There was a girl. A naked girl. In Blaine's dorm room. What?

Okay, so she wasn't really naked. There were a bra and panties involved. And a towel wrapped around her hair. A darkened, damp lock was plastered to the side of her face, so Kurt assumed she'd just come from the shower. But still.

There was a girl. In Blaine's dorm room. WHAT?

Kurt's mind was running wild, questioning all the things he had learned and observed about Blaine. Blaine was gay. Kurt was in love with him, and that was progress because Blaine was gay. Blaine wasn't shy about taking Kurt's hand when they ran through the hallways. And sometimes when Blaine looked at him with that infectious grin, Kurt could tell that there was at least a hint of mutual attraction in his eyes. He just KNEW it.

Then Kurt's mind started running in another direction. Maybe he was wrong, maybe this was David's girlfriend, snuck into the dorms for a visit. That was it. That had to be it.

But then the cute, skinny girl in the innocent white bra and polka-dotted panties turned around, noticing the dumbfounded kid in the door. And Kurt could see her features more clearly and knew this was not the girl he had politely complimented in all those pictures on David's camera phone. This was someone else. Naked. In Blaine's dorm room.

Her cheeks pinkened, but she didn't attempt to cover herself as she acknowledged Kurt. "Oh, gosh! You must be-" she began, but Kurt had already bolted down the hallway. Her eyes followed after him from the doorway, and she watched him disappear before shutting the dorm room door.

Kurt crashed into Blaine on the stairwell, he descending as the curly-haired crooner bounced up towards his hall.

"Hey Kurt! What's the rush?" he asked, innocently enough as he stooped to help the rosy-cheeked Junior regather his book bag.

"Nothingnothing!It'snothing!" the boy exclaimed, breathless and avoiding Blaine's eyes, then dashing away again.

"Hey, Kurt?" the elder boy called after him, "I wanted you to come with me and m-" his voice carried over the railing before the outside door slammed behind the young man, cutting him off.

Kurt's cell had been ringing steadily every few minutes all evening. The first half-dozen times Blaine's shining grin had shown up on the caller-I.D. The next few had been David, but Kurt didn't want to confront Blaine's charming roommate about the girl in their dorm any more than he wanted to hear the crushing words from Blaine himself.

Kurt played the imaginary conversation in his head over and over, feeling sicker with every re-envisioning. Blaine wasn't strictly gay after all. He'd surprised himself and fallen for the girl he'd sung the duet with at that country club holiday party. Having never really been intimate with a girl before, he hadn't realized how much he loved boobs...

A little time passed, Kurt's roommate coming and going, off into town for a Friday night movie. The phone had been silent for a while. When it rang again, Wes's face showed up on the little screen. Kurt sighed as he decided to answer.


"Hey Kurt. What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. Just re-thinking my entire future..." he sighed.

"Wow, uh... Something happen? Are you okay?" Kurt had to admit, it was nice that so many of the Dalton kids seemed to genuinely care for their friends.

"I'm fine... I just..."

"You just...?"

Kurt relented. Keeping the sickening details in his head was driving him crazy. He had to talk to someone. "I just... It's just, I... I found a chick in Blaine's room. And it wasn't David's girlfriend, and I guess I was clueless to think I'd actually have a chance with a guy so beautiful as him, and of course he would turn out to be straight, just look at him, and-" He was on the verge of sobs, and Wes was laughing on the end of the line.

"Sure, go ahead and laugh, it's pathetic, right?" Kurt stated dejectedly.

"No, no, no! Kurt!" the older boy got the words out through chuckles. "I am not laughing at you. At all! I'm laughing at the situation. Dude, you got my man Blaine ALL WRONG."

There was a pause as Wes tried to settle his laughter. "Look, why don't you come downstairs and meet me in the foyer. We can walk over to D and B's together and I'll explain this to you. Okay?"

Explain it? Well, if there was anything more that Kurt could possibly have missed, it didn't seem likely he could feel any worse. "Okay," he agreed.

"Listen," Wes began as they padded down the plush hallway towards Blaine and David's dorm room. "I can see how... Well... I could see easily, someone could mistake... I mean..." He floundered with his words. "Okay, maybe I should let Blaine explain this, since I guess I don't fully understand, either. But I can say this," he pulled the younger student into a sideways bro-hug, "You've got it wrong. My man Blaine is definitely a man's man."

