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Dani, Holly, Sarah, Sam, and Alex were at the Tasty Burger as a 'girl's afternoon out'. Pete, Tyler, Danny, and Dave were watching Lily while having their afternoon out at the same time. Danny lost a bet with Sam so now the boys have to watch the newly turned one year old. Dani and her friends were happily eating a laughing when Dani's eyes started to glow gold, "Hide her," Alex said.

Holly pushed Dani under the table and continued to eat. 15 minutes past and Dani didn't return, "Is she still having the vision?" Sarah asked.

Sam looked down, "Yes."

"I got a bad feeling about this," Holly said.

Dani slowly came back up shaking, "Dani?" Sam asked worried, "What's wrong? What did you see?"

Dani continued to shake, "Every single evil ghost in the Ghost Zone," Dani gulped, "Coming out and…destroying Earth."

Everyone gasped and Dani rubbed her arms, "I saw Vlad leading them," Dani continued, "And…and Sam and Lily surrounded by Vlad pink ecto blasts and Danny tied up in human form glaring at Vlad, but not able to do anything because he had Sam and Lily."

Sam blinked in shock, "Where were you?" Alex asked.

Dani shook some more, "I-I don't know where I was," Dani said, "That's what scares me."

"Come on," Sam said, "We need to tell the boys."

"There's more," Dani said.

Everyone turned to Dani, "Danny wasn't the only one tied up," Dani said, "Dave, Alex, Sarah, Tyler, Holly, Pete, and all of our families were too, but I don't know why they would do that. I mean our families don't know about me."

Everyone gulped and Dani turned to them, "Is there something you're not telling me?" Dani asked no longer shaking.

"Uh…" Sam said, "Let's go tell the boys and we'll explain," Sam said pulling out her phone.

"Who are you calling?" Dani asked.

"I said we'll explain when we get home," Sam said, "Now go."

The teens left and Dani was still rubbing her arms scared, "Annabelle," Sam said, "We have a problem. Call everyone and tell them to meet us at my house."

Sam hung up and ran to catch up with the teens. When the girls got to the Fenton house everyone was there, "What?" Dani said confused, "Annabelle, Walter, Ginger, Hank, Jamie, Heather, Leeann, Carol, Ben, Martian, James? What are you…What's going on!"

"Calm down Dani," Annabelle said, "Let's just put it this way sweetie. We've known who you are ever since Freakshow took us hostage."

"But, but, but," Dani said shocked and continued to rub her arms.

"Dani, it's okay," Walter said, "You don't love you any less. We didn't tell you because your friends said you weren't ready for change yet."

Dani sighed and continued to rub her arms, but stopped when Dave put his hands over them, "Stop doing that," Dave said, "I know you're not cold."

Dani began to shake again, "Dani just tell us what you saw," Danny said.

Dani bit her lip and began to explain the vision again. When she finished everyone gasped, "And I don't know what happened or where I was," Dani said.

Danny began to think, "Well," Danny said, "If Vlad's going to put together a ghost army, than we should too."

Everyone looked at Danny in confused, "Dani," Danny said, "I need you to go into the Ghost Zone and convince Frostbite, Dora, Pandora, and maybe Clockwork to help us."

Dani nodded, "But what about you?" Dani asked.

"I'm staying here because I don't want Sam and Lily left here alone," Danny said.

Dani bit her lip, "I think I just figured out where I was in the vision," Dani said.

Everyone went wide eyed in realization, "Well," Sam said, "We have no choice. We need help Dani."

Dani gulped, "Okay," Dani said and transformed, "I'll try and be back as fast as I can."

Everyone nodded, "Just be careful Dani," Dave said, "Who knows what Vlad's been up to since we saved Holly and Jamie."

Dani nodded and flew down to the basement and into the Ghost Portal. Dani found the Ghost Zone strangely empty, "Oh no," Dani said, "I don't have much time."

Dani flew towards Dora's kingdom as fast as she could. When she arrived she was shot down by knights, "Who are you and what do you want?" one knight asked.

"I need to speak to Dora," Dani said standing up.

"No one speaks to the Queen," another knight said.

"Quiet knights," Dora said coming up, "Who are you?"

"My name is Danielle," Dani said, "I'm the clone of Danny Phantom."

Dora's eyes went wide, "Sir Phantom?" Dora asked.

Dani nodded, "Look I don't have much time to explain, but I have the power to see into the future," Dani explained, "And I saw Vlad and every evil ghost destroying Earth and seeing how the Ghost Zone is empty we don't have much time. Danny, his wife Sam, you should remember her, and his daughter, Lily are in grave danger, as well as my family, friends, and my friends families."

