Did anyone else get a stalking vibe from Peter when he was walking Olivia to the door at the end of Reciprocity? This started to roll around in my head and I had to get it out before it drove me insane.


Peter knew it was true but he wasn't horrified like Walter. Quite the opposite. The Machine was part of him; he could see the smooth color, the graceful lines, the generous curves -the world's most exotic and enticing woman- every time he closed his eyes.

He had felt a tug and a shift way deep inside when faced with Her. Felt Her stir and sway in response to his presence down in his bones. Something blossomed at the base of his skull in that hanger. It spread with coaxing fingers and whispered: "Come to me. Do whatever's necessary."

But The Machine didn't know that "Do whatever's necessary" and "Do whatever you want" are synonymous in the human mind.

He knew what he wanted. He wanted to crawl into the waiting arms of The Machine. And he wanted to bring Olivia with him.

The world's most perfect ménage a trios.

The Machine would be delighted with having something so beautiful and so powerful brought into their relationship. How could She not want the doorway between universes tangled with him at Her center?

Olivia smiling over him and touching his hands at Massive Dynamic, her desire to move past his unintentional indiscretion- every step away from of her flat rejection of him made Peter practically giddy. He would get what he wanted. Any step backward was unacceptable. Olivia would open to him and he would take them to Her. Olivia's pale, smooth skin against dark, warm metal- the ultimate perfection in any universe.

Even now, while his plan was just starting to come together he couldn't help but stay close to Olivia, following her to his door, eyes fixating on the soft skin of her exposed throat, in anticipation of their future.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of."

Oh, sweetheart, I know.