He knocked and the door swung open on three other students already in the room. Blaine rose to greet the two new-comers. Kurt observed David across the room, and another boy he didn't recognize lounging on Blaine's bed. Probably a Freshman, by the size and delicate features.

"Hey Kurt!" The dark-curled boy greeted the Junior cheerily, clapping a hand on Kurt's shoulder. "You were in such a rush earlier I didn't have a chance to ask you..." He took in the solemn stoniness in Kurt's face. "Was everything okay this afternoon?"

There was a question-mark knit into Blaine's beautiful eyebrows. The knots in Kurt's stomach tightened. He glanced around the room for evidence of the girl he'd seen earlier, but found none.

"Ask me what?"

Wes stepped between the two boys. "Blaine, you need to explain Robbie to Kurt," he said, pointedly nodding toward the younger guy in the formal Dalton uniform on Blaine's bed.

Robbie? Who's Robbie? I don't need to meet a Freshman! I wanna know who that girl was!

"Oh?" Those expressive brows formed another question. The curly-haired Senior glanced back and forth between Wes's wide, insistent eyes, and Kurt's flushed and expressionless face. "Yeah. Well, that's what I wanted to ask you, Kurt. I was gonna invite you up to meet Robbie." He stepped back opening the room to include the Freshman on the bed. The younger student stood and approached them.

"Robbie? Your..." Kurt stumbled over the words. The tables were turning once again in his mind. Was this young boy Blaine's boyfriend? Was Kurt correct about Blaine's sexuality, but still too late to claim him as his own? He couldn't get out that last word.

"My girlfriend," Blaine exclaimed with a laugh and a smile as Robbie joined them.

What? Kurt's brain couldn't take it. What was going on? Girlfriend? This boy? Didn't he mean boyfriend? And this still didn't explain the naked girl he'd seen earlier. Was Blaine bi-sexual? And seeing TWO people? His skull felt like it would implode.

"G-g-girlfriend?" The world was spinning, and Kurt could feel the floor rushing towards him. He sat down on the carpet to keep himself from toppling over completely.

"Pretend girlfriend," came a decidedly female voice near his shoulder as Blaine and, he supposed, Robbie helped Kurt towards the bed.

Kurt still didn't feel he could support himself as he slumped against the wall. Blaine set himself down beside him and gazed curiously at Kurt's dazed visage. The other person, "Robbie," stood before both of them as David and Wes observed with quiet smiles from across the room.

"I was Blaine's pretend girlfriend. And he's still my pretend boyfriend." Robbie's mouth was moving, but a girl's voice was coming out.

"I'm hallucinating, aren't I?" Kurt turned to question Blaine. "Those tacos at lunch today were laced with poison, and I've been hallucinating fever-dreams all afternoon. Haven't I? That's the only thing that makes sense..."

The room around him burst into laughter. "Oh Kurt," Blaine smiled bemusedly at him. He re-stood and took "Robbie's" hand, pulling him/her/it forward with him. "This is my friend, Robbie."

"Your best friend, Robbie," the person beside him declared.

"Pardon me, my best friend, Robbie," he corrected with a chuckle. "Robbie, short for Rebecca."

Kurt's eyes widened. What in hell was going on?

Rebecca giggled a bit as she and Blaine stood hand in hand, gazing affectionately at the curly-haired boy. When she turned back to Kurt it began to dawn on him. Those delicate features, the slight suggestion of breasts beneath the tie and blazer.

"Kurt," she addressed him. "Blaine and I used to go to school together. For ages."

"Ages!" Blaine interjected for emphasis, both of them laughing again.

"And in middle school, when everyone around as were starting to pair up, we sort of naturally turned to each other."

"Well, not naturally in my case," Blaine again added. "I was already pretty sure I was 'different' by then."

"Yes, well. We still turned to each other, and, I guess, sort of pretended to play 'growing up,' but without the same hormonal rush as the kids around us."

Kurt was still dazed, but it was all beginning to slowly come together. The weight on his mind and in his heart slowly, slowly, gradually lifting.

"But, by high school, I was sure that something more was supposed to be happening. You know, we were supposed to be Frenching in corners or disappearing together at house parties. But we weren't. I wasn't really worried, but I didn't get it."