Dora face went from shock to anger, "My kingdom is at your deposal Danielle," Dora said.

"Dani please," Dani said, "And thanks. We're going to need an army from you, one from Frostbite, one from Pandora, and maybe Clockwork."

Dora nodded, "I will gather my knights and we shall follow you Lady Dani," Dora said and flew off.

"That name is going to take some getting used to," Dani said.

Dora returned minutes later with her army of knights, "Will you be coming?" Dani asked Dora.

"Of course," Dora said, "Let us go."

Dani nodded and flew towards the Far Frozen with Dora and her army right behind her. Dani landed in the Far Frozen only to have spears up her throat, "Why have you come to the Far Frozen with an army?" one beast asked.

Dani froze the spears, "Where's Frostbite?" Dani asked.

"Ah," Frostbite said, "Dani what brings you back here?"

"Danny, Sam, and Lily are in danger as well as everyone on Earth," Dani said, "I had a vision of Vlad and every evil ghost destroying Earth. I've come to get help. Dora has agreed to help and I need your help as well as Pandora's and maybe Clockwork."

"The Great One is in danger?" Frostbite said, "I shall gather my army at once."

Frostbite left, "I'm getting tired of explaining this," Dani said.

Frostbite returned with his army, "You coming?" Dani asked Frostbite.

Frostbite nodded, "I will not leave the Great One to fight alone and that goes for you too Great One."

"What's with all the names?" Dani wondered out loud as she flew off with Dora, Frostbite, and their armies not far behind.

Dani arrived in Pandora's kingdom and was grabbed by Cyclopes, "Who are you?" Pandora asked in her deep voice, "And why have you brought two armies?"

Dani phased out of the Cyclopes' grip, "My name is Danielle and I'm the clone of Danny Phantom," Dani said.

"Danny?" Pandora said lighting up, "Why would he send you and not come himself?"

Dani sighed, "Because," Dani said, "His on Earth protecting his wife, Sam, and his daughter, Lily. I have the power to see into the future and I saw Vlad destroying Earth with all the evil ghosts and by the looks of the Ghost Zone that's happening right now. I've come because I need your help along with Dora and Frostbite here and maybe Clockwork."

Pandora went wide eyed, than scowled, "This shall not be!" Pandora said in her deep voice, "I shall help you Danielle."

"Dani please," Dani said, "And Thanks. We have one more stop and it shouldn't take long."

Everyone nodded and Dani flew off with Dora, her army, Frostbite, his army, and Pandora, who didn't need an army, towards Clockwork's tower. Everyone entered Clockwork's tower, "Hello Danielle," Clockwork said.

"I don't have to explain all this do I?" Dani asked.

"No," Clockwork said, "I know what is happening."

"Good," Dani said, "Straight to the point. Will you help us or no?"

"Normally I wouldn't be able to because I'm not allowed to mess with time stream," Clockwork said, "But seeing how you and Danny are my responsibility I can make an exception."

Dani smiled, "Then let's go," Dani said and flew out of Clockwork's tower with her army following her.

When they reached the portal Dani told them to turn invisible so they could have the element of surprise. Everyone nodded and went invisible and entered the portal. When they arrived they gasped; everything was destroyed. They quickly phased out of what was left of the house and saw Vlad laughing with every evil ghost and Danny, Holly, Sarah, Tyler, Pete, Alex, Dave, Annabelle, Walter, Ginger, Hank, Jamie, Heather, Leeann, Carol, Ben, Martian, and James and Sam and Lily held by Vlad. Dani quickly came up with a plan, "Stay invisible until I say so," Dani said to her army.

Dani turned visible, "Vlad!" Dani yelled causing everyone to turn to her.

"Dani!" everyone yelled.

"Ah!" Vlad said, "Danielle. I was wondering where you ran off to."

"Let them go," Dani said, "Or else."

Vlad laughed, "Or else what Danielle?" Vlad asked, "I have a whole army of ghosts at my deposal and you just have you."

Dani smirked, "I warned you Vlad," Dani said, "I said for you to never harm my family or friends or you wouldn't have a future. I wasn't joking. Now!"

The army turned visible and started attacking the ghosts, "What!" Vlad yelled.

"I saw all of this Vlad," Dani said causing Vlad to turn to her, "You should know me and Danny by now. We never run from a fight with you."

Dani shot an ecto blast at Vlad's hands causing him to release Sam and Lily. Danny smirked and transformed and broke free, "Perfect timing Dani," Danny said.

"Don't I always have perfect timing?" Dani asked, "It's over Vlad."

