep. "I love you, I love you so damn much still…" she pulled in a long breath and slowly released it. "And did you hear what I just heard? Our niece is living her happiness through us, crazy right? We were the most screwed up couple and we have the perfect fairytale love story," she knocked a tear standing up. "Almost," she kissed her two fingers and touched the gravestone.

Lucas Eugene Scott


Beloved Son, Brother, Friend

So I went back and forth constantly with the ending of this story. I mean it was based off a true one so I wanted it to be how it was in real life; I however still wanted them to have a happy ending.

But I asked mom and she said facts are facts.

Also remember the dates were changed for the story to make it more present!

In real life, Lucas's named was David. My mom did meet him when she was fifteen at a pizza place. He was a pain in her butt but she was so giddy over him. Unlike the story they never truly dated. She never got that one year of perfection.

However anyone who talks about them talks about this love they share and people were so envies of. One of her best friend's moms was the one who labeled them 'Completely in love and to young and stupid to know what to do with it.'

David did call constantly with his Vegas proposals and my mom would laugh, say alright and they would never speak of it again.

The first time my mom married she hadn't talked to David in months, maybe close to a year. And she ran into him in the mall randomly and he saw she was pregnant, heard she had married from a close friend and like always flashed his dimple smile and told her how happy he was for her. However still was sure they would end up together, even though the news of her married crushed him.

Mom never knew what David was into, he never told her. Yet it was very concerning to her his popping up randomly with fancy cars and money and never having a real job. People always told her he had gotten into some bad stuff; she was just too blind and in love to see it.

She always says when it's real love you love that person warts and all. However when she speaks of David she still swears he was perfect. He just never felt good enough for her.

The last time they talked she did snap at him, she did see him in a bar the next night and he did walk by and not say a word. A few months later she did meet my father, they did get married and my grandmother said a week after she left for her honeymoon the phone rang and it was someone asking for my mom. Never said who it was, but she could tell it was David and he sounded…weird.

She never spoke to him again after that. Never heard from him again.

She was married about two years, completely unhappy and flipped open the newspaper one day and his name caught her eye. It told her he had passed away and she never knew how. He was only 30. He had been missing awhile before they found him.

That still doesn't sit right with her. She doesn't like not knowing what happened to him but sometimes thinks it for the best.

She did however say that on her the second time she married that on her wedding day she cried, made a comment about wishing David was there because she wouldn't get married.

Convinced herself it was cold feet.

She still loves him, to this day she glows when she speaks of him. And she always says that even though she knows he is gone, she still waits for him to show up at her door. Her phone rings and she still has a split second of thinking someone was mistaken and he was ok.

She has moved on with her life, but it's heartbreaking to know what she considers her one true love she didn't end up with.

I hope you all enjoyed the story. I'm sorry if it didn't end how you wanted or thought or if you thought I lead on the idea of them ending together. But I hope you get it, respect the ending and please,