"Yeah, that was awkward..." Blaine's eyebrows came together in a half grin, half grimace.

There was another pause as Blaine and Rebecca just stared at each other a while, some unspoken understanding passing between them.

"What? What was awkward?" Kurt perked up, needing to know the whole story before the last bits of tension lifted from him. He thought he could piece it together now, but he had to be sure, to hear it from them.

Rebecca turned back to him with a smile. "How we found out we were gay. Together."

It all came pouring out, the story passing back and forth between the two.

"It was the end of spring break, our freshman year,"

"And there were a whole slew of house parties at the wealthy kid's homes,"

"And as a 'couple' we went to one."

"At David Reynold's house."

"Yeah, Dave Reynold's. Mostly it was drunk underclassman playing karaoke, or couples making out on all the surfaces of the house."

"It was pretty bad."

"Anyway, we got a little buzzed, and I sort of decided something had to happen, because I couldn't really figure out why I didn't feel like we were a 'real' couple."

"So we stumbled up into Dave's parent's room. Oh man!"

"There were already a couple getting pretty heavy on the bed, and some loud noises in the master bathroom, so we crept into the mother's huge closet and closed the door. Needless to say, it was super awkward."

"Yeah. The irony of losing my virginity in a closet. While I was still in the closet!"

"It's not wasted on either of us," she stared pointedly at Kurt as she said that. "So, yeah, I was really uncomfortable about it, like, irrationally not liking it. And I could tell B wasn't really into it, but we kept going a bit, and, ya know, finished, or whatever."

"And I was actually almost crying."

"You were definitely crying."

"And then YOU, you roll over and just announce – "

"I think I'm GAY!" they exclaimed together, before bursting into more laughter.

"Then I was definitely crying. I was so relieved. I came out to her then. I'd only half talked to my parents about it at that point."

"So, that was awkward."

"And after we left that closet, I didn't want to be secretive about it anymore,"

"But I wasn't ready to say anything to anybody else,"

"So, for all intents and purposes we 'broke up,' and then I came all the way out."

"And the bullying started. And I couldn't stand how they were treating you. I wanted to pretend to be together again so they'd stop hurting Blaine,"

"But I wouldn't let her. I didn't want her to get pulled into it. So I changed schools after that year. Came here."

"And I eventually left to, transferred to a girls' school."

"Yeah. God, I'm sorry about that," Blaine re-clasped her hand, squeezing it. Kurt hadn't really noticed that he'd let go.

Rebecca continued, explaining. "I found out really quickly that the homophobia could be really bad in a single sex community, too. Almost worse. I started seeing a girl who was out there, secretly, but she left. Partly because of her Christian parents, but mostly because of the teasing. No one knew I was gay, but I was really scared. But I also knew I was getting a fantastic education. I didn't want to leave just because I was afraid."

"So I became her pretend boyfriend again."

"Which was a lot easier for both of us since we're now in a 'long distance relationship.' We just chat on the phone regularly, and occasionally he sends pictures to me. By the way, that was an excellent Christmas photo. My roommate has a huge crush on you now. She's really jealous..."

The story was winding down, and Kurt was now perched at the edge of the bed, leaning forward to eagerly take in every detail. He could now see what he hadn't before. He'd missed the short, pixie-ish haircut when it had been under a towel, and had then mistaken it for a well groomed boy's cut. The blushing confidence that nearly-naked girl had exhibited was simply the security of knowing her body would not effect Blaine, or Kurt, in 'that way.' And he could still see the affection and love between the two, but now knew it came from years of friendship and mutual admiration. From what they had been through together.

Later, off campus and in town at a pizzeria, Kurt observed Robbie/Rebecca and Blaine as they laughed together at the pinball machine, and chatted animatedly about foreign films and fashion. He was happy now, the fatigue of all that stress and turmoil he'd put himself through finally vanishing completely from his body. But, perhaps, there was still a hint of jealousy, that Blaine could be so perfectly comfortable and happy with someone who wasn't Kurt. And that that someone was a girl.

When Robbie ran off with the other guys to play more pinball, Blaine rounded the table and slid into the booth beside Kurt. The lively Senior bumped playfully against him and rested his curly head on Kurt's shoulder. Smiling as they observed the others enjoying themselves.

"She's really something." The older boy declared, was that wistfully?

