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A drunk man tells no tales Chapter 1: Whiskey's Kiss

"You're drunk Stefan"

Bonnie said looking at the man on her front porch, Stefan's light brown hair was ruffled. His plaid button-up shirt was torn and a bottle of whiskey with half of it missing in his hand. Sighing the young witch reached out to grab the bottle from the drunk vampire but Stefan moved his hand stopping her from doing so. Stefan started this nasty habit of drinking ever since he found out Damon and Elena were having a secret affair... a secret affair he just so happened to walk in on. Bonnie was positive he was back on drinking human blood, but everytime she asked... he denied.

"I swear goblins were chasing me!" Stefan exclaimed taking another swig of whiskey "they were dressed like cowboys, they had ropes and everything!"

"Okay that's enough drinking for you"

"I'm fine Bonnie, besides vampires cant get drunk... I think" he said scracthing his head

"Well you're pretty close to it" She replied urging the vampire to give her the bottle. Stefan chuckled placing the bottle on the ground.

"You know I'm tired of keeping secrets, it's time the world knows what I am!"


Bonnie trailed but it was too late, before she knew it the youngest Salvatore was standing in the middle of the road
yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Hello world, I Stefan Salvatore am a vampire!"

"Stefan!" Bonnie hissed running on the street to stop the rambling man "you need to come with me or else I'm calling Damon."

"Dance with me Bonnie" the drunk man slurred pulling the witch towards him; wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Stefan, you need to-"

"Shh, no talking just dance" Stefan started to sway his arms still wrapped tight around the frustated witch. No matter how many times she told him he needed to calm down and get some sleep he always ignored it and rambled about something else.

"You're beautiful tonight, you look really pretty under the moon light" He gushed making Bonnie's cheeks turn and deep shade of red

"Thank you... but you're Drunk"

"Who the heck cares?"

"I do!"

A silence fell amoung the two, Bonnie carefully lead Stefan back on the porch before he did something he would regret. Finally Stefan spoke breaking the silence

"You're beautiful"

"You said that already" She reminded him "Now come on you can sleep on the couch"

"I did... then it must be true" he chuckled arms still snaked around her waist, Bonnie carefully tried to get out of his tight grip.

"Can I tell you another secret?"

The grey- eyed man whispered, Bonnie nodded rolling her eyes waiting for what crazy thing he was going to say next. It took a lot not to laugh when stefan was drunk it was just something you wouldn't expect. Secretly she wished she could record the whole thing and show him later so they both could have a good laugh afterwards. Stefan stared at the beautiful witch breathing heavily, Bonnie could smell the whiskey on him... the strong aroma was intoxicating by itself. Stefan slowly licked his lips before speaking

"I-I love you" He slurred crashing his lips onto hers. Bonnie was stunned it was like all her limbs were numb like her mind was frozen. She could feel Stefan's wet lips moving against hers in the one-sided sloppy kiss. Bonnie's mind started working again she slowly brought her hands up to Stefan's firm chest carefully pushing him away. Stefan just smiled before blacking out.

Bonnie was still shocked... he was just saying things he couldn't have meant it, he was drunk for goodness sake. If he meant it or not, Bonnie's heart still soared at the words scaring her even more. She couldn't fall for Stefan he was just a good friend nothing more. Moving away from her thoughts she dragged Stefan into the house shutting the door behind her, trying her best to put him of the couch. Finally she manged to get him on the sofa putting a blanket over him before heading upstairs. Thank God her dad was working a night shift or else he would've had a cow heck he would've had an entire farm if he found Stefan passed out on the couch. Crawling into bed Bonnie thought about the series of events that occcured earlier in the night.

"He was drunk" She reminded herself "he doesn't mean it"

Sighing she turned off her light slowly falling asleep.

Chapter End!

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