Vlad growled, "You stupid little clone!" Vlad yelled, "I should have destroyed you years ago!"

"Well that was your mistake dad," Dani said with venom.

Vlad growled, but was soon shot with an ecto ray. Dani and Danny turned and saw everyone free and holding weapons, "You leave my sister alone," Pete said.

"Lady Dani is not to killed," Dora, in dragon form said.

"Your army has fled Vlad," Clockwork said, "Give up."

Vlad growled, "Never!" Vlad yelled.

"Then be destroyed," Frostbite said.

Vlad dodged Frostbite's attack and looked at the humans surrounding him and smirked. Vlad grabbed Dave and flew 50ft in the air, "Dave!" everyone, but mostly Dani yelled.

"Don't do anything stupid," Vlad said, "Or David falls."

Dani growled, but didn't move. Vlad smirked, "That's what I thought," Vlad said, "Now I leave and no one is to follow me is that understood?"

"Let Dave go first!" Dani yelled eyes glowing gold.

"Oh, I don't think so," Vlad said, "He comes with me and dies if anyone follows."

Dani yelled, "Vlad!" Dani yelled a golden aura forming around her.

"Oh dear," Clockwork said.

"What?" Danny asked.

"It appears that her power that allows her to see into the future is…evolving," Clockwork said.

"What?" Pete said, "Does that mean she'll control time again?"

"No," Clockwork said, "I've made sure that I'm the only one who can do that, but her power is becoming much stronger resulting in-"

The aura in cased Dani completely, "That," Clockwork finished.

Everyone gasped, even Vlad. When the aura died Dani's ghost form was different. Her hair was out of its ponytail and down past the middle of her back. It was still white, but with gold highlights and tips. She still wore her jumpsuit, it was still white in places, but her DP symbol and black parts were replaced with gold and her eyes were a deep gold. Dani still had the golden aura around her and Vlad gulped, "Uh, oh," Vlad said.

"Drop him," Dani said angrily golden ecto blasts replacing her green ones.

"Clockwork," Annabelle said, "What's happened to Dani?"

"Her powers have evolved with her power to see into the future, which caused her ghost form to change," Clockwork explained, "It's nothing to worry about. She's fully aware of what's happening and just wants Vlad to release David."

"I said drop him!" Dani yelled firing her gold ecto blasts at Vlad.

Vlad barely dodged Dani's attack, "Ah!" Vlad yelled, "Okay, okay, okay," Vlad said and flew down and set Dave down, "See, he's safe now."

Dani continued to glare at Vlad, "So," Vlad said, "I'll just be going now."

Dani in cased him in a golden aura stopping him from going anywhere, "I don't think so," Dani said, "You're going to jail. One for starting, planning, and putting together this invasion, two for killing Holly's parents, and three for illegal cloning."

Vlad went wide eyed as Dani listed, "You wouldn't dare," Vlad said.

Dani smirked, "Watch me," and with that Dani threw Vlad into the prison.

The aura died around Dani and she turned human and ran to Dave, "You okay?" Dani asked.

Dave nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine," Dave said, "What about you?"

"I'm fine," Dani said, "Feel a little more powerful, but fine."

Dave smiled, "Thanks," Dave said.

Dani smiled back and hugged him, "I'm glad you're okay," Dani said.

Dave hugged Dani back, "If you two are done," Alex said when they broke away, "We have a lot of explaining to do."

Alex pointed to the entire town and national news looking at them. Dani and Danny hit their heads, "Jazz is going to kill me," Danny said.

Sam went up to Danny with Lily, "No she won't," Sam said, "Come on. They'll want to talk to all of us."

Everyone but Dani and Dave went towards the cameras, "Are you sure you're okay Dave?" Dani said, "You're terrified of heights."

Dave smirked, "I've gotten over that fear because of you flying us everywhere," Dave said.

Dani sighed, "Okay, if you say so," Dani said and turned to the ghosts that help her, "Thanks guys. You can go home if you'd like now."

"We thank you Lady Dani," Dora said, "You are quite brave."

"Thanks Dora," Dani said and the ghosts flew away.

"We should go over there," Dave said, "Most likely the new people will want to talk to you because you're the one who defeated Vlad."

Dani sighed, "Things are going to be different now," Dani said, "I'm not very good with change."

"Everything's going to be okay Dani," Dave said, "We're here for you."

Dani looked at Dave and smiled, "Thanks," Dani said and kissed his cheek and ran over to everyone else.

Dave blushed, "I wonder how much change she'll allow in her life," Dave wondered and walked over to his friends and family.

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