"Yeah, she is," Kurt agreed, curious and alert to the inflection of Blaine's tone.

"She's decided to come out to her parents. I'm so proud, but I admit, a little scared for her."


"Yeah. They're kind of strict, and very traditional... Maybe I'm more nervous for myself. They still think we're together, and that I'm straight too. I'm not really looking forward to repeating that process."

His curls lifted from Kurt's shoulder as he sighed, observing his 'girlfriend' with his best friends. They were so relaxed and accepting of her.

Kurt saw this too, feeling empathy towards the girl who'd shown him more than he'd ever wanted to know about the female form. "Robbie's strong, Blaine. She'll be fine."

Blaine took Kurt's hand under the table and squeezed it, smiling a 'Thank You' to the younger boy who was wise beyond his years. A pleasant blush warmed Kurt's face as Blaine slid out of the booth and joined the others at their games.

Kurt watched Robbie and Blaine leaning in close to each other, arguing heatedly about something Kurt couldn't catch over the noise of the pizzeria and from across the room. Part of him ached to know what they were talking about, but part of him was content to sit where he was, successfully dealing with his embarrassment from the day's misunderstanding.

Now it looked like Robbie might be crying. Kurt was surprised to find himself feeling protective of the boyish young woman, and made to go confront Blaine. But Wes and David held him back.

"No, Kurt. You don't want to go over there right now."

"Why not? They're fighting! Someone should stop them!"

The two other Dalton boys glanced at each other knowingly. "Trust us, you don't want to be in the middle of that. They'll be fine."

"Why?" Kurt questioned again.

"You'll find out soon enough," David sighed.

"Hopefully..." Wes muttered.

Kurt relented, seeing that Robbie was no longer crying, and they were both smiling as his gorgeous crush swept the tiny girl up in a crushing hug.

The group wandered back towards campus at a leisurely pace. Kurt chatted with Wes and David, again curious as to what they knew about Blaine and Robbie's conversation that he didn't. But they just sped up and broke away from him as the girl in question approached Kurt.

"Hey Kurt," she smiled as she slipped his arm through hers, giving him a little squeeze as they continued to walk.

"Robbie. Listen, I'm so sorry about today. I had no idea about-"

"Please," she cut him off. "Don't apologize for anything. How could you have known?"

He liked this girl. She was charming and polite, and had an easy smile, a lot like Blaine's. She turned that genuine smile upon him again as she continued.

"What's done is done, what's passed is past. I just wanted to let tell you that I'm so glad to meet you. I'd heard so much about you,"

"Only good things I hope."

Smile. "And I was happy to find that it was all true. I'm going to go back home early tomorrow, and not stay through the weekend after all. And..." She trailed off. Kurt could feel her eyes on his face as they continued walking. He wanted to look back, but was nervous of losing his footing in the snow.

"Kurt, you're so great!" Her smile widened impossibly as she slipped his arm out of hers once more and began to speed up. "And I want you to know," she was walking backwards now, "that you both have my blessing! I approve!"

She turned with a wink and dashed away, catching up with the two boys in the lead, and leaving Kurt a little bewildered, and a lot confused. He didn't have a chance to let his mind run wild this time, though, because Blaine had snuck up from behind and now sidled beside him. Instead of ruminating on Robbie's statement he decided it would be better just to ask.

"What was she talking about?" he asked, happy to find his hand once again in Blaine's.

"She came to visit not only to keep up our ruse. She wants me to go back with her when she tells her parents."

"Is that what you were arguing about?"

"Yes and no. I told her I thought it was something she had to do alone, just between her and her family. But that's not the point right now."

Kurt observed an uncharacteristic bashfulness in the older boy and his curiosity deepened. Blaine tugged his hand and pulled them to a stop on the snowy sidewalk. "I asked her to come visit me... so she could meet you." He locked those beautiful hazel eyes upon Kurt's.

"Me? I don't understand... Why would?-"

"I wanted the only girl I'll ever love to know and approve of the only boy I've ever truly wanted."

The air went out of Kurt's lungs in surprise as their lips met, warming against each other. The fingers of their held hands entwined while their pairs reached out to the neck and cheek of each partner in turn.

A loud whoop and some feminine giggles erupted down the lain. Blaine smiled against Kurt's lips, and for the first time all day, Kurt's mind was perfectly, blissfully